drivers side shoulder seat belt does not retract anymore

I backed into a huge tree (probably at about 10 mph) which resulted in screwing up the alignment of the trunk and the tail lights. It's not really visible if I don't point it out, but it's bad. There's a dent by the gas tank, as well. It's basically like I crunched the back in. It knocked off the license plate. That's about it. Thanks so much. Paula Baker (new driver).

i have taillights and the blinkers work...But i have no brake lights... Yes i have even changed the bulbs and checked the fuses...

the front end wheels make a loud clicking sound and sounds like the tires are rubbing which makes the truck shake at any speed.

Blower motor stays on high spd regardless of setting.

blower motor on high speed at all times, have removed fuse to shut off. Ive been advised by a mechanic it is located under the hood and is separate from the control behind the glove box.

I have a 2000 mercury sable with a 3.0 V-6 engine and after driving for a while my low coolant light comes on but my resovoir is full and you can feel the coolant going thru the hoses when it is hot.

How do you remove the nut that holds the rear wheel hub assembly in place? I couldn't even get mine to budge with a socket and breaker bar. When I started tearing the nut apart I found that it's really 4 separate nuts held together by an outside cover thing. The last piece absolutely will not come off!!! What am I doing wrong?? The car has Disk Brakes in the rear not Drum.

what is the best way to replace soft plugs on 3.0 engine

Is the transmission sealed or how do I check the fluid level

How do you change the gear selector on the transmission, It is worn out and will not shift into all gears

consistently water is shooting out of the back side of motor near firewall about midway of the motor. are there any water valves or heat gauge in that area?could it possibly be a head gasket?

Had to replace Temp. control actuator & disconnected Pos.& Neg. cables, not realizing that was supposed to just disconnect Neg. only til after done repairing ..when first reconnected & tried to start, just clicked like battery was dead. Tried to boost it off & now it won't do nothing but make a ticking noise coming from fuse panel under dash.. no dash lights or nothing will come on, except interior lights flicker with ticking noise..NEED HELP PLEASE ???????

What is the location of the blower motor resistor. car has climate control. Fan stays on high all the time.

My car was not starting a few months ago and it would start to turn over but never actually start. We took it to a shop and the replaced the fuel filter and changed the oil (because I flooded it by starting it 50 times) and it started working. It worked fine for 2 months and started having the same issue a week ago. I only started it 3 or 4 times this time. When the tow truck showed up to take it to the shop again it started (about 2 days after trying to start it). Once started it runs fine. It still starts 3 days later like no problems. I was getting a 0430 error which is the bank 2 cat or the o2 sensors but that it no long showing as a code now that the car is starting. I am wondering if the cat is hollowed out and causing flooding or if it is just the o2 sensors. Any thoughts?

my 96 mercury villager is leaking fluid and when i go to start the car it makes a craanky sound then shuts off. my break battery and oil light show..please help me..and if i do need to see a mechanic how much should this cost??

My brake pedal seen to go almost to the floor when I'm stopping. I' ve had the shoes & pads replaced, which did not fix the problem. Now they're saying I need new front & read calipers for $800. Does this sound right, and will it fix my problem.

My 2001 Mercury Sable V6 appears to me to have 2 PCV valves, one on the top of each valve cover. Each of these things is attached by a rubber hose to the intake air flow.
Am I looking at the wrong things? Does this car have 2 PCV valves?

What is cost to replace front brake pads and rotors?

Engine light came on. A readout says it is a temperature sensor or
dashboard temperature unit.

after new brakes were installed. car makes a noise and pedal acts like antilock brakes are on when turning to the right?

Disconnected the radio to do some work on it. Connected back. At time to start the car on, the accelerated went very
low almost to nothing.

when driving the car is all over the road ball joints are new and one inner tie rod

fm radio and 2 program buttons don't work. Any way to fix I can repair them?


Can you detach the fuel line from the fuel rail without the compresion tool?

my 99 grand marquis stays in first gear. the tranmission fluid is good. what should i do.

where is the dimmer switch located

So i have brake lights but no lights in the back and no dash lights and no fuse diagram

wipers only work on high speed 2001 grand marque