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help my sun roof is stuck you can not hear the motor at will not move is there a way to get it closed manally?
I apologize for the year I put in but didn't have my year of car. Mine is a 1988 Mercury Cougar not a 1990. I am trying to find the 2nd fuel pump relay in my 1988 Cougar. I have found the one on the passenger side fen...
Where is th ignition control module located on the car
My A/C only blows out of the defrost. It blows cold and hard enough but only out of the defrost. I saw something that said it needs a vacuum from the motor. I should check hoses, but which hoses I don't see any hos...
How do you replace the idle solenoid?
I replaced the starter and still nothing.The lights,radio,etc. work but it doesn't make a sound when you try to crank it. Could it be the ignition switch? Any other ideas?
i need the diagram for my timing belt
driving down road at 70mph, engine dies, everything on the dash shuts off like i had turned the key off, then it will come back on, no check engine light or anything. if it stays off long enough for me to stop, it wil...
the o/d off light tends to blink. not all the time though. I noticed when it is warm there is nothing, today i was driving and the light was off, once i slowed down it started blinking and then once i started moving a...
how do you open hood when latch won't release
when I turn the wheel to the left to parallel park,I have a very loud clunck noise. Is this a ball joint problem or lower control arm problem? or possibly both.
any time the accellorator is not engaged the car dies, like at corners or stop sign. Also on the dash "SSS" is showing. Is it a fuel issue or engine?
car hesitate and lack of power, check engine IS NOT on. scanner shows p0401 code. If there is a problem with EGR system, would it feel like your transmission going out?
why does my 1999 cougar pull to one side only when brakes are engaged? Ive had the callipers replaced and that was not the problem
The car seems to run fine, good power mileage, but need to pass Ohio echeck in july. When I clear the codes they reappear in 1-3 days
The car has a sunroof and I realized that the fiberglass portion of the headliner is falling out. I think it screws in but not sure how to get to it without destroying the rest of the headliner. Need to resecure it....
I live in new york state and we have inspection every year I fail mine due ,as the mechanice stated I have coolent seeping into engine and my check engine light comes on because of it
how can i get an axle to stay in transmission on drivers side
I want to change the power assisted unit on my brakes. How difficult is that task?
I have taked my car in (Engine Light) I had several plugs changed, I had an oxygensensor replaced same problems
rought idle or possible stall during hot weather. is this vapor lock?
i need to replace the serpintine belt on my 1999 mercury cougar with 2.5 engine
i have no fire or injector pulse, i,ve change the crank sensor already, can you help me????????
It has happened twice when i have my heater, windshield wipers and headlights on. The check engine light is on. I have been told it is the egr tube (or something close) could this cause the car to loose power going do...
how to replace the ignition switch
It goes up/down with driverside controls but wont roll up with the passenger side controls it will only roll it down. Took the switch out and it seemed alright by apperarance. Put it back in and still only rolls it do...
what would be a reasnoable lab cost to replace power steering hoses
Has anyone had this prob? New battery and new alternator, but lights still dim on dash and head lights dim.