After driving the car I always see coming from the bottom driver side of the engine

the sway bar bushings broke and need to be replaced

how to change pinion bearing and seal

Hi. Anyone know which fuse or circuit breaker is for the rear wiper? My rear wiper quit and I want to check fuse before looking at more expensive options.

Noise from front end when turning steering wheel.

My driver side power seat recliner will not recline I hear the noise but no movement the seat does go back and forth but does not recline any quick fixes???

Will a 90 model transmission from behind the same 2.3 Tempo engine fit in my 94 Topaz

the car just start skipping

where is the egr valve located on the 2004 monterey, and do you have an engine diagram?

car starts but when shift to gear have no gears s

Connected the new actuator, but would not move the blend door arm. Door works OK,and manually moves to heat or A-C. Control module shows codes 024, 025, and 051. Tried to reset the controller, but to no avail. Help?

I ran out of gas, and when i put gas in it it still wont start. I checked and its has no spark. Do i have to do something to get it running again?

My car stopped on me a few days ago. Has a major knocking noise in the engine. A mechanic told me that there was some sort of leak in the engine. There was not any oil in the engine when he looked.

Will I have to purchase a brand new engine for the vehicle? In all how much would it cost for labor and for the engine?

Can you replace just the rear window on the soft top/convertible roof on a Mercury Capri


My car is actually a 1989 but wasn't given the option to select that. I need to replace front and rear motor mounts. Is it possible to do this myself without going crazy or tearing up the car? Have been looking online for instructions of any kind but haven't been able to find anything.

When the air conditioner is on and i give accelator to the car the air of air conditioner comes on to the feet and not from the front panel.

my motor makes noise from the lifters ,moter does not have any power to take car over any hill

need to know where heater fanspeed resistor is located, my fan only runs on high speed not 2 and 3

i have a 1995 grand marquie... i can turn the stearing wheel to the right effortlessly ....when i make a left turn tho i have no power stearing at all.Fluid is clean and full.

i am replacing the head gaskets on the driver side of my 2002 mountaineer will i need to get new head bolts

How do you replace the turning signal

a/c blows cold then no cold sets a few min and then will blow cold again ,full charge no pressure reading problems, intermit operation

starts, idles then dies

ive already gave it atune up, checked injectors feul press at 31psi plus installed a maf,egr and cleaned t-body. allso tried to retrieve codes but scanner just wouldnt pullthem

my truck lock and door locks dong work, do u think its a actuator that needs replacement?

Do I need to drop fuel tank to gain access to the fuel pump? Where can I find the access point?

im in buckeye az. and i have a crack all the way acrossed my windshield so i need to replace it where do i go?

after driving on the highway for 40 mins or so my car will stall. it will turn over but wont start. after the car cools down (about 30 to 40 mins) it will start back up again. is there some kind of sensor that might be heating up and telling the car's computer to turn off the ignition system?