would u know where to find this sensor on the intake

shakes in the morning the first crank then cuts off then its fine

It happens all the time specially if I stop suddenly, no Mechanic seems to know what the problem is.

The windshield wipers stopped working as did the washer fluid spray. Checked the switch but that does not seem to be the problem.

how to change a air bag module?

climate control inop,no ground to turn on.

This is probably a California thing.
there is a tube about half inch wide (Ext)about 12 " long from intake to "can" located under battery. This tube is broken.
Does anybody know what its called??? or have a part #

was driving n out of blue shifter did not want to go in gear it finally did and drove bit more til nxt red light then the gear went in fine but when press on gas it woulnt go, just winde out, help

Sat in driveway for 10 minutes trying to get the thing in reverse. Felt like it was locked and couldn't move it without breaking something. Went with a super-quick motion and got it to reverse...signs for concern? It's also not very smooth when changing gears. (Feel a new transmission might be coming)

Six times since we purchased four months ago, the engine has shutoff in the exact same spot (1.5 miles from the house). Coast into a parking lot, wait about two minutes and starts right back up. No issues any other time! Electronics stay on, lose power-steering, no check engine light to get code from. Mechanic replaced alternator and ignition switch, problem still happening. Called around to local dealers and mechanics...all clueless about what could be causing this issue. 87,000 mi

My car shut off today..I started it back up then I put the car in drive!It felt like someone hit me from the back...Then it started to grind very loud when ever I put it in drive.The car starts but will not move forward at all...So how much will it cost to have it fixed????

I replace the intake manifold on my car, now when I start it up it runs ruff. the idle is low. I checked all hoes and connections but when I try to drive it it runs like it wants to turn off. any help is good

need to know where the computer is location

i had the steering column change i had lock smith to make my same key work into that new lock but now my trun signal don,t work neither the harzard lights and the horn do not work

How much does it cost to purchase a shifter cable?

1989 Mercury Tracer station wagon. 1.6L fuel injected engine with A/T. Has 188K miles.The car has an intermittent starting problem. Some days starts immediately, next day just cranks and cranks and won't start. When it starts, it runs good. I have replaced the battery, distributor (incl cap & button), ignition module, and ignition coil all in the past 45 days thinking the intermittent starting problem might be electrical. It might be a fuel problem, but fuel pump is inside gas tank -- too technical for me. This is a great value for someone who can diagnose the intermittent starting problem and fix it.

the years only went back to 1990. even thought its an old make I just really need sum insight on this problem. thank you

Every time i am driving there is a clicking noise coming fromrear end, only when driving a certain mile per hour. There is a problem with the transmission shifting as well. The check engine light is on saying no oil. but i have checked and there is oil in the car. why is it saying there is no oil? I have been driving it for at least 6months this way but feel it will not last much longer

When I turn my car on, it just turns back off. And when I press on the gas white smoke just comes out from it. Now i don't even want to turn it on. And when your driving it, it doesn't pick up speed when you press on the gas. It also makes some weird noise that comes from the rear driver side. It did this like a week ago now. I took it to autozone and they told me the EGR might be blocked, and they just said to clean it good. So I did, but it still did not work and I took it back over there they just sucked the EGR Part and said that it was working perfectly. I really need some help with it.

Where is the heater valve located on the car.

Looking to see an approximate cost for a 1996 Grand Marquis 100,000 mile engine inspection, complete tune up and diagnostics.

When driving the front vibrates when you let off the gas it stops.

when i rev up the engine and let off the gas pedal real quick it dies. otherwise it seems to run okay.

I have a broken front suspension coil what is the estimate to replace this?

How do you access the upper bushing nut to remove the shock absorber?

I cracked the tail light lens. Nothing is actually broken, there is just a "spider web" type of crack on the clear lens. Can the lens be removed so I can use a repair kit, and if so, how? I've searched for replacement lenses, but only whole tail light assemblies are available. This is why I'm afraid it may not be possible to remove it. Thanks very much.

My Merc is coming up to 100,000 mi. I need to change the spark plugs, it has the factory plugs in it. What should I go back with? I consider myself a "shade tree" mechanic, can I do this?

I'm getting a wobbling like the rear tires arent balanced, i kno i need to change the brakes in the rear, but could this be the cause? Also how hard is it to change the rear pads and rotor, i did the fronts, but it looks like there is a little bit more things to disassemble. thanks in advance.

I have a 2005 Mercury Monrego Premier AWD w/ the CVT transmission. I have owned it for 5000 miles. I love the car and had no problems until I started it one night and had only idle, no acceraltion or would it shift into gear. The check transmission light came on. After several tries my husband got it to go into gear if he shifted while turning the ignition switch to start. We then could put in in reverse or drive but it wouldn't go much over 30-35 mph. We have had it to a dealer with no results other than telling us they put in a different transmission for $5600 and no guarantees that that is the absolute problem. We now have it at a transmission specialist who is trying to figure it out. My personal belief it that it is some kind of sensor or electrical issue. It's been 1 month since this all started and still no answers or car to drive!!

I had to take my Mercury Milan in and they said the thermostate needed replaced and would take about 2 hrs. That was 2 days ago and still not fixed because they said thermostate located at bottom of engine and hard to bleed the air off , What is wrong here?

Fuel cutoff light is on and car will not start.