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The light's don't come when it gets dark sometimes they do.
My mechanic changed the fuel pump already. While trying to start it, it turns but just don't start.
When I turn the air control switch to any position defrost, feet, vent ac they all work except just blows out hot air. even with the cold hot switch on cold.
I have a 2005 grand marquis that will dies without warning while being driven. Upon first looking into the possible issues found it vould be a bad throttle position sensor so changes that and cleaned the throttle body...
Compass reads 180 degrees out of phase. It tells me the direction behind me not the direction in front.
how much would it coast to fix
I bought a car from a dealer that had a check engine light on. He told me it was a misfier and cleared it, but now it came on and mechanics are telling me it's something else (catalytic converter). I'd like to check i...
I bought this car last summer and it has 51000 miles on it never started with this problem until the colder temps, so I found out about the recall and recently brought it in to have it fixed and was told I had to wait...
We had a tune up done and it still say cylinder 4 is misfiring what could this be is the engine going bad or is it something easy to fix . And the car is stalling and then the engine light blinks.
When I start my car it won't come out of park, it has an safety lock, I need help trying to get it out of park!
There are four oxygen sensors on a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis. Are the front two the same part? Are the back two the same part? Or all all four sensors a different parts?
Car broke down few weeks ago at this time I had hazard lights brake lights turn signals CIG lighter worked .all of a sudden nothing . thank you only had for three months two previous owners appeared to car for the car
Buy if I get it on hwy speed it seems to run ok
Unable to get it out of park, no break lights, turn signal or hazard. Head lights work and so do the tail lights. what is wrong? I have replaced the pigtail connector at the break light switch. What do I do next?