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Stopped at store on way home from work. Tried to start and it started but rough running. Stalled and wouldn't start again. Cranks fine but won't run.
where is the crank sensor located.
Blower only works in position 1,2,3 and not in position 4. Where is the blower motor relay located and how do you remove it in a 02 Mercury Grand Marquis.
What is the cost to replace the a/c Actuator fan motor? The a/c compressor works and cools fine but the acuator fan sounds too weak to operate the mechanism to change modes of cooling and heating. Occurs often even...
Where is the recharge valve located on a 1992 Mercury marquis?
My 97 Grand Marquis has been leaking brake fluid and has virtually no braking capability. What is the likely problem/necessary repair?
I cannot shift into an gear as the gear shift is locked in Park by O/D which reads on the dash O/D is off I press the button and the light goes off b ut it still will not shift What do I do?? My Email is edmaryscott@...
I can only get the fan to work on the defrost setting. I am savoy enough to be dangerous.
Air conditioning works fine until you have to excellerate. Then the air is throwm up into deforst mode. After you decelerate the a/c drops back down to vents location. John
My heater core is leaking and my front passenger floor board is all wet. I would like to change it myself and have priced one through autozone for $36.00. I have by passed the heater core from the radiator water and h...
i push the reset button on the dash but everytime i start the car it comes back on
What could make an oil light come on when oil level is reading good
ac control panel,power locks, and clock stopped working at the same time
My AC quit blowing cold all of a sudden. Belt seems to be fine and no weird noises. Any ideas?
what would cause a inner manifold to crack, 85,000,00 miles on the car, bought it brand new. 8cylinder and is this the start of major problems.
Our a/c blows plenty of cold air, & temp control works ok. Regardless of which button we push; Max AC, AC, Vent, Floor, Defrost; all of the air comes thru the defrost vents and the floor vents. It happened suddenly. A...
When i start engine air bag light is off when i put car in drive air bag light goes on and does not go off untill i shut the car off.
the lights on both seat heater switches[on the door panels]flash on off sometimes one will stay on the other flashes or stays off--possible causes?
The torque converter went at 27K miles. What can I expect in the future with this transmission??
Warning bell chimes intermittently even though all doors are closed.
its parked right now and it just doesn,t want to turn shifts..already had transmission serviced and filter replaced and it still doesn,t want to move...i probably need to get new transmission or motor? it has 189,89...
I feel a shimmy in the front end when I drive at lower speeds and when I SLOW TO STOP.
Drivers side wheel came off car. what are the parts that were damaged and caused the wheel to come off?
If at traffic light (Gear in D) and got too far up under light and try to move gear shift lever to R to back up a little, car does not want to move. I can put lever in P and then go to R and it does fine. I don't r...
During very hot weather and after highway driving car will not start and keep running. Once started, it runs fine. Seems like vapor lock, but I am not sure. Any suggestions appreciated. One rip-off local repair shop g...
Head lights not working. Diognostic found the computer processor that controls all the lights for the car was bad. How much to replace lights computer processor?
Is there a way to reset the "AIR BAG" light
i know its under the dash but on what side i dont know.
This hose has some type of wire connected to the hose line and it lesking at steel to rubber line
when I press the a/c button, the control sends the air through the defrost vent for a while 5 to 10 minutes and sometimes after that, the air starts to flow very slowly through the regular vents but continues to flow ...