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originally the check engine light came on, then went out after three days. bad gas was used then car wouldn't start at all. changed plugs and wires. No change. It tries to start but not hitting on all cylinders.
Is there a delay switch or fuse that causes this?
I was told to change to Fuel Pump control module. Would this help solve the vibration problem..!!
i just put in a 04 crownvic transmission I change the speed sensor
MY engine light came on right after an oil change. I took my car back and they told me and showed me 4 "spark plug" like things under my car and told me I had 4 oxygen sensors that were not functional on the diagnosti...
and every thing shuts off it kills the battery, I put a alternator, coil and cleaned the battery but nothing the battery keeps going low and everything shuts off and car stops
also Ford will reimburse you if you already repaired it if you have the receipt?
Heater blend door actuator needs replaced my heater does not work---estimate cost---2003 Gr. Marquis
needs replaced---my heater is not working---Estimate repair?
While driving on dry roads, mainly going up hill, as I speed up car starts vibrating like road has ruffles in it. Sometimes just going down the road it does this when I let off the gas its stops, what is wrong and cau...
I had checked it and i had#7 miss this week when I started the started knocking
sometimes they will park, sometimes not..lately, not at all