No crank no start just a clicking noise from starter once it starts it's fine till the next day

After putting a new starter in, why would just click a week later?

I have done everything under the sun but still get only warm. Thinking or going to change control valve to get more heat. The A/C condenser is white cold. I know it's to be cold but so cold it is frosted over?

The prior owner of the truck said that he put a starter on it and it was the wrong one so he had to order the correct one and when he got it and put it on the truck was just sitting up and it caused the computer to jump time or something but he said he was told that a test could be ran n they would start back

What tools to use, basically what do I need to do. I get no signal through the radio, the car wash ripped it off. I have a new one, just want to do things right without breaking anything.

I changed my brake pads and bled the lines and now the brakes are spongy and don't feel right when I press on the brake pedal.

When I start my car the hazard lights start flashing and I can't turn them off.

It has a bit of heat if it is set on lowest fan setting but really next to none. Checked fluid/antifreeze. It also does not seem to have normal fan strength compared to my other cars. If need to defrost and warm interior it would take an hour and not be much different

Why is my 07 mariner hybrid all over the road in rain/snow after an accident i had? I hit a guard rail a few weeks ago and had to change passenger side front tire, wheel, strutt, and tie-rod. It was a little loose afterwards (may have slightly bent a-frame) but nothing too drastic. Today when it started raining i couldn't keep it on the road over 25mph without losing control. It still reads "tire sensor fault" on instrument panel but everything else checks out. I know the basics for auto care but don't know where to start with this one. We're supposed to get inches of snow tomorrow too. Alignment maybe? ? Please help?

Car will not shift put of park

I cut either one off And the squeaking stops

Been having a leak and havent been able to find it with my antifreeze until it would cool down then it would drip then it finally just quit holding antifreeze but something happened and either antufreeze or oil and antufreeze just something happen cause whatever the watery rusty looking substance blew all over the front of my motor

1998 mercury mountaineer third brake light flickers oil pressure gage fluctuates abs light stays on making it very hard to come to a stop. These things have started happening one by one within ththe last week or two.

I was dumb and pulled out the distributor replacement without Marking the location of the distributor and rotor on the engine block. i then istalled the new distributor without using the marking and rotor ect... Now my car won't start! Can RepairPal fix this?

It pulls left and right with a humming sound anywhere I drive it is an r title and the check advance trac is on but im not sure if it has to do with that or is it my transmission slipping and its really bad once ive driven it for about 10 minutes on until it cools down again

I hear a popping and it feels like its coming from the rear tires

can replacing an oxygen sensor cause an oil leak

flushed heater core seems to flow normal. Cannot get warm air at any time, unless drive 50 miles. then get a little heat "HELP"

any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks

Car tries to start but won't turn over. Instead there's 2-4 clicks from the steering column then have to turn the key all the way back and try again and after trying 2-3 times there is a melted plastic smell. I habe no ideas as to where to begin with fixing this issue.

Its Not the Gas Pressure Regulater.