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The odometer went out about two years ago. About six months ago I noticed the trip indicator stopped working, and a few days ago the speedometer stopped. Any idea what would cause this?
01 Grand Marquis---brake pedal makes squeeky noise when braking. Brakes OK!! Please Help!!! Thanks.
Cannot switch from gears....feels like trani may be slipping
where is the above located so i can change it out myself
i need a diagram on how 2 replace this part. where is it located?
when you remove battery it blows cold till you turn car off
im not sure what is wrong my husband thinks the compressor. a couple days ago my air didnt blow out cold. then the car started making a loud clicking screeching noise. the noise isnt continous. well it makes it for a ...
I have a 1996 Grand Marquis and it is leaking fuel when tank is full. I think it is the rubber grommet where the neck enters the tank is bad. I need a step by step instructions on how to replace. Thanks
recently had to replace both rear brake lines. after doing so and bleeding system, selector arm will not engage tranny even with foot on brake. also, no brake lights either though I'm sure switch is good. Any help?
Every time I turn my windshield wipers off they go up and stay there instead of going down. What's going on
Had problems with dash lites tail lights , changed light switch everything ok with lights but now the battery lite on dash stays on, battery checks ok. There was a burnt wire on light switch could that be the problem...
What does a fan control module cost to repair?
It has occured three times using after market parts, I think a new ford part would be better, the after market does not work as well as ford part the the car.
my car makes a shudder sound when going up hill? had tran flush last year and still makes shudder sound. is it the torque converter? and whats the cost?
replaced EGR valve.Check enging light stays on
My A/C is blowing very hot air. What is my problem?
parking lights ,dash lights, tail lights, brake lights don't work ,but head lights & turn lights work OK What could be the problem ? Checked all fuses all are OK Thanks
what fuse is for the lighter
Recently my 'check engine' light came on. A couple days it quit burning. Is my car safe to drive?
I have no brake lights, i have checked all fuese an every thing seems to but fine. Where do I go from here?
Engine light came on sunday, had goodyear order new pump and installed it Friday. now in the morning and when I let the car sit for some time it is very difficult to start. The engine, oil and battery lights stay on...
My headlights dont work if i pull the blinker forward they come on but only in brights sometimes they will work on there own i cannot get them to come on by using the switch on the dash. What could be the problem?
My Car Is Skippin An It Skips Eveyday When I Drives It.
just started out of the blue turn off overdrive and works ok 1,2,3rd ok
There is a little door that swings one way when the heat is on and the other way when the air is on. My door is stuck on the heat side. We are roasting.
in one fell-swoop my speedo, my guages (oil, gas,temp,fuel,batt.guage)all ceased operating. My headlights have to be turned manually instead auto-on when I start my car.The car runs great and has logged 231400 miles. ...
Our 20000 Grand Mar. hesitates and sometimes dies after warming up when you accelerate. We have had new plugs, new gas filter, new fuel pump and replaced four sensors, including the throttle position sensor. I thoug...
when right turn signal is on and turning right it makes a loud grinding noise on the engine. and the front light doesnt work
Have 2001 grand marquis, 128k mi. When engine cold, starts fine. When engine warm and shut off, won't start, wait half problem. Engine turns over, but won't start til it cools down. Any thoughts? I've hea...
car tends to "bottom out"whenever it goes over a bump.