It's just keep it smoking all the time what would cause that problem

Thought 4wd was on all the time can't find switch.now problem with Abe and 4wd service lights on any problem to keep driving

I put my car in drive it goes in reverse

Car goes to H & then up & down. Replaced-water pump, both H/C sensors, flushed 5x, heater core. Hose split & antifreeze everywhere thurs. Did it again yesterday but a diff one. Code reads ECU Any advice? 2002 mercury cougar- Manual- 4 CL. ADVICE?

I had the spark plugs, spark plug wires, valve gasket replaced. Still having a problem. There was oil all over spark plug boots because of valve gasket leak, put new spark plugs in before leak was fixed but my mechanic fixed the gasket and wires and didn't replace spark plugs because they were new. Still having a problem. I can start up a hill fine but at a certain point it just bogs down and won't accelerated, i have to take my foot on and off the gas to get the car going again. Same thing when I am driving at 65 mph. It will be fine then suddenly drop speed. Should I just replace the spark plugs again? I don't think that is the issue. Also the check engine light comes on when it happens and then turns off. Otherwise the car runs very well it only has 160k miles on it. I have had it for 6 years. Also I had this problem a while back then it stopped after cleaning a small piece of foam in the air filter system. I don't think that's what stopped it because I did that again and it didn't change this time. It actually started again when I had the struts replaced and got a regular oil change. I let a broken strut spring go for a long time so the rear end of the car was sitting low for a long time and now it sits up right. Don't know if that makes a difference but thought I would give all details.

When I start the car, the blower kicks on immediately and won't turn off, even if temp controls are off. I can adjust speed of fan, switch from heat to cool, etc... the blower just stays on.

Smoke from exhaust due to excessive gas going thru

I have changed the bulbs and checked the fuses. Water got into my tail light cover. I have changed the bulb. Could it be the harness needing to be replaced

air and heat blower>???

It has been running ruff for some time have replaced a lot of things. I have a code reader and it hasn't said anything and the check engine light hasn't come on.

When I push the unlock button on the door or the fob it unlocks and then locks back. And then when opening the door is almost like the wire inside is too long but it's never been replaced, can it get stretched out?

Took it to Auto Zone and they said it was the Thermostat. Even took to a dealer and they said same thing. Well we replace the upper and lower housing and reset light. After about 2 days of driving it was back. Took back to get hooked up and again said the Thermostat. We replaced it again all in about 2 months. What are we missing here? It also has a lil sputter when idling. We have changed spark plugs and wires, filters and oil. HELP PLEASE!

I was driving down the road it made a clunking sound I pulled over immediately and it died when I tried to restart it the engine sounded like it was cranking but the belts were not moving what could be the problem

Vehicle shifts to 2nd at 4 RPM. I had a diagnostic done that showed some codes on the transmission but they weren't positive what it was and had me do a full tune up to see if it took care of the problem. Had it done but no change. Had another diagnostic done at an auto store and got codes for ERG system fault with probable causes of sensor, valve, and so on. Somebody suggested replacing filter and fluid but I'm wondering if it's worth it to continue to spend money on all these smaller things if I end up having to replace the transmission if none of these work. Not sure what to do and don't understand most of this stuff.

Cluster lights not always on headlights not turning off and radio display malfunctioning not turning on

I noticed my right tail light went out but my brake lights still work. Can you help please

Now it's popping louder and the wheel ( on the front driver side) is starting to shake and the steering as well

This ford dealership is trying to charge me 160 for a diagnostic and I already had that done at another autobody for 80. And they're telling me that it will cost me 600 or better for an instrument cluster!I haven't had my vehicle for a year and a half yet and feel I'm being railroaded!

I'm having difficulty keeping the tension off the tensioner is there a way to lock it open do I need to remove the top motor mount for more room or what