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I've been able to find replacement ICM's for this car, from $80 - $230, but I don't have a clue where to find it on the car. Anyone know (please be very specific)? Note this is the V6.
when driving it acts like its missfiring
Ran rough. Found water around plug 1, changed all plugs. OK. Still have codes. Put 12v to the pump, works fine. Check diverter by sucking on hose,can hear it open/close. Put 12v on the solenoid, works fine. No blo...
my speedometer keeps going out how do i repair this problem
this has just happened recently- the gearshift is locked- I have anti lock brakes
Any ideas of what could be causing a rubbing sound when I turn? No, it's not the tires rubbing on the wheel well although that's pretty much what it sounds like. I've been told "It's your front ball joints" and "It'...
what fuse is for the lighter
the machanic said the power steering pump is leaking and needs to be replaced. I do not feel any diffence in the steering
is the mercury tracer engine a non interference or interference?
Recently my 'check engine' light came on. A couple days it quit burning. Is my car safe to drive?
Shifting fine, lately when accelerating from stop it, sounds much loader. Not sure if this a transmission problem or if it is in the exhaust. Any others with the problem. No transmission oil leaks anywhere.
Electronics (radio, fan, dash instruments, lights) go crazy while driving, sometimes to the point of stopping the engine. Happened occasionally over past 3 months. Replaced the battery yesterday and it started doing...
car is a 95. how to replace the heater core. heard its an extensive job
I have no brake lights, i have checked all fuese an every thing seems to but fine. Where do I go from here?
When I make a stop, it appears that the transmission does not go into gear unless I step on the accelerator and then the car jumps into gear.
Engine light came on sunday, had goodyear order new pump and installed it Friday. now in the morning and when I let the car sit for some time it is very difficult to start. The engine, oil and battery lights stay on...
code po526 in memory low pressure switch low input no ground to ac clutch clutch relay good dash control or pcm?
My headlights dont work if i pull the blinker forward they come on but only in brights sometimes they will work on there own i cannot get them to come on by using the switch on the dash. What could be the problem?
my car sometime loses power while driving, i will be driving on the freeway at 60mph then it loses power and drops down to 40mph,while still having my foot on the gas petal help
My Car Is Skippin An It Skips Eveyday When I Drives It.
Where do I put transmission fluid in at?
The key is stuck in the ignition of my 2006 Mercury Milan. A person in a small local shop told me I need to have the "tumblers" replaced which would require the steering column be removed. He said I would need to ta...
Rubbing/scrubbing sound @ left tire, esp when wheel is turned.
just started out of the blue turn off overdrive and works ok 1,2,3rd ok
when installing thermostat where should the old ring go....before or behind the thermostat???????
car doesn't not pass smog, these are codes that came up. when i did a diagnostic engine code 181,117 &214
I have a 2000 Merc-Mystique that has water dripping out of the plentium and on to the floor mat, passenger side. I Have ran a wire up into the drip hose for the air conditioner, and water does flow out, but still ther...
There is a little door that swings one way when the heat is on and the other way when the air is on. My door is stuck on the heat side. We are roasting.
i think the power steering pump went out but iam not sure because it will work some times and other times it wont does any one know what the problem mite be? plz help its a ford.