Can you detach the fuel line from the fuel rail without the compresion tool?

my 99 grand marquis stays in first gear. the tranmission fluid is good. what should i do.

where is the dimmer switch located

So i have brake lights but no lights in the back and no dash lights and no fuse diagram

wipers only work on high speed 2001 grand marque

The speedometer and rpm gauge do not move/work. Fuel and Temp gauges work normal. Cruise control still works. Have to idea how to troubleshoot.

wipers only work on high speed

when the car warms up i get a howling in the middle of the motor sounds like a air leak but i checked all the vacums and there good could it be the intake gaskets it will only do it when it wants

Where can I find the keyless entry code? Send pictures.

should I drive with over drive off or on?

coolant light stays on temp gauge shoots up instantly, car has been checked by two different shops and they say they cant find anything wrong, car stalls at stop lights, smells hot but fluids all full. just had speedometer and cable replaced

To whom it may concern;

The drivers side window on my 98 Mercury Mystique rolls down half and inch only. It sounds like it is getting stuck on something. I removed the panel and the motor is attached to a cable system that I am not familiar with. How do I go about removing the cable system, motor, etc... is there a break down illustration that you could send me or anything that you have to show me will be greatly appreciated!!! thankyou in advance!


the small spare tire makes the computer go crazy and smoke comes from around the wheel. What is the problem? It workes fine when I put the regular size tire back on.

my child proof locks are sticking? no matter if its up or down the door will not open. what should i do?

want to know how much it would cost me a new engine and to install it

had a timing chain repair & when I FINALLY received the mountaineer back(it took them 2 wk-had to get a special mounting tool & then ANOTHER special mounting tool) the RPMs were out of wack (lower than usual),they did not due an alignment& steering is off(have to drop front axle to remove engine to replace timing chains/belts) I hear a thunk every now & then & when de-accelerating there is a whine to the engine. You can almost hear the engine surging/misfiring. Take it back & they say one of the RPM sensors had come unplugged & the thunk is the sway bar bolt broken. How can a sensor get "unplugged" & can the sway bar get broken when lowering/raising the engine back in after the timing chain repair? drove w/mechanic& he agrees slight misfiring-states old plugs (original)& hears whine when slowing. RPMs dropped AGAIN - sensor fall out AGAIN? they can't look at/repair til monday-state OK to drive til then. I don't have faith in their repair at this point.Can anyone out there reassure me or are they grasping? They charged me $2900 total($300 over their estimate) & charged me for an oil change to boot.when I state had to be done anyway due to oil pan being removed for repair, they state could have added to the labor & not itemized.

What does it mean when the check engine light comes on? It has 114,500 miles

What is the cost range (parts and labor) to replace a belt tensioner on a 1996 Mercury Sable.

Engine started to miss all of a sudden. Check engine light came on. Garage said code indicated #3 cylinder mis-firing. So far replaced: 1. All plugs, 2. All wires, 3. Both coil packs, #3 Fuel Injector. Still Nothing. Help!!! Can't just keep changing parts out.

My C.E.L. is on and I need new brakes, tires, struts and maybe a mass air flow sensor or an 02 sensor. where is the best place to take the car for a good price and a good job?

What needs done to remove the heater core from my car. It needs replacement and need to expert way to get at it.

My fuel gauge is not working. Fuses are fine, gauge is stuck on empty.

what is the process to replace spark plugs in 2003 Merc Marauder?

What is the proceedure for changing the
Spark Plugs on 2003 mercury Marauder?

how can i found out what is wrong with driver side power seat that just stopped working all at once?

como puedo cambiar luces de los tableros

How much should it cost to replace a radiator in a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

installed engine...
no oil preasure

I need to know where the fuse for the ALS sensor is located