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im using an impact wrench, still cant get puller off
The car idles fine, runs well on level ground at constant speed, but when I need more acceleration, such as going up a hill or accelerating quickly, it shudders and lurches forward, and I can't get enough power. One ...
My automatic windows will not roll back up. I think I popped a fuse. is this an easy fix? what amp or voltage do I need? any advise? thanks.
If memory serves me right they said it was the hydro carbons and that it barely failed. They told me to add a fuel additive and bring it back but it didn't pass again but it was closer. The car had been sitting in a...
Hoked battery up backwards.then replaced main fuse. When you put key in run position and the check engine light comes on, it wil start. Turn off and turn key back to run and light doent come on and no start. The car w...
first gear shifter arm came loose, broken, couldn't shift. when car was towed and rolled off tow truck I think that clutch was not engaged because now something underneath, attached to shifter is also broke. what coul...
1991 mecury capric keeps shutting down. has a new fuel pump and ignition modual , runs a minute or so then stalls out again. wait awhile and it starts up and shuts off
have changed the belt and battery and still has the same problem, sometimes the light is dim.
when you pull off the plug wires while its running the first and second have no effect the third and fourth make it stall, there is spark to all cyliunders and good compression, also getting fuel, any help please
when the car is in gear it starts moving but the transmission will not shift
My car starts but dies immediately once I release the ignition switch
can u bring it forward a little to close gap?
car wont run it turns over fine. you prime the motor it will run then dies
Car will not start, most of the time, when it does it will shut off on you or wont start again. It is getting spark and there is lots of pressure in the fuel line. The inertia switch in the back is also ok. Any tho...
I can't keep at idle it just stalls out. It runs smooth at 2000 RPMs and above
The belt keeps looks like the alternator pulley is not properly aligned.
dose anybody know where i can get a flow chart that shows the rpm breakdown per speed
what is the max rpm i should be putting out at 70 mph
Changed Fuel Filter. Car was running fine before changing filter. Checked Relay switch. It is in the correct position. Can hear the pump turn on when I try to crank the car. The car just won't crank.
Can you replace just the rear window on the soft top/convertible roof on a Mercury Capri
my 93 merc capri wouldnt start, somebody told me to press the reset button in the trunk.I did now it wont even turn over..PLEASE HELP!!
Intermittently I have a screaching noise when driving. Just when I think it won't stop it does. Happens whether the engine is cold or hot. Usually when shifiting gears.
My capri when put in drive cuts off,runs fine in neutral and reverse,i was told the tcm transmission control module may need replacing.Where would the tcm be located.
my car wont start in cold weather only in warm weather
When the alternator went bad, the belt had to be replaced. About a week after the belt has been replaced, the car belt squeels when starting and the battery guage drops to low then goes back up to high. Then afte...
i have 1991 capri that was sitting up every time i drive it cut off it drive ok on the freeway but arrown town it cut off what could it be