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The check engine light came on and I had the problem checked. The code indicated the engine does run lean. There is a spark knock when accelerating.
My car just started hesitating when i reach speeds of 50 and above. Why does my car do that?
What is the normal cost to replace ball joints. Bill
When I turn on my Air Conditioner the air is not flowing through the air vents
Hi - Drivers side window will not go up. Goes down fine. Sometimes & rarely, a connection made window goes up. Appears to be the switch or motor? All other windows go up & down perfectly. What does the master day...
FM reception faded away. What is the fix?
the car slows down while you are still acselerating the gas pedal. sometimes it will chug like it wants to stall.
Both of the headlights are out at the same time
After returning home, and my cruse control didn't work. I removed checked and immediately re-installed all the fuses in box under the hood with the relays in it.About two hours later, I wanted to go eat. I Turned the ...
I have the new buckle but need instructions on how to replace the old one
my compass display does not work..replaced fuse, is there a bulb to replace?
I love my car but all of a sudden the tail lights went out, could it be just a fuse? I went to our local parts store and they suggested I buy a tail light switch. but how do I install it? everyone tells me it is under...
1988 grand marquis transmission runs fine in drive or overdrive but when you shift to reverse you get nothing.
A/C only Blow thru Defroster
My Air Conditioning blows hot air. I filled it first with a big can of leak detector/sealer then two cans of refrigerant. The compressor only comes on for a few seconds and the tank does not get cold. Had it on a l...
my car sags down in the back but is worse on the right side.Now it scrapes on everything when we are on un-even ground or hit a small bump.
I accidentacly disconected all spark plugs wires and dont know how to conect them the way is suppose to
engine overheaqts when car is ideling replaced thermastst and flushed radiator
trying to replace the heater core in a mercury marquis and can't seem to get it out.need a diagram.
The car is great but lately I've noticed loud clacking like a repetitive noise when I turn the wheel and go around a corner. It doesn't do it when going straight just when i turn going forward. Any one else have this ...
Starting off, there is a shuddering, at high speeds it doesn't do it.
a/c blows hot air. i found that diconnecting the climate control module for a few seconds sometimes makes everything work normally. i have to do this frequently and it doesnt always work. i want to fix it for good! pl...
Occasionally, my car will not start when the engine is warm. It will turn over, sometimes act like it wants to run but then sputter and die. Let it cool for an hour and it will start like nothing ever happened. Als...
Lately the car will not start when it is hot, from being run or just sitting in New Orleans, LA heat.
How do I replace the Heater/AC control unit on a 2005 Grand Marquis with ATC.The fan blows thru different vents automatically .Dealer wants to replace unit for $700.
My car is an 1988 model. i have had some mechanical experience but with cars it is limited. I can only do simple things like changing oil or replacing the raditor. I wanted to know if it was simple enough to figure ou...
Hi, the outside temp reading is erratic and I cant find the cause. there are 2 sensors mounted in front of the radiator, one for the ATC and the other for the outside temp . Here are symptoms : when I first sta...
how do you know when your heater core needs to be replaced?
Just started a few days ago. Starting just a few days ago my airbag light comes on starts about 5 or 6 dings-the noise shuts off but the light stays on. What is causing this and how can it be fixed? Thanks