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during cruise the wiper will come on without touching the control and will not stop until the fuse is removed and then for a short time it works normal then start once again it will come on without touching the control.

the air-conditioner automatic control will not change back from the defroster mode to normal air=conditioner. The air-contitioner works fine but will not come thru the normal vents.

when driving down the highway no rain the windshield wiper will come without touching the control and will not go off until the 30 amp fuse is removed.

how long will this job take

car has 102,000 plus miles and an automatic trans. any time i drive at speeds over 40 the engine rpm falls aprox 200-300 rpm momentarily and then goes back to where it was. it happens every 10 seconds like clockwork, and the rpm always falls then returns. this causes the transmission to jerk fairly hard. autozone obd II code reader shows po190 ( fuel rail pressure regulator circuit). the fuel pressure regulator is all plastic with three wires attached, 1 fuel line and 1 vac mounts at the end of the fuel rail in line on the passenger side of engine. chilton manual, oreilys, autozone all show an all steel one with no wires attached.i unplugged the connector and started the engine, it ran rough. i bought a factory wire diagram for contour/mystique it doesnt show this part or the wires. ive tried driving with the o/d off, the cruise control on.ive pulled out the air cond relay,no change. checked the wiring on iac valve and several grounds for the pcm as well as engine grounds. checked igniton coil, primary was ok. secondary coils checked 11.2 ohms, should be 11.8-13.2.i unplugged the coil capacitor, changed fuel filter and put a new strainer in fuel tank, checked the plugs. they are the correct double platinum and gapped properly. car runs fine otherwise except starter cranks slow and on cold days it may take a couple tries to start it . after car is warm starts fine. this is my 16 yr old daughters car and i need it to be dependable for her. any help is appreciated.

I need to know torque specs. and sequence for 2.5 v6

i open the cap for my engine coolant and there is oil in it.but there is no oil coming out of the hoses when i flushed them

When i start the car it runs good but when i shift it into drive from park or reverse from park it shuts off and i dont know whats wrong

When I push on the gas the oil leaked out more. My car will start but it will not move. the leaking is coming from the driver side.

my transmission is running hot, what is wrong?

I was wondering what could be the problem with my AC not blowing as strong or as cold as when I first bought it. What the cost should be, etc.

Changed Fuel Filter. Car was running fine before changing filter. Checked Relay switch. It is in the correct position. Can hear the pump turn on when I try to crank the car. The car just won't crank.

Have been unable to add fuel even though the gauge says empty. Do I have to remove tank to find truble or what could the problem be?

my air was blowing out of the vents i selected, today it was stuck on the defrost vent select

is there a rack on the 2001 grand marquis?

...Has happened a couple times.This time had been sitting 3 months, started right up but next day just cranks. Tried to charge battery it fuel pump or what

Would a leak in the heating coil cause this?

I had a mouse get into the vehicle firewall during the winter and have a bad smell whenever I use the heater or defroster. Where do I locate the cabin air filter?

Was driving my van it was fine then at store would not go into reverse.Then i got home and a lot of fluid came out from under the driver side. What can be wrong?

I turned the car off in my driveway and it will not start, but the rear lights are blinking and when you are sitting inside car you can hear a ticking sound that doesn't cease.

After driving at interstate speeds of 65-70 for a while my car wants to idle at 2000 rpm. you can drive around town at normal speed a day or so and it goes back to naomal idle.

I have a coolant leak at a crack in the intake manifold at the top-front of the 4.2(maybe 4.6?)Liter engine. The leak stopped when I put in a stopleak "mud" and held through the winter. Then it leaked after a 3500 mile trip coating the engine with a fine-coating of fine mud/dust. (I have a competent mechanic for whom I had the engine compartment pressure washed ... the motor is clean like new. The engine runs good.) What will it cost to flush the coolant and mud, then replace the intake manifold and refill coolant?

While coming to a stop after driving the 45 miles to work, my mariner dies. If I break with my left foot and give a little gas as I slow down, I can kee it running. Once I'm stopped, its fine. Doesn't do it while driving around town. Only after that long drive at 70 mph.

Does the overdrive suppose to be on when driving daily and how do you no when its own or off.

the box at the rear of the block which holds freon busrt shooting freon,what is it called so I can repair or replace

driver side window works but passenger window and back windows do not

my sable seems to be miss firing

What is the fluid dripping from the left rear side behind the tire?

battery icon lite up then slowing the needle starting
moving down. by the time i got home the car went out
after a few minutes i was able to start car again but
waiting to see what is wrong before i use it. would it be
battery or alternator?

My car will turn over but no spark from the plugs