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i don't know what the problems are. my front left wheel is closer to the fender then the front right. i have had a service c notification, could that be the problem? if anyone knows, i also have pictures of the wheel ...
The complete dash goes blank and sometimes it start and shut off immediately. The humming or idoleing sounds are only heard during the blank dash. What could cause this it has approx 74,000 miles?
I suspect that a hydraulic line might be leaking in the soft top lid as oil drips out the bottom of the lid when it is raised. Is this a common occurance? Where is the hydraulic pump and/or resevoir located?
When check, it reads, camshaft position sensors. Check engine light stays on
mileg,110, suddenly my car starts to shake & about to shutdown,
how many quarts and how to check if it is low on fluid what fluid should I use?
2006 Mercedes-Benz R350 Question: Parking brake release came off, now I can't release my parking brake I think cable broke
Anti towing security feature. I suspect it affects the starter after a rear end collision into this car.
I am assuming the defective lamp is a bulb that is blown. If so, how much should this fix cost As far as the coolant message - the coolant container seems to be full, so does the radiator need a flush?
This caused the whole front end of the car, especially the driver side to collapse to approx 3" off the deck. What would be the approximate cost be to replace this pump?
When I stop! I have to put it in park then back in drive to go.
coded for crankcase position sensor changed that happen before 6 months ago same sensor. now will no go at all.
Pulled down carpeting on right floor side near firewall. Transmission fluid leaking thru? transmission plate? seeps along exposed hoses, stain on backside of carpet. Transmission shifts normal for now, not sure abou...
This car doesn't start with a key, but starts up with the help of jumpers and then powers goes up and down and then looks tho stall, what could be the main issue and how much would it cost?
called many shops, but I'm waiting for someone to give me an accurate (low) rate.
I hear a sound that I can best describe as a soft "clicking" sound when I accelerate. Then it stops until I accelerate again. Seems to be coming from under the the car near the passenger seat, but may be coming from t...
first air conditioner could not be turned off and mechanic indicated a fuse problem and removed it, worked for a while then stopped when heater was turned on it blows cold air.
I need to crank it two or three times before it starts, engine hot or cold same problem.. when it starts for a fraction of a second all cylinders are not synchronized. Battery is new, compression and fuel system are o...
At the back of the transmission, it is a light drip from the black boot going into the Transmission box. is this a seal I can replace?
What if selection of gear does now move to reverse & Park but, goes to neutral and drive
Can I now replace them with a slightly narrower tire but keep the same rims? Also I've been told one rim is slightly "bent"; can it be "unbent" at low cost? Thanx!!!