Upper/Lower ball joints.....
Upper "A" Arm front and rear bushing...
Lower "A" Arm(rear bushing) bolts and nut....
Steering Control Arm ball joint ...
Lower "A" Arm (pivot bushing) nut ....

replaced part still only works on high

Cruise light on instrument panel does not come on

Car sit for 6-7 years what needs to be done before driving it?

There is difficulty or delay when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear and a loud whining noise. This has been occurring for a while. Will I have to replace the entire transmission or is it possible to just replace/repair the front pump?

I was driving on the freeway about 75 miles an hour. I had a blow out speed start dropping. I changed the tire. The track control light keep binking off and on before I reach speed of 30mp so I went and got the tires rotated. Drove the car everything seems to be ok speed was up to 85 the track control came back on blinking so I pulled over gave the car gas and it went faster 80 speed then drops back down what's the problem question thank you oh I put it I had it on a machine all the codes came out clear .

i have checked horn by removing and touching with live jumper cable. was able to make it make noise. also checked fuse, checked out ok.

Change the fuse and it works fine except the ABS and brake idiot lights are constantly on. When you turn engine off and turn the A/C back on it blows the fuse. Then the idiot lights go out, the defroster switch is out also. No codes show on computer..it comes up "no codes". Do I need a new compressor, is it drawing too much power causing the fuse to blow, or is the fuse blowing causing the compressor to shut down? Thanx everyone......

What is the correct alternator voltage, alternator should send to battery

When I have two or more passengers in the back and hit a bump it scrapes or bottoms out. Can't figure out why? I have new shocks on it.

the transmission is slipping anyway at times but worse wh en we use the a/c

I was told that the solinoid isn,t working properly. can it be repaired without buying a whole new latch assembly?

my windshield frosts up on hot and humid days. I was told that I have a vaccumm leak.and the damper is not able to be controled properly. can this be fixed without buying a new
a/c control?

and my car drove little bite better for a month and then it started jerking, transmission pulling very very hard/slipping gears so I replace all 8 ignition coil 2 days ago and the car i drove the car to the corner store which is down the street from my house ,I turn the car off went in store the for 3minutes came out got in the car close the door put the key in the ignition started it up and drove off and the car started to accelerate very very slow all over again, and just to add I I replace the fuel filter, change the motor oil & filter,air filter and gas treatment but I never change the transmission filter & fluid...please help me please...god bless and thanks

Change brain once, work a little while problem back

on my 2006 mercury grand marquis gs my air bag light randomly flashes, but when it does it flashes 1 5 or 5 1.
anyone know the codes for that vehicle ?

Problem is rare. If I let the car sit for an hour it then starts perfect. Someone said it might be a cam sensor or similar.

Replaced fuel pump, filter and fuel pressure regulator. Replaced ignition, relays, crank sensor, battery. It will start with starting fluid but won't stay running. When I use a test light on the relay the relay clicks and the pump turns on. OBDII comes back ERR. This is really starting to get to me. I am going broke trying everything mechanics have told me to replace.

I've had problems getting my car started off and on over this past year. Had the battery replaced a few times, and was assured that it wasn't the alternator by my local Pep Boyz on multiple occasions. Just before my most recent visit I noticed a leak. The leak causes the coolant reservoir to completely drain. Also the leak empties out directly onto the starter solenoid. Unfortunately the boys at Pep Boys had nothing to say about the leak which I made sure to tell them about. Any fixes y'all know of?

Is this a common problem? With only 37,000 miles on the car should these parts be failing? Anyone else experiencing this expensive issue?
Air Pump #P2234
Air Ride OEM Sensor #8W1Z-5359-A


how do I get the door panel off to look at the window