any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks

Car tries to start but won't turn over. Instead there's 2-4 clicks from the steering column then have to turn the key all the way back and try again and after trying 2-3 times there is a melted plastic smell. I habe no ideas as to where to begin with fixing this issue.

Its Not the Gas Pressure Regulater.

the light stays on for a reason

need diargram and how to install info.

light has come on saying that

Error codes for mass air flow, knock sensor, temp sensor, all were fine before

The squealing is much louder and distinctly different than the common belt chirp. It's difficult to narrow down to the specific pulley just by listening to the squealing. Based on research, I'm guessing it's the idler pulley, but just wanted to educated opinions in order to avoid unnecessary time and money being used for things that aren't in need of repair.

My throttle light is visible on my dashboard. What is an estimate of a "throttle" repair? The jeep's gears are shifting slower. Difficulty gaining speed or momentum.

Water inside on passenger side but doesn't smell of antifteeze

does this switch light up when you turn on lights. do the seat position switches ( 1 & 2 ) lite at this time also in a 2008 mercury sable premier

Had my transmission looked at the fluid is clean a sensor replaced but it's still slipping the fluid is clean but it is shaking the whole truck I think it's something in the front end but people keep telling me the transmission is slipping love your phone and doesn't work right I would imagine the torque converters having trouble can you help me with this question

They will complete 1 wipe and get stuck in the up position, have to be manually pushed down.

The erratic idle is with a hissing sound on the back side of the upper intake manifold. Could this be a manifold vacuum leak?

went to go start my car this morning and turned wipers on after warmed up a little and the moved like and inch and made weird noise now that let car warm for awhile the drivers side wiper moves/works and passenger side does not and when touch it can feel it trying to turn stumped dont know what to do or how to get into it?

Hello, I have a Mercury Grand Marguis 1997. I have been having an issue with my door locks working intermittently. When they top working, the key fob does not work, the switches on the door do not work and the remote trunk release won't work. I could get it to work sometimes by mashing the buttons on the door over and over. I found out last week that when I mess with my power seat buttons, (they haven't worked except randomly for over 10 years) that is when the power locks stop working. What part could be going out. The power windows still have power and the power side mirrors still work.

Thank you,

there's been no signs of anything going out. all the sudden don't start. not battery, it don't jump start,nothing

and my break lights are not working I changed all my fuses and still nothing I brought the parts the auto shop said I needed just need to know how much it usually runs to get it fix

Hi, a couple days ago my driver door ajar displayed and it wont go away. Iv'e use some penetrating lubricant and slammed the door a few dozen times to no avail. Is there a fuse to check? maybe a relay? Or can someone point me in the direction of taking out the switch to replace it?

Thanks for any help