wapers work sparyer wll not work checked fuse and rasavor

My speedometer just stopped working at 52,225 miles. Is it a fuse or speed sensor, home or shop repair? Also seat belt warning light not working.

This started happening in December 2010.

Turn on windshield wiper, wipers work but no water coming thru to windshield. Fluid container is full, just serviced at a Super Lube location in Tallahassee, Fl

Fan won't turn off and runs on high in all settings?

the fuse that controls the blinkers and the temp control inside the car (the a/c and fan controls) keeps blowing. i changed blower motor and the temp control pack that is beside the blower motor under the heater hoses and it keeps blowing the fuse do youknow what the problem is?

My right front is pulling to the right. maybe a bad tire or a bad torsion bar ? How much for the torsion bar if it needs to be replaced /

I've been told I have to replace the driver's front ball joint before I can have the front end aligned. How much should this ball joint replacement cost?

I have a 1998m Grand Marquis gs. The transmission stutters when it changes gears every once in a while. It makes the whole car vibrate, and seems like your driving on a rumble strip usually at the 50 mph range. It gets worse when the AC is on. It doesn't do it so bad when i manually turn overdrive off. No lights are illuminated on the dash...

My wifes Grand Marquis GS w(precision Track) has been getting a lower and lower Dist to empty on fillup. The gauges are all digital, wondering if a tune up would solve this / cleaning MAF etc. I disconnected the battery for a whole hour to clear the KAM. Still no changes reads 245 dist to empty every time. I'm aware of the three gallon fuel light warning. Just wondering what it could be ?

I need to replace a belt tensioner due to a loud squeeking in the engine when car is warmed up.

i have a problem with my lights going off riding down the road.i have to hold the high beam on till they decide to work

how do i change spark plugs, step by step instructions

When the temperature gets above 70, the engine hesitates on an intermittent basis. It does it most frequently while climbing hills.

I have used fuel injector cleaners, but that doesn't seem to help.
What is the most probable cause?

The air direction has problems. sometimes it will switch to vent or floor or Max AC but with difficulty. It sometimes gets stuck on defrost or another setting. I've checked for vacume leaks from under the hood to the multi colored union plug or vacume lines located right under the ash tray. I'm getting good suction from the black line coming from the engine compartment.

car just shuts off while driving ; won't start for hours. ?????????????????????????????????

where is the pcv valve located. this is a 5.0 efi engine. it is built differently.

There is a TSB about this problem. My head gasket leak is on the passenger side only. Drips on the header and you smell it when the car's not moving. Looking for a shop that has experience with this job.

My 2003 grand marquis wont start i replace the battery but it still wont start everything else in the car will cut on but it will not start.

Do I need to remove other perts to access third bolt of starter?

My 1998 Mercury Grand Marquie has an electrical problem, The Windsheiled wipers will not go down. The power door locks are not working along with the alarm system.I replaced the batterys in the hand remotes to see if that was it. That didnt fix it? The hazard lights are not working. And now thw passenger side window will not work after I replaced the window motor. I was told that the switch in the drivers side door is not working right.Also my cruise control not working either. Other than that the car is running like a champ.Can anyone help me figure out what is going on with this car???
Thank you so much.

The are squeeking noises frequently coming from the front of my car when I drive (also, when I push down on the front of the car when in park). I believe this noise is coming from the front shocks and therefore they need replacing. Is this a symptom of this problem?

how do i get my heater core from under the dash. i have remove everything except for my steering wheel.

misses at highway speed stops missing when cruise control is on

What could be the cause of windshield wipers not moving when turned on, you can hear the motor but the wipers don't move?

when starting in a/m loping like chock is sticking and engine wants die

I changed upper and lower ball joints on driver and passenger side but still pops when turnt hard

It started doing it only when im on a bumpy road or hit a hole. Everyone I asked and let hear it said it was the ball joints saw I bought brand new upper and lower ball joints for driver and passenger sides and had them installed. Stopped for a day or two and now the sound has come back and its even worst now. Not only does it do it when on a bumpy road or hitting a hole, it does it when sitting in park turning the wheel back and forth. It all sounds to be coming from the drivers side to me but I dont know what to do since I changed the joints out. It also makes a loud and scary popping noise is a turn my wheel completly to one side when moving. HELP ME PLEASE.

I have to sit & hold the gas pedal for 15-20mins until it will stay crunk on its own. But then it will idle up/down up/down for 15-20mins before it will idle Really high(like it was hit with nitrogen) & then it will run fine. Sometimes i have to drive holdin the gas&brakes b4 it idles really high and start to run right. When I drive it when its doing this it feels like its holdin back until it gets that bust. You can feel the gas pedal go down when it does this but after that she cranks and rides fine until it sits 5-6 more hrs. Please help!!! Oh yeah, I changed the mass air flow sensor.

2006 marquis. low miles (32,000) very cold outside single digits, go out turn key to start, nothing wont turn over only hear a solenoid or something under dash that clicks. Engine wont turn over at all, all lights everything works but wont turn over. Try repeatedly and same issue clicks under dash but wont turn over. get out kick the tire and spit on the bumper and get back in fires rite up runs like a top. What is my cars issue please help