my mariner makes nois when brake is applied/usually from speeds over 30mph. I would call the noise a cranking noise. my friend Josh who can do all kinds of auto repairs and used to race cars and build his own engines, etc agreed about noise that it isnt a grinding noise but moreer of a cranking noise.I had him check front brake pads and rotors and both look like new he said. He also noted that it doesnt make the noise going in reverse which would also indicate that the noise isnt from bad pads or rotors. He thinks the noise is most likely due to the ABS system,,,,any thought or ideas would be great

i just had a tune up and when my brotherinlaw did it he gap the spark plug wrong so he fix that problem but i drove it for a week it started to hesitate again so we replace the coil now it runs good but i notice this morning it hesitate a little he said that the spark plug got burn a little because the first time he gap them was wrong do you think that could be the problem

How can I tell if I need power steering rack boots and, if so, is it an expensive repair?

i changed the oil but the light still comes on (theres knocking in the engine)

I need to know where the idle air control valve is located at in the engine compartment. Thank you.

How much does it cost to put a replacement side mirror back on my 2000 Sable? First time in my life I went through a carwash and it knocked it off right in front of my eyes. Carwash will get new mirror but will not pay to put it back on. How much does that cost and/or can I do it? I noticed wires are holding the broken on.

engine chirping drivers side it is not the belts

shop says oil pan drain plug is worn out, that next time i get an oil change (have 47000 miles on it now) i'll need a new oil pan drain plug. anyone else hear of this happening to them or others? i've never know that the oil pan drain plug could wear out in 50000 miles...................?

I cannot detect any problem. The mechanic tells me my power steering boots are torn???

Speedometer, horn, and cruise control have suddenly stopped oprerating. what has happened?

how do i put the rear window cable back somebody replaced the motor but i don't seewear the cable goes

I replaced the LCM in my 2003 Mercury GM. Now from tiome to time the car does the same thing as if my LCM were bad. I take the battery cable off, put back on and it all works fine for a while.

The nut that holds the harmonic balancer on is it normal threads or reverse threads

when i start engine rpm stay over 1100 for 30-65 sec then back down to 600-700 rpm or return to zero and engine shut off

engine check lioght on hard rep plugc wires coil still on compression check low comp in nr 5 cylinder approx cost to repair

The Van is running fine but the "Serive Engine Soon" light comes on.

The car was parked in driveway on a bit of an incline. When starting car I could not get it out of park - noticed that traction light stayed on and window indicated traction light on. I turned car off, did the brake thing, restarted car several times. Car has very low mileage..How can I get car out of park to move and get to a dealership or get rid of traction light?

Went to work this morning. Unlocked my doors using remote. When i came out from work, my rmeote unlocked the doors as usual. But, when I tried to open my driver door,it would not budge. I checked and it does show the doors unlocked. When I tried to use my key, it goes in but will not turn. So the door is unlocked, my key will not turn, and I still cannot open the door. All the other doors working fine.Any suggestions?

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Both low beam headlights do not come on only high beem if I hold the lever and I changed both bulb y won't the low beams work

i changed the air filter and now i have a wrench symbol and no throttle responce at all anybody got any help could i have dissconected the throtle cable sum how?

Cable slips off every time driven - Car runs till arrival
but will not restart - the cable has slipped off.
Have to push it back on and reset clock/radio/etc.
If it grounds while driving - could be serious. Dealer
Coudl'n care less - says not recalled.

Bird Chirp noise coming from serpentine belt side of car below 1000 rpm, after acceleration, noise can't be heard. Every time car is operated.

how much for a tune up for a 97 grand marquis

my 1993 villager died, so I listened fuel pump wasn't coming on so I replaced it. now when you turn on the key there is a continious clicking noise at the pump relay, so I changed that and still nothing and it's still clicking. Where should I go next I checked the fuel shutoff switch and it appears to be ok its down anyway.

I changed my heater core on my car......put everythin back and now the car doesnt want to start. I also changed the fuel filter and pump but that didn't solve the problem either.

Ac compressor is running but it's only blowing warm air. I don't think it's switching over. What can I do if anything.

After driving the car I always see coming from the bottom driver side of the engine

the sway bar bushings broke and need to be replaced

how to change pinion bearing and seal