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Codes po171 and po174 came on what should I change

shop says oil pan drain plug is worn out, that next time i get an oil change (have 47000 miles on it now) i'll need a new oil pan drain plug. anyone else hear of this happening to them or others? i've never know that the oil pan drain plug could wear out in 50000 miles...................?

how do i put the rear window cable back somebody replaced the motor but i don't seewear the cable goes

I replaced the LCM in my 2003 Mercury GM. Now from tiome to time the car does the same thing as if my LCM were bad. I take the battery cable off, put back on and it all works fine for a while.

when i start engine rpm stay over 1100 for 30-65 sec then back down to 600-700 rpm or return to zero and engine shut off

Both low beam headlights do not come on only high beem if I hold the lever and I changed both bulb y won't the low beams work

how much for a tune up for a 97 grand marquis

I changed my heater core on my car......put everythin back and now the car doesnt want to start. I also changed the fuel filter and pump but that didn't solve the problem either.

Ac compressor is running but it's only blowing warm air. I don't think it's switching over. What can I do if anything.

After driving the car I always see coming from the bottom driver side of the engine

the sway bar bushings broke and need to be replaced

how to change pinion bearing and seal

Noise from front end when turning steering wheel.

the car just start skipping

Connected the new actuator, but would not move the blend door arm. Door works OK,and manually moves to heat or A-C. Control module shows codes 024, 025, and 051. Tried to reset the controller, but to no avail. Help?

When the air conditioner is on and i give accelator to the car the air of air conditioner comes on to the feet and not from the front panel.

i have a 1995 grand marquie... i can turn the stearing wheel to the right effortlessly ....when i make a left turn tho i have no power stearing at all.Fluid is clean and full.

starts, idles then dies

ive already gave it atune up, checked injectors feul press at 31psi plus installed a maf,egr and cleaned t-body. allso tried to retrieve codes but scanner just wouldnt pullthem

my truck lock and door locks dong work, do u think its a actuator that needs replacement?

Do I need to drop fuel tank to gain access to the fuel pump? Where can I find the access point?

im in buckeye az. and i have a crack all the way acrossed my windshield so i need to replace it where do i go?

The car started cutting off about 3 months ago while driving and would not crank back up. Took it to one shop and replaced battery cables and battery. Car ran good for about 4 days and quit again in the car wash. New shop replaced fuel pump and relay with filter. Car ran good for about a month and has quit again. Had anti-theft codes in it-dealership cleared them and checked fuel pressure to check fuel pump and it crank. Driving it two days ago and it stopped again. Noticed that the temp sensor comes on and the car shuts down. It is not running hot and the shop stated that no diagnostic codes are showing up on the machines each time they hook it up. What can it be?

were would locate my o1 bank1 02 oxygen sensor? Is located on the passenger side or driver side confuse its many of them when i looked.

ok turn singnals and hazzard flashers dont flash they just stay on . so i was told that it was a flasher fuse gone bad. please help cant find it under the dash.

shakes in the morning the first crank then cuts off then its fine

The windshield wipers stopped working as did the washer fluid spray. Checked the switch but that does not seem to be the problem.

how to change a air bag module?

My car shut off today..I started it back up then I put the car in drive!It felt like someone hit me from the back...Then it started to grind very loud when ever I put it in drive.The car starts but will not move forward at all...So how much will it cost to have it fixed????