installed engine...
no oil preasure

I need to know where the fuse for the ALS sensor is located

The brake light on the dash has come on and is staying on . Is this a serious problem ?

My wife curbed both tires on the passenger side of our Marquis. How do i change both tires since they are sitting on their rims. Where do i jack the car up at to change both?

What is the cost of replacement, including labor,of each major component of my exhaust system from manifold to the tail end??

No diagnostic codes, when the the car is parked, the interior lights come on and go off repeatedly.

Can the fuel pump be replaced by removing the back seat and back rest, for access, without dropping the fuel tank?

transmission does not want to engage forward. will slowly slip in . after it shifts twice, then it runs much better.
goes into reverse ok. what can I do?

why do the interior lights in my 1999 mercury grand marquis suddenly stay on all the time. The head lights do not seem to come on for the auto lamp system either.

my grand marquis will not turn over
i put a new fuel pump and still will not start

i have a 4.6 overhead cam . turns over but sounds like it has no compresion.will not start. took lefthand valve cover off and timeing chain is not brocken. have not removed the right cover as of yet.need to know how to complete the cover removel and how to check the timeing , did it jump time?if so , how do i fix it?

wapers work sparyer wll not work checked fuse and rasavor

My speedometer just stopped working at 52,225 miles. Is it a fuse or speed sensor, home or shop repair? Also seat belt warning light not working.

This started happening in December 2010.

Turn on windshield wiper, wipers work but no water coming thru to windshield. Fluid container is full, just serviced at a Super Lube location in Tallahassee, Fl

Fan won't turn off and runs on high in all settings?

the fuse that controls the blinkers and the temp control inside the car (the a/c and fan controls) keeps blowing. i changed blower motor and the temp control pack that is beside the blower motor under the heater hoses and it keeps blowing the fuse do youknow what the problem is?

My right front is pulling to the right. maybe a bad tire or a bad torsion bar ? How much for the torsion bar if it needs to be replaced /

I've been told I have to replace the driver's front ball joint before I can have the front end aligned. How much should this ball joint replacement cost?

I have a 1998m Grand Marquis gs. The transmission stutters when it changes gears every once in a while. It makes the whole car vibrate, and seems like your driving on a rumble strip usually at the 50 mph range. It gets worse when the AC is on. It doesn't do it so bad when i manually turn overdrive off. No lights are illuminated on the dash...

My wifes Grand Marquis GS w(precision Track) has been getting a lower and lower Dist to empty on fillup. The gauges are all digital, wondering if a tune up would solve this / cleaning MAF etc. I disconnected the battery for a whole hour to clear the KAM. Still no changes reads 245 dist to empty every time. I'm aware of the three gallon fuel light warning. Just wondering what it could be ?

I need to replace a belt tensioner due to a loud squeeking in the engine when car is warmed up.

i have a problem with my lights going off riding down the road.i have to hold the high beam on till they decide to work

how do i change spark plugs, step by step instructions

When the temperature gets above 70, the engine hesitates on an intermittent basis. It does it most frequently while climbing hills.

I have used fuel injector cleaners, but that doesn't seem to help.
What is the most probable cause?

The air direction has problems. sometimes it will switch to vent or floor or Max AC but with difficulty. It sometimes gets stuck on defrost or another setting. I've checked for vacume leaks from under the hood to the multi colored union plug or vacume lines located right under the ash tray. I'm getting good suction from the black line coming from the engine compartment.

car just shuts off while driving ; won't start for hours. ?????????????????????????????????

where is the pcv valve located. this is a 5.0 efi engine. it is built differently.

There is a TSB about this problem. My head gasket leak is on the passenger side only. Drips on the header and you smell it when the car's not moving. Looking for a shop that has experience with this job.

My 2003 grand marquis wont start i replace the battery but it still wont start everything else in the car will cut on but it will not start.