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petal real touchy gains speed slowly can get to speed not safely
p0402 code all tests of dpfe and selenoid are good only vacuum valve does not significantly effect idle when vacuum is applied
Buy if I get it on hwy speed it seems to run ok
Auto will not go into park it goes into reverse. when going into drive there is alot of play within the shifting lever. Have to find neutral to start car. Can I make repair by removing underneath of steering wheel cov...
Unable to get it out of park, no break lights, turn signal or hazard. Head lights work and so do the tail lights. what is wrong? I have replaced the pigtail connector at the break light switch. What do I do next?
in the morning i go out and start my car. within a minute it start to idle down then back up then down it contiues this until its warm if i was to drive it before it warms up it would not idle down when i come to ...
when started runs fine at idle dies when put in gear when cold till warmed up no vacuum leaks have already replaced idle speed control valve no check engine light is on no codes at engine diagonstics
The intake manifold on my 1994 grand marquise is steal can it be replaced with a plastic one
When I have taken my foot off the gas and am just coasting or just starting to apply the brake on a corner, at a stop sign, or stop light, the engine dies. This has happened several times, and I am afraid this is goi...
When using repairpal for an estimate it doesn't the whole assembly, just fuel pump.
Fuses are good. It use to work sometimes but now nothing. Please help. Need heat for my mother and kids.
Noticed while driving home that my brake lights decided they didn't want to turn off. I've tried googling possible reasons but nothing seems to really lead me to an accurate answer.
Also replaced intake manifold and starter. The engine runs good and is quiet the car has 228,250 on it. Please Help!
im reading something about a Pat System before I could install the new pump my car got broken into my whole colum was destroyed so I had to switch out the old colum from another drand marquis it even came with the pat...
After installing the lock and cylinder can not get the key into the lock position.
When driving at normal highway speeds, the steering is VERY sensitive. Minor steering inputs can become overcorrections and the car becomes almost unstable. Bad struts or shocks? Bad ball joints? Steering dampenin...
Before this happened would run but cut off stop light
It only leak when I first start her up for the day but after that she don't leak