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After turning the key dash lights are on but no noise when I try to start the car. Both batteries have been replaced twice. It eventually starts after several attempts but, displays convenience functions are unavailab...
while starting my s320 2001 Mercedes, while inserting key there is a message chip is not recognized and car doesn't start on 3 attempts. there is also a message EPS display not working. what does this mean?
What is the procedure for getting the drivers side door panel off to gain access to the window regulator?
Gage is high power at Fan
The engine died on the freeway in stop and go traffic. I had it towed to the house. Last year I replaced the fuel pump and filter. I replaced the CPS today and it still dies shortly after startup.
the motor on the windsheild is not completly out because u can hear it and also it goes halfway then gets stuck in the middle
when i turn to the right it seems as if i need a lube job.
It will not go down. Is it possible there is a fuse for this operation?
Upper Line of Leveling Valve leaks hydro fluid. Some wear from the bar and also a small crack in the line. Rust on the line connector. Soaked in Kroil. Recommend to use heat or not ? Would a new leveling Valve be...
I have the dealer I purchased the vehicle from (not a Benz dealer) but need to know shall I go with the dealer or an authorized repair shop, or a Mercedes Dealer?
I was driving along the highway on the gravel road when suddenly my car developed a strange blowing like noise. I later discovered that the sound came on each I pass through a pool of water. Later it started misfiring...
thaat can happen because my vehicle only take full synthetic
Will come on by itself every now and then but only on it's own and not very often.
I have replaced the blower fan resistor. My reasoning for thinking vacuum or stepper motor is I have no air coming out of any vents regardless of which direction i choose. I accessed the diagnostics of the climate c...
Iv have 2 fuel pumps put in, MAS flow replaced, fuel filters and 02 sensors replaced as well. I have no idea what to do next. Its going to the shop in a few days
because i allredy replace the cam and the cranksharf sensor
I had the timing chain tensioner changed twice ,the problem went away for a short while and then came back,it is noticeable when the car is at an idle. How do i fix this ?
i drive car for 20 minutes, stop for 5 minutes. I try to restart, engine will not turn over. I hear no clicking or noise, but dash lights up. I wait 15 minutes car starts up?
I replaced the batteries in the key farb (or whatever it is called). Occassionally when I press the button the lights go on Red or Green on the door. However it is not consistent. Is there anyone that has a solutio...
Only get air out at feet and some off of top and side vents no matter where the air distribution is set. Checked fuses and vacuum which all seem good. Any help???
We have had this car into the shop too many times to find out why this 26 starts item keeps coming up. We have changed everything that could be done and have spent more than $3000 already and have not had this piece...