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blower motor is good and fuse is good could it be a relay or resister and where are they located

Check engine light came on, a new egr valve was replace after clearing the code vacuum is acceptable, car runs for a day but flashes a code again for in-sufficient egr. flow.what is the solution?

When I start to go up a hill and i hold the gas steady my car starts to shake really bad. But when I accelerate or let off the gas it stops. The transmission is fine so it's not that. Not sure about any of the mounts though. Would anyone know why it would do that?

my blinker lights quit working. can you tell me how to fix them?

during cruise the wiper will come on without touching the control and will not stop until the fuse is removed and then for a short time it works normal then start once again it will come on without touching the control.

the air-conditioner automatic control will not change back from the defroster mode to normal air=conditioner. The air-contitioner works fine but will not come thru the normal vents.

when driving down the highway no rain the windshield wiper will come without touching the control and will not go off until the 30 amp fuse is removed.

Have been unable to add fuel even though the gauge says empty. Do I have to remove tank to find truble or what could the problem be?

is there a rack on the 2001 grand marquis?

...Has happened a couple times.This time had been sitting 3 months, started right up but next day just cranks. Tried to charge battery it fuel pump or what

I have a coolant leak at a crack in the intake manifold at the top-front of the 4.2(maybe 4.6?)Liter engine. The leak stopped when I put in a stopleak "mud" and held through the winter. Then it leaked after a 3500 mile trip coating the engine with a fine-coating of fine mud/dust. (I have a competent mechanic for whom I had the engine compartment pressure washed ... the motor is clean like new. The engine runs good.) What will it cost to flush the coolant and mud, then replace the intake manifold and refill coolant?

Does the overdrive suppose to be on when driving daily and how do you no when its own or off.

the box at the rear of the block which holds freon busrt shooting freon,what is it called so I can repair or replace

how much it will cost to peplace the blower moter resistor on my car. doesnt work at all anymore.

It happens every time I drive the car. However I have noticed that when it has rained or is raining it isn't as bad

Codes po171 and po174 came on what should I change

shop says oil pan drain plug is worn out, that next time i get an oil change (have 47000 miles on it now) i'll need a new oil pan drain plug. anyone else hear of this happening to them or others? i've never know that the oil pan drain plug could wear out in 50000 miles...................?

how do i put the rear window cable back somebody replaced the motor but i don't seewear the cable goes

I replaced the LCM in my 2003 Mercury GM. Now from tiome to time the car does the same thing as if my LCM were bad. I take the battery cable off, put back on and it all works fine for a while.

when i start engine rpm stay over 1100 for 30-65 sec then back down to 600-700 rpm or return to zero and engine shut off

Both low beam headlights do not come on only high beem if I hold the lever and I changed both bulb y won't the low beams work

how much for a tune up for a 97 grand marquis

I changed my heater core on my car......put everythin back and now the car doesnt want to start. I also changed the fuel filter and pump but that didn't solve the problem either.

Ac compressor is running but it's only blowing warm air. I don't think it's switching over. What can I do if anything.

After driving the car I always see coming from the bottom driver side of the engine

the sway bar bushings broke and need to be replaced

how to change pinion bearing and seal

Noise from front end when turning steering wheel.

the car just start skipping

Connected the new actuator, but would not move the blend door arm. Door works OK,and manually moves to heat or A-C. Control module shows codes 024, 025, and 051. Tried to reset the controller, but to no avail. Help?