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i Would like to know where is the transmission vacuum on this car located

my brake lights not working. i replaced the brake light switch and it still not working. i was told it might be the wiring. do anyone no how much it will cost to get it fix?

Randomly the Info/odometer display on the dashboard is dim and I cannot read the odometer or info. Tried the dimmer control and turning headlights on and off. They have no effect on increasing the brightness. Randomly Info/odometer will display in full brightness.

Why wont my transmission engage when I can hear it change.fluid is fine?

when trying to put heat or air on floor there is none comes out the front or on floor....defrost works all the time tho...

I have 1999 Grand Marquis and I think the engine coolant has leaked out. I heard this was a common problem with that model. Does anyone know what are the symptoms or costs to repair?

where is the camshaft position sensor located at on my 2003 mercury sable 3.0 v6

My merc has 97,000 miles on it. It runs good except for when the outside ambiant temperature is above 70. Then it runs rough and sputters, especially between 50-60 mph. If i give it gas it takes off, and doesn't do it when it is cooler. i plan on getting new plugs at 100,000. Could it be anything else. No engine lights, or other warning lights are on.

How hard is it to replace the rear transaxle mount on a 94 topaz 2.3 4 cylinder w/automatic

There was no diagnostic code I put the car in drive then in reverse and it just died there was no working lights nothing the system just died all at once with no warning whatsoever.

does this require replacement of antifreeze?

Where the actual vent for the car by the windshild wipers?

Please include all details and any tips, would be greatly appreciated. They got down to the 3 bolts behind the wheel, but couldn't reach, it seems like the axel has to come off first? Is this a job that can be done in the driveway?

96 Grand Marquis Horn Problem -- One horn has been working, the other not. I cleaned and tightened all electrical connectors and checked the horn relay for operation. All Ok, but still had only one horn. a couple of hours later the second horn stopped working. I swapped in another good relay with no luck. Does anyone have an idea or suggestion about this?

just need to reset auto lock code

hesitation when starting to accelerate it wants to fall on its face and then picks back up. I have already replaced the fuel pump and everything was doing fine and now I'm having this problem. This occurs after I let the car warm up for a few minutes and sometimes it happens when I'm making left and right turns then it want to spit sputter and jump, then I accelerate heavy and it goes away.

door key pad lights up on its own then dome light comes on every 3 to 5 minutes causing battery to drain

The cruise was working , but I had to push on button twice to make it come on . Now it doesn't come on at all ,checked fuses&wiring and found nothing visably wrong.

when driving dashbard cluster disapers battery- engen dies replace battery yesterday had all engen dianastic done at delear ship it showed all in standerd working order put the car stoped on the interstate today now what?

My car has white smoke coming out of tail pipe when i pull off

Have new motor but cables need replacing.

motor is good and fuse is good is there a relay or resister that could be problem and where is it located

blower motor is good and fuse is good could it be a relay or resister and where are they located

When I start my car, it idles between 2000-3000rpm. This happened a couple of times before, but then went back to normal for about 2-3 weeks and now is doing it again. What is causing this?


how difficult of a procedure is it to remove the headlight assembly

Check engine light came on, a new egr valve was replace after clearing the code vacuum is acceptable, car runs for a day but flashes a code again for in-sufficient egr. flow.what is the solution?

When I start to go up a hill and i hold the gas steady my car starts to shake really bad. But when I accelerate or let off the gas it stops. The transmission is fine so it's not that. Not sure about any of the mounts though. Would anyone know why it would do that?

how to reset "oil change required" message after serviced.

We replace head gasket and the head warp. We fix all that now it wont start. It cranks but sometime its hard to start.