Hello, I have a Mercury Grand Marguis 1997. I have been having an issue with my door locks working intermittently. When they top working, the key fob does not work, the switches on the door do not work and the remote trunk release won't work. I could get it to work sometimes by mashing the buttons on the door over and over. I found out last week that when I mess with my power seat buttons, (they haven't worked except randomly for over 10 years) that is when the power locks stop working. What part could be going out. The power windows still have power and the power side mirrors still work.

Thank you,

there's been no signs of anything going out. all the sudden don't start. not battery, it don't jump start,nothing

and my break lights are not working I changed all my fuses and still nothing I brought the parts the auto shop said I needed just need to know how much it usually runs to get it fix

Hi, a couple days ago my driver door ajar displayed and it wont go away. Iv'e use some penetrating lubricant and slammed the door a few dozen times to no avail. Is there a fuse to check? maybe a relay? Or can someone point me in the direction of taking out the switch to replace it?

Thanks for any help

The car keeps jerking and losing power.charging system flashed across dash and it regained power.

My car while driving the headlights go out and it feels like the car is going to cut off.... when sitting still does the same thing but I turned it off and the headlights went bright but now my car won't start.... the battery clicks but that's it.... everything still cuts on except the actual car.... what could it be

I used the remote start on my car. It started fine but later was not running when I went to leave. I have been unable to start it since.

I had broken the key inside the tumbler but was twisted so I couldn't get it out, I bought and replaced the cylinder but now the new keys will not come out of the tumbler/cylinder. and can not move gear shift out of park

Every time I accelerate my entire dash rrattles very hard. It doesn't do it when pressing the gas in park only when the vehicle is moving. When you first start the vehicle the entire car kinda shakes when it's cold. It was just sporadically shaking but has now started doing it everytime I accelerate. Speed does not affect it, whether I'm going 40 or 70 it still shakes. Any suggestions?

or disconnect it?

Changing the ac clutch but the press doesn't fit from parts store?

I recently had transission rebuilt for $1900 and its not making any outside noise, not breaks or front cv joint its coming from driver side rear tire, no winding or clinking/ticking is heard when turning from the outside and no warning of this.

When turning the wheel and driving the washers automatically engauge by themselves. My disconnects use to stop wipers from working. Have replaced wiper arm on column but was not the problem my email is Irwin0813@icloud.com

The wipers and gauge at all times and the washers work and they will change speed but will not stop.

I don't have the $ to fix, priced around (600-1200) is there anything I can do (troubleshoot) short time?

My oil pressure gauge seems to be glitching or fluctuating. The needle will jiggle a bit and go from being normal in the middle to a little bit over the normal level. What could be the problem?

The car will start and run fine. But when i went to take it out of park. and start to drive, it wont move at all. Now i have no problem shifting from park, reverse, neutral, drive, 2nd and 1st. The only gear the car will move in is in reverse! I checked the fluid level and it was actually low , and it doesn't smell burnt on the dip stick. Also I've add two quarts of tranny fluid in it and i still cant get the car to move forward at all. I bought the car as is for really nothing but dont really want to put alot of money into the car either. What should i be seeking out first cause i dont know where to start at all. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Last night driving home, the heater would only blow cold air (it was 36• outside). As I reached my destination there was a grinding noise coming from the passenger side which got worse when turning. When I pulled in my driveway, the temp gauge shot up to H. I shut off the car, hood was still ice cold but smelled like antifreeze. Opened hood and a belt on the right side of my engine was shredded. The belt by the water pump is still intact. This belt is on the right side near the battery. What belt is it?

The right tire shakes more at a lower speed and steering wheel shakes

What is it that made all these gauges quit working and how do I fix it