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I was told it was EGR but replaced value , seLenoiD and one other thing that goes to that.But still makes loud noise.If I take mass air senser of and unplug hose going to Idle control valu it will stop can someon...
Every time I turn it on it will wipe a few times on low then stop
Brand new spark plugs and spark plug wires. No weird sounds. No security issues.
light are turn off doors are closed main lights are of yet the park lights stay on
My key will not go in.? Its like something is blocking it. The bell sounds but the key only goes in a third of the way and the steering wheel is locked.
I bought my car about a year ago. Ran great until one day heading home everything lost power and it died. Got new battery and alternator. Six months later, here we are again. Last time though, it died and I couldn't r...
After I hear this sound and I am making a turn the car turns off, but will start back up. I have been checking the fluids regularly. Need help. thank you
1995 Mercury Cougar with actual-original mileage 68,148
When I drive it seems like a roaring noise is coming from the tires and the guy I bought it from said it could be easily fixed by replacing the brake drum ..would that fix it or is that not even what's wrong with it?
I have a loud wobble sound coming from my right side.
The car is a Ford Cougar 1993 bought in Mexico; V8 Motor (Not the Super-charged motor) with Air Conditioning
Does anyone know where Somewhere to buy all of the factory body panels, interior pieces,and stock mechanical parts?
When I start my car it immediately revs itself up high and then idles low. It repeats this process by itself until it eventually cuts out. It also does the same thing when I come to and stop and will rev up while driv...
The mechanic told me that my "fuel trim is too lean" anyone know what this could mean?
I just bought this about a week ago and all it has been is problems. First my tranny fluid was leaking, and I brought it to the mechanic I bought it from and he said he couldn't find a leak and that he spilt some flui...
Starting up the car is fine. It is when I'm coming to a stop and then pressing the gas to go when I get a sputter then it stops. When I crank it up it won't start, until I put the car in neutral and move the car off t...
I just need to take the inner door part on the driver side door and I can't find what screws i need to un-screw to take off the inner panel
I changed all 4 calipers new pads and rotors all the way around took it around the block and the same two brakes front driver and rear passenger locked up again. I was wondering is anyone knows if this year cougar 199...
is there an other control module that controls the charging, digital gauges, the fan motor and turn signals ? the headlights , hazard lights work.
The check brake light comes on. Not sure if it means the E-brake but can't find a switch or button. This happened once before and a friend fixed it but don't know what they did. Think it was a button or switch unde...