My Blower keeps running in high speed and want change. You can't turn it off, you can't afjust it manually. I was told that it was the resistor. Can you direct me. Thanks
P.S. Do you know of a WEB Page where I can locate various compartments (Parts)??

1994 Grand Marquis is over heating it has a pin hole at the back of the engine small hose that clamps to the engine there is a pin hole right under the hose that hose connects to the Temperature-sensing electric heater control valve and the engine i put JB weld on the hole it runs for 30 minutes then steam come out were the hole is and the engine gets hot.

how much fluid does the transmissiun hold

They turn off every night. I can drive about 20 to 30 minutes and they will go off by their self. I turn off the switch for about twenty seconds and then they come back on. I've already replaced my headlight switch.

car wont start, hear clicking noise. had battery checked, battery good.Jump start, starts right up. Last night while driving car died completely.

I need to open the hood to charge the battery but cant get into the car to pop the hood any suggestions

going over dip in road

The problem occured this morning on the high way its kind of jurky shaking feeling

Is the gear shift tied into your brake lights not working?We were told this.All lights work except brake lights.

every time we go to the gas station ,the fuel hose keeps on tripping annoying the attendent,don,t know where to go on this,don very difficult to put gas in

odometer is not moving is this a rather simple problem to correct and what is the cost of repair or replacement?

Hard to start when cold every time,Have the keep cycling the fuel pump, Will not run full speed. I have replaced the fuel pump.

3 windows won't move up or down. I hear the motor in one of the widows of the three.

Hi, I'm looking for the installation procedures to install a new heater core in a Mercury grand marquis 1993 v8

I have a problem with my 2001 Grand Marquis transmission not shifting properly. The car sat up for a couple of months and the transmission now will not easily shift into lower gears to pass. Going down hill or level it will finally shift. What do I need to do?

just purchased car first time.

Recently, I heard a grindy motor sound when I locked my car. It seemed to come from the front passenger door. Now all of my locks will not lock. Even the switch from the driver's master lock button will not work. I can unlock it with the key but the remote will not work. Is it a fuse or a motor? Need to know what a new motor would cost.

2001 mercury marquis will not start but sometimes will

how do i replace side mirror on passenger side?

The past few months we have noticed that the passenger side carpet closest to the seat is wet. We thought it was due to rain, but that is not it. It only has 36K original miles. We drove it this weekend and ran the air conditioner. It did not rain the day we drove it. The moisture does not smell like anti-freeze. Any ideas?

a diagram of the cylinders would be helpfull
I need to know the # 6 cylinder is located.
8 cylinder engine

I'm trying to remove the original battery in this car. Disconnect cables fine. remove two bolts in front (bumper side) of battery fine. However there's some kind of involved retention "mess" on the back side. How do I get it out?

I have had a no start problem about 3 times. The first time this happened was in January of last year. Came out to start my car and it would not start. Prior to this incedent the car started fine since I had it. My friend came over and ran test on the cars computer. Came out it was the fuel pump. So i had him replace the fuel pump. About less than a year im driving on the highway and my car stalls out ( Gas light was on ) so i pull over and think that i ran out of gas. Put gas in it and no start just cranked. Got it towed and had another fuel pump put in it bc pep boys said thats what it was. This was in October of this year. Well i go out to my car yesterday and the same thing wont turn over. So i figured it was the battery bc its about 10 years old. And I replace the battery. The same thing happens cranks no start. A couple times it would start then sputter out then just crank and try to turn over. All the symptoms were the same as the prior 2 time. YOu think its another faulty fuel pump?

whats the cost of repairing or i should say replacing the water pump?

The Heater fan stopped working. I think the module is bad and needs replacement. I took it off and cleaned it. How much to purchase and replace the module

approximately how much for a tune-up? The car requires 6 plugs - no wires.

1998 Grand Marquis is leaking a little antifreeze and skipping. The price I was quoted is $590.00 for the 'plastic' manifold, including labor. Does that sound about right?

It felt like a bad blow out, but when I got out of the car the wheel was leaned inward and my car couldn't move I had to get a tow. Please tell me if it was the CV Axle??? Its a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis...

actuator door is Code 024. I was getting NO HEAT from any vents. To diagnose the Automatic temperature control on this (or YOUR) car follow this sequence.

Turn the Heat'AC "OFF"
Press at the SAME TIME, "OFF" & "FLOOR" , then

The Display will turn a digital circle for awhile until it will stop on it's own to display any Error Codes. In my case it displayed a steadt "024". That means "Door Actuator". In fact while it is diagnosing you can hear it trying to Reset the door by a repetitive clicking sound.
After doing this self-diagnose/Resaet sequence three(3) times, WARM air finally started coming out the heater vent. (It was late night & freezing at the time.)

This has happened about four(4) times over six (6) months. Each time I was eventually able to get warm air again by repeating the above steps. I am afraid it won't continue to work & that I will be trapped in freezing weather. The car has been very well maintained & only just turned 50,000 miles.

Anyone else familiar with this problem?

Thanks, PontiacManiac (with a Merc daily driver!)

Does my 1996 mercury grand marquis have a battery or block heater?my car wont start in the mornings when its real cold