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It starts in any gear it will move then stop is this a bad transmission or something else

My 91 cougar dies while I'm driving between 40-50 miles it has coolant a new starter alternator plugs I had the fuel pump checked it's working I have no lose or disconnected wires that I can find but once the car cools down it will start right up

Tried to shift into reverse, but won't shift back to reverse or park from neutral

I bought my car about a year ago. Ran great until one day heading home everything lost power and it died. Got new battery and alternator. Six months later, here we are again. Last time though, it died and I couldn't restart it period. Today, battery light came on, everything dimmed, pulled up to a stoplight and it died. 5 minutes later it restarted and drove it 2 miles and it did it again. Because I can restart it, i'm hoping its not the alternator? HELP?!?!?!

It makes this noise once every 2 to 3 weeks. Usually when I turn on my heat. The car will start back up. What's causing this? I keep a check on all the fluids.

After I hear this sound and I am making a turn the car turns off, but will start back up. I have been checking the fluids regularly. Need help.
thank you

1995 Mercury Cougar with actual-original mileage 68,148


When I drive it seems like a roaring noise is coming from the tires and the guy I bought it from said it could be easily fixed by replacing the brake drum ..would that fix it or is that not even what's wrong with it?

Can I use the one with two rails and what do I need to connect it

Gear is locked up tight, can't move shift at all, back wheels won't move at all....

I have a loud wobble sound coming from my right side.

bottom, back,left of engine there is a plug in. ..mine had nothing plugged into it.'s it a knock or oil sensor?

The car is a Ford Cougar 1993 bought in Mexico; V8 Motor (Not the Super-charged motor) with Air Conditioning

119000 miles 1oil change no tune up haven't been drove in 6 months

Does anyone know where Somewhere to buy all of the factory body panels, interior pieces,and stock mechanical parts?

It idles fine while it's in park but when you shift into reverse or drive it idles down so much that it almost dies but once you start going it's fine, once in a while it does it if your stopped at a stop sigh but not always, what could cause that?

I need a list of all of the front and rear suspension components, bushings, shocks, and struts

When I start my car it immediately revs itself up high and then idles low. It repeats this process by itself until it eventually cuts out. It also does the same thing when I come to and stop and will rev up while driving but not increase in speed. It jerks as if I am skipping gears as well and it will cut out at random when I'm driving. When coming to a stop I have to keep pressure on both the gas and brake to make sure it wont jerk or cut out. When I try to take off it has a rough start. Recently when I try to start it, it cut out and white smoke came from the engine. I know there are probably a lot of issues with the car but what are the more common issues it could be starting with the least expensive?

The mechanic told me that my "fuel trim is too lean" anyone know what this could mean?

It cuts on and off do not need it , please help,

I just bought this about a week ago and all it has been is problems. First my tranny fluid was leaking, and I brought it to the mechanic I bought it from and he said he couldn't find a leak and that he spilt some fluid when he changed the tranny fluid before he sold it to me. Well I did my own research on online and found out that if your vent hose is pinched or crushed your tranny fluid will leak. Mine was crushed under my battery and I fixed it, now my tranny fluid is not leaking. But my check engine light came on??? Also when my tranny fluid was leaking my automatic transaxle warning light came on while I was driving, once I got home I parked it and didn't drive it anymore until the brought it to the mechanic, but when I drove it to the mechanic the light was no longer on?

Starting up the car is fine. It is when I'm coming to a stop and then pressing the gas to go when I get a sputter then it stops. When I crank it up it won't start, until I put the car in neutral and move the car off the road, that when I start it up and the car comes on.