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Is this dealership repair? How much time and money involved?
tank to engine. A hose is missing from the tank to valve and am unavle to complete smog test for evac emission with out it
I just purchased a Mercury 2006 Mariner SUV not even a week ago. Just yesterday in driving home the check engine light comes on and system states check emissions system. What does this mean? The was purchased ASIS ...
The light's don't come when it gets dark sometimes they do.
My mechanic changed the fuel pump already. While trying to start it, it turns but just don't start.
When I turn the air control switch to any position defrost, feet, vent ac they all work except just blows out hot air. even with the cold hot switch on cold.
Replaced ignition module, cap & rotor, spark plugs, alternator, water temp sensor, battery, voltage regulator and car still looses spark usually after heating up. I ran the spark test light on it & thats how I found o...
There is a loud noise in my dash when i first take off in my car and only lasts about 4 minutes then its gone, what is it.
it moves a lot and the battery is not charging
WHY won't MY Windows work and the locks wont work either
A clacking noise occurs in the rear end when applying brakes at low speeds, and It happens almost every time if car is moving under 20 mph.
Sounds like chirping or tapping under the hood. It continues even after I turn off the engine and only stops when i open the door.
Need to know if it is safe to splice the wire harness that runs to the ac compressor? Wanting to add some more slack to wire harness to make it long enough to fit inside the housing.Thanks!