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dose anybody know where i can get a flow chart that shows the rpm breakdown per speed
what is the max rpm i should be putting out at 70 mph
Changed Fuel Filter. Car was running fine before changing filter. Checked Relay switch. It is in the correct position. Can hear the pump turn on when I try to crank the car. The car just won't crank.
Can you replace just the rear window on the soft top/convertible roof on a Mercury Capri
my 93 merc capri wouldnt start, somebody told me to press the reset button in the trunk.I did now it wont even turn over..PLEASE HELP!!
Intermittently I have a screaching noise when driving. Just when I think it won't stop it does. Happens whether the engine is cold or hot. Usually when shifiting gears.
My capri when put in drive cuts off,runs fine in neutral and reverse,i was told the tcm transmission control module may need replacing.Where would the tcm be located.
my car wont start in cold weather only in warm weather
When the alternator went bad, the belt had to be replaced. About a week after the belt has been replaced, the car belt squeels when starting and the battery guage drops to low then goes back up to high. Then afte...
i have 1991 capri that was sitting up every time i drive it cut off it drive ok on the freeway but arrown town it cut off what could it be
Hi I have a 94 Capri that has had an overheating problem since I bought the car. It has the radiator new hoses, new water pump, replaced. Drive it for 20-30-even 40 minutes with out stopping and it is fine. Stop on...
I don't know if i have a fan problem, (don't know when they should come on) It also seems I have one on the outside of the radiator, and one inside. Do they have relays, is there a place I can go to find a wiring dia...
But it still wont run. What would keep the injectors from working? Ive changed the computer and the external ignishon modgel that dident help. it is getting spark and getting fuel atleast whyle i crank it, I can pore ...
Were is the fuel pump rely on this car? Should the fuel pump run just in the run will pump fuel when i crank the car to start it but with the key in the on pushition it womt punp fuel I dont have a book o...
He changed the alt shorted the wires now the car wont start.It"s getting spark and getting gas to the engine,I thought it was the computer , changed it but it still wont start. Is their a fuseable link in their somewh...
Ignition coil replaced , distributer cap and rotor and still not getting spark
the check engine light comes on and the vehicle stalls at idle, when in neutral or in gear
My car turns over but wont start. I've replaced the distributor cap, spark plugs and wires, the coil, fuel injectors, and a few other things. what could cause it not to turn over.
My 1991 stoles on the road driving it,and wont restart,it happened twice.after bean towed to a garage and off the tow truck it started,it ran good for one day and did the same thing.Noboty can fiend the problem ?The c...
keep cuting off at stop light and stop sing
the car try to star but will not turn over
Where is the Transmission oil check/fill bolt located on the '92 Mercury Capri 2.3 Liter non turbo engine?
how do i know whether my break fluid is leaking from my master cylinder or my power break booster. I have brought my car to 2 mechanics and they both say well its your master cyliner and your power break booster im li...
how to remove left front fender.
where is the motor located that opens the heats doors. So heat can blow in the car