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I had an oil change and the garage told me that my head gaskets are leaking oil, pan covers need replacing and my front oil seal is leaking cost 27.00.00 I had no indications of any kind and my garage floor shows no spots I only have 68,000 miles on car. What can I do to check it out I thin its a scam. Thank You

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They say maybe oil filters in tha transmission

which fuse is for the alternator

Or ran out of oil?

replaced fuel pump, relays, fuses, filter,Throttle positioning sensor,took all gas out put new in .when it dies sometimes it will start right back up and then Times you will run battery dead trying to start it then times let it sit for about 30 minutes then starts up shops here are clueless I need help to fix it it's all I have left to remember my mom it was her first car that she bought herself . O and it's showing any codes

Always while making turns and going over speedbumps or just bumps in the road. It doesn't happen as much when it rains always when its dry. Its a very loud squealing and squeaking sound. Its a bit embarrassing to be honest.

I started the car and idled about two minutes with the air condition running when I heard it blow out. I checked underneath the hood and the high pressure-side fitting had been blown apart at the condenser. Any ideas on why this happened and how to fix it?

My headlights were working on and off and I read that there was a recall on the LCM. I was holding in the turn signal lever and the lights would stay on, however the day before I brought the car in to change the LCM the lights did not work at all. I had the LCM changed and the lights still don't work.

my check engine light came on; I replaced gas cap (vapor link?); after some time being on, one day it goes off; the other day it comes back on; it has oil; car runs fine, no performance issues

The oil light comes on ehen I stop but comes off as the car starts moving

I put my car in drive it goes in reverse

When I start the car, the blower kicks on immediately and won't turn off, even if temp controls are off. I can adjust speed of fan, switch from heat to cool, etc... the blower just stays on.