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took to local small town dealer, doesn't have proper tester for the electronics. is there something simple here, any idea what might cause this?
motor is good. feels like cable is off lower plastic wheel. it may have a rough spot in it. what would i have to do to put cable back on wheel or replace cable. thank you
Have a check engine light but cant find the datat port. Ive read that its on the fire wall in the engine compartment but cant find an OBD 1 plug. Any other way to check for the code and clear it? Thanks
91 mercury capri starts and idles smooth but spontaneously dies while driving. Could these be a tranny sensor or solenoid? Inertia switch? Intake? Computer not giving codes
need to replace the 100 amp fuse for alternator and cannot find location of said fuse....have looked all over engine compartment
1992 Mercury Capri Automatic Transmission, naturally aspirated, 1.6
ignition has a censor that i want to bybass. ineed my car ton get to work, but i can not afford a new key
He changed the alt shorted the wires now the car wont start.It"s getting spark and getting gas to the engine,I thought it was the computer , changed it but it still wont start. Is their a fuseable link in their somewh...
the check engine light comes on and the vehicle stalls at idle, when in neutral or in gear