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We replaced the caliper on the front passenger side of the van a few weeks ago and I noticed when we bled the brakes that the rotor was spinning freely. I was wondering why this coulod be happening and what I can do t...
this unit was replaced in june. the hoses tighted and now the antifreeze in blowing all over my car. The cap is on but will not tighten. Help has the reservoir gone bad agin.
when you remove battery it blows cold till you turn car off
engine stumbles when accellerating on the freeway.
How do u time the crankshaft timing with the camshaft timing when changing the timing belt?I think mine is off because my engine idles rough.Want to change the belt but not sure how.Thanks
Why my cougar 1999 is overheating if the water pump and fans works properly, it doesn't have thermostat, radiator is clean. Also when the temp. gets half way the water gets out of the water container and the cap is new
After starting the car (sometimes takes a longer crank to start), the engine lights ( ABS, brakes, engine trouble light) stay on all the time. Sometimes, the window will not go down and the digital display window wil...
My car rpm is constantly skipping everytime i drive what is the problem?
im not sure what is wrong my husband thinks the compressor. a couple days ago my air didnt blow out cold. then the car started making a loud clicking screeching noise. the noise isnt continous. well it makes it for a ...
I have a 1996 Grand Marquis and it is leaking fuel when tank is full. I think it is the rubber grommet where the neck enters the tank is bad. I need a step by step instructions on how to replace. Thanks
Need to know if investing in drive axle and attempting to replace it is worth it. Vehicle has 188,000 has been good to this point with exception of ABS going out.
recently had to replace both rear brake lines. after doing so and bleeding system, selector arm will not engage tranny even with foot on brake. also, no brake lights either though I'm sure switch is good. Any help?
do not know diagnostic code, how often, just bought it fromna private party and the digital speedmoeter does not work need to get it fixed but do not know where to start.
Every time I turn my windshield wipers off they go up and stay there instead of going down. What's going on
Hi. I replaced my rack and pinion in my 99 cougar and afterwords found out that you don't want the steering column to move when disconnected. Evidently it did because only after the rack and pinion replacement the air...
Had problems with dash lites tail lights , changed light switch everything ok with lights but now the battery lite on dash stays on, battery checks ok. There was a burnt wire on light switch could that be the problem...
What does a fan control module cost to repair?
what is the procedure to replace the heater core in a 95 mercury sable. thanks for all the help with this problem. michelle. I know the normal procedures for replacement but how involved actually is this job. how l...
do u know if 1998 mercury mystiques have anti-theft chips in the eys
I have a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer, and in the message center it alwas saying "Check Charging System" and the beeping sound goes off at the same time, it sometimes goes on constantly and the battery light is also on, a...
engine missing at idle and up hills when going slow. no warning lights. has 109,000 miles what could it be?
It has occured three times using after market parts, I think a new ford part would be better, the after market does not work as well as ford part the the car.
my car makes a shudder sound when going up hill? had tran flush last year and still makes shudder sound. is it the torque converter? and whats the cost?
replaced EGR valve.Check enging light stays on
the car was running but there was no accelaration or power and it did not hesitation now after shutting the engine off it wont start--there is spark/compression/fuel pressure/
non visible slow antifreeze loss
My A/C is blowing very hot air. What is my problem?
I need to know where to look on my vehicle to check the transmission, and can I add transmission fluid myself? Thanks J
parking lights ,dash lights, tail lights, brake lights don't work ,but head lights & turn lights work OK What could be the problem ? Checked all fuses all are OK Thanks
Light indicating door open (ajar) turns on while doors are closed, DVD player turns on itself, and back alarm does not work.