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It keeps telling me it is not in Park, but it is. Also there was trouble getting the gear shift to move into park. I can't turn it off with the key or with the automatic turn off button on the gear shift
had to remove the transmission cross member to get to it
Panoramic sunroof rattle. Sunroof completely closes, sunroof motor starts rattling then sunshade doesn't close.
The airbag came out and in order to fix I'm looking into steering columns, the wheel is next to impossible to turn as well. I think I may also need a seat belt tensioner.
Newly purchased only 35K miles. Replaced starting battery with new one. Starter clicks and engages, can see engine move 1/4 inch or so then nothing. Can turn engine with socket. What should I try next. Thanks in a...
When turning the key, engine clicks, but will not turn over. I tried to jump, but no help.
TI cannot move the seat up or down back or forward. It stopped working sometime ago and started back, now it is not working again.
I have a 96 c280 the instrument cluster has gone out had it fix broke again can this be a problem with fuel sending unit? AC Compressor isn't coming on no voltage to it beforehand had it replaced along with the ref...
Car stops after 30 minutes and check Engine light comes on
i don't know what the problems are. my front left wheel is closer to the fender then the front right. i have had a service c notification, could that be the problem? if anyone knows, i also have pictures of the wheel ...
The complete dash goes blank and sometimes it start and shut off immediately. The humming or idoleing sounds are only heard during the blank dash. What could cause this it has approx 74,000 miles?
I suspect that a hydraulic line might be leaking in the soft top lid as oil drips out the bottom of the lid when it is raised. Is this a common occurance? Where is the hydraulic pump and/or resevoir located?
When check, it reads, camshaft position sensors. Check engine light stays on
how many quarts and how to check if it is low on fluid what fluid should I use?
2006 Mercedes-Benz R350 Question: Parking brake release came off, now I can't release my parking brake I think cable broke
Anti towing security feature. I suspect it affects the starter after a rear end collision into this car.
I am assuming the defective lamp is a bulb that is blown. If so, how much should this fix cost As far as the coolant message - the coolant container seems to be full, so does the radiator need a flush?
This caused the whole front end of the car, especially the driver side to collapse to approx 3" off the deck. What would be the approximate cost be to replace this pump?