2006 marquis. low miles (32,000) very cold outside single digits, go out turn key to start, nothing wont turn over only hear a solenoid or something under dash that clicks. Engine wont turn over at all, all lights everything works but wont turn over. Try repeatedly and same issue clicks under dash but wont turn over. get out kick the tire and spit on the bumper and get back in fires rite up runs like a top. What is my cars issue please help

Problem occurs only when warmed up.Check engine light flashes on and off.Car indicates four bars when warmed up and goes back and forth to three bars.A vibrating sound under driver's seat.

the car seems like it is in gear even though i am starting it in neutral and then it dies before I can get anything done. any ideas?

I have heard alot of people saying there intake cracked on there grand marquis but on my 2000 mgm I have a factory intake and I havent had any problems yet! So should I switch to the new one or just keep what I have?

repalced fuel pump, no fuel is coming out of the valve stem under the hood and no fire is getting to the fuel pump what else could it be.

my 2004 gran marquis' abs and traction control light both came on at the same time, i have no idea what the issue could be,i let it warm up before i drive it so everything is smooth running. if anyone can help me please do i appreciate it. thank you jim

How much should and engine replacement cost? If i already have the engine? Labor cost.

Is this a problem with the control arm itself [internal switch] or a fuse or wiring problem


this has been the case since I bought the car used 7/10.
the light comes on and stays on, when I park the car after 20 minutes use it smells hot, but the temperature reads cool and the coolant is cool enough to stick your finger in it and the oil hasn't changed color, darkened oil would indicate a coolant failure. after sitting for just a minute turned off, the light stays off for another 20 minutes.

why will the front lights not turn on when the car is on. we checked the battery and it was good. all the fuses are good also. the light switch was also good.

my email is pthbd22@yahoo.com

How do I tighten the my windsheild wiper blade to windsheild?

how likely than not is it coming from oil filter? or whats other places it can stem from plz help

My 1991 grand Mercury Marqis has been making a squeeling sound for quite awhile now and it has begun to get louder under the hood of the vehicle.It sounds like to me it is comming form the belts and pulleys?? It appears to do it when its cold. When I operate my vehicle it gets hot createing a burning rubber smell. just like if you were peeling you r tires on the pavement.Slo, i have the heater on and the smell comes into the car through the vent. this is a on going problem!Need Advice Thanks!!

this is the first time

I just need a pic of the fuse box diagram to see what fuse to replace for my brake lights. The left side is out but the bulbs look fine.

digital speedometer not showing on screen

Blower motor stopped running. Blower motor and blower start relay appear to be ok because blower runs when I jumper hot side of blower to plug in wiring harness and ground side of blower to ground. Is problem likely to br EATC unit or is there something else in blower circuit that can go bad?

how do i remove the automatic climate control panel?

the problem just start i was driving my car & it stoped it would'nt start i waited a few mintues it started the it stoped again i disconneted the battery cable & it started

Was changine transmission fluid to try to help a shudder that happens when going into overdrive - - - found a plastic valve and o-ring in pan when pulled it... Where is that from? Trying to figure out where it goes... thanks.

Was wondering how to take off the old mirror on the passenger side

Hello There.. My Car Cranks Slowly I Got To Keep Pumpin The Gas Ta Make It Turn Over An Start Then I Can Be Drivin Threw Town An It Will Cuts Off.

my dash lights and tail lights dont work. i have replaced fuses many times but they keep going out. What is the problem?

dash and tail lights not working but break and turn signals do.

2002 mercury grand marquis idle speed control making a moaning sound.

Do you have a mobile mechanic?

how does it work?

just bought car 'factory programcar 17000miles .temp was 10degrees .wwhen i turned key nothing happened but everthing else worked definetely not abattery or contact problem.note sonhas a g.m.impalaand every 15ooomiles hast this problem turnsout tobe starter module.does merc have this0?advise please note gm is ver common without perm. fix