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it sounds like a shock or spring, the mechanic said it was the "rear end". what does he mean rear end. He said athousand dollars to repair.
my 95 merc xr7 will start and drive for about 1 mile then die, after waiting 5-10 min it will start and drive again. i replaced the fuel filter with the same results, everyone tells me its the fuel pump, but i can hea...
what does code p1443 represent
I could drive for about 30 -40 minutes without a problem, then withoy warning the brakes will not hold. I would have to exert a lot pressure on the brake pedal. I then have to keep a far enough to safely stop the car....
Where is the fuel filter located at on my 99 cougar?
where is fuelpressure regulator lacated on engine or along fuel line or in tank?
wont start when i press brake down
when i put my foot on brake to start it wont do anything its not the battery is there a switch or something? the manual says to put foot on brake to start
When trying to start the engine it will turns over just fine, but it won't start. I have changed the rotor & distributor cap with not change. Maybe is not getting fuel?
At various times, the car alarm goes off by itself and then stops. I keep the doors unlocked.
When i try to turn on my car, all i get is one click, i have checked battery cables, solinoid, and tried a new starter and it still just clicks everytime.
i have no flashers, brake lights , turn sugnals or cruise control have replaced all bulbs and flasher unit no luck can anyone help?
At idle, the motor has a thump when the pistons fire. Sounds like a piston misfire. The engine light may be something else.
I have a 1995 Mercury Cougar XR7 (V8), last night it stalled out at a stop light and I had to get it towed because every time I got it started I tried to put it in drive and th rpms just dropped to zero. About an hou...
The alarm system goes off by itself randomly
In the Hayne's repair manual for this car it says that the lower ball joints aren't replacable and that the entire lower arm will need to be replaced! I went to 2 different auto parts stores and neither of them have t...
replaced battery alternator mega fuse on firewall still not charging. took alt back off took to check it is ok.
air conditioner blows hot all the time
engin will turn over but will not start
engine will turn over but will not start, not firing
it rattles when i have the car in drive or reverse and i am stopped but as soon as i start to push the gas it stops. also when i start to go it often makes a thumping sound
Attempting to install the ribbed belt. I have the alternator loosened up,but the belt is still 1/2 inch shart. WHat else do I need to loosen
Where do I put power steering fluid in? I don't know where the hole is for it under the hood.
When I brake to take a turn (mostly sharp turns) there's a loud clunk and the car veers to the right or left (depending on which way I'm turning). I've replaced brakes and calipers but the problem continues. By the wa...
I had not been having any problems with the fan in my car one day while driving sown the road I had the AC cranking really well and the fan just stopped dead no noise or anything could it be something else than having...
my idle jumps up just a few notches when I start the car and can this be due to the idle not being set correctly
my car temperature gage is pointing to the middle of the arch. is that normal?
I bought this car used about a month ago, my second Cougar. I love this car, the engine runs great, but when I bought it, the fuse box panel was gone. I need to know what fuses go to what, and I have no idea. Pleas...