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When I pick up speeds to 80 mph and make a full complete stop it takes off fine but if I don't get it up to 75 or 80 mph first it will pull off and pick up speeds very slow what is the problem?
How do you check the vent controllers and what else may be going wrong?
small oil drops on oil pan and ground.
The light's don't come when it gets dark sometimes they do.
My mechanic changed the fuel pump already. While trying to start it, it turns but just don't start.
When I turn the air control switch to any position defrost, feet, vent ac they all work except just blows out hot air. even with the cold hot switch on cold.
I bought the car & gas gauge read "full" 320 miles til empty. Well the gallons NEVER change & the miles til empty will start at 320 but once it gets to 270 it will reset back to 320. This morning it actually said 2 ga...
At 34,000 miles, a knock is audible from the right side of the engine only when accelerating. Similar to low octane knock but not quite.
At about 34,700 miles, began to hear a knocking sound when accelerating. Similar to low octane knock sound but likely not. Any ideas?
I have a 2005 grand marquis that will dies without warning while being driven. Upon first looking into the possible issues found it vould be a bad throttle position sensor so changes that and cleaned the throttle body...
Compass reads 180 degrees out of phase. It tells me the direction behind me not the direction in front.
I think a fuse or flasher or relay but no fuses blown I swiched the horn relay with another and nothing changed.
rear end dropped started car in 5min rear end up drove 20min lite on dash came on is leak fixable;appox cost
Checked the fuses and relay tried switching relay with another one. All fuses are good. Have not checked the heavy duty fuses on drivers inner wheel well.