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cd makes noise and got stuck needs to take it apart

I opened it once using the inside button but now it is locked and will only open with the mechanical key not with the smart key or the inside button.
How do I get it to stay unlocked so the remotes will work?

I have audio on park assist but not working plus there is no view on screen of what's behind me or audio sounds.

After filling tank. Started engine and would not leave park position. Turned off engine and tried to restart and car would not start or even turn over. Power still working in vehicle. Had towed to Mercedes dealership. Apparently after 2 days sitting in lot it started They performed diagnostic test but couldn't communicate with front SAM. Performed tests and determined internal open in pass front SAM. Replaced and programmed pass front SAM and starts every time. $1000 repair. Does this make sense?

Hi, I have a 2011 Mercedes SL550. My smart key won't lock or unlock the doors, or open the trunk. I also can't open the trunk from the inside using the trunk relaese button. It appears that the seat massager is not working either. I haven't tried to put the top down as of yet.

Had two tires replaced on my Mercedes Benz SL550 and now the tire pressure light comes on and I can't get it to go off.

This part: BODY HARDWARE / RETRACTABLE TOP / TOP & COMPONENTS / Pillar panel Part Number: 23179009199197 MB parts center.
is pealing, the paint it seems is coming off the side that faces the rear defroster glass, but not on the opposite side, Yet. milage: 12500. Bringing it to the dealer today.

Just bought a very clean SL550 with only 10,000 miles. After 4 days the right tail light (not brake light) went out then the radio started turning on and off then on again...every 45 seconds or so. The dealer told me that BOTH keys fobs had dead batteries in them and the new batteries are still on order, but Im beginning to wonder now if the doors not locking and unlocking is really a battery issue or more electronic stuff. Help with radio!!

We just replace the front pump and line in December 14.Driving home last nite dash lights went red said to stop car now.We did had it towed to our dealer.Just called to tell us it would cost $4,000.00 dollars to repair.He said the Accumulator blew out.So he would have to r&r the valve body and replace the front accumulator.How does this sound to everyone.Because i am quit suspicious!!

Had the computer check out and the plug change random misfire on cilenders and stops at #8 code 008 it only runs rough at an idle

The tilt wheel will start to work again after car is driven a few miles and the car is
turned off and then re-started. Could 1 or both of my batteries be going bad?

trunk is closed but message says open tried reseting by disconnecting batteries
any ideas

are thet electric or vacuum control

Only on cold days (under 10F) - the ABC will totally fail, dash goes RED, tells me to pull over immediately, squishy ride, etc. Once its above 20F or so it's fine. Happens every winter.

squeak appears to be behind me when driving, louder on rough roads and almost silent on smooth roads. squeak with top down or up; not as loud with top down.

What's the fix?

I left a store and the car was very slow and the RPM's were up to 4000 plus and going nowhere. i shifted to N and back to D and it then started acting normal. I drove it back home next day about 200 plus miles and had no issues. Would it be a fluke or bite me later?

being hit It has been replaced two times and it just fell down again after driving it less than 50 miles after the last replacement. What is the problem?

nav, phone will not respond Get System Un Available, when trying from steering on auto (radio) has four blank spaces showes in consol. dealer said disconnect bat again for 30 minutes did not help ...any suggestions chuck

We have a 2008 SL550 with less than 19,000 miles and the convertible top stop working. The service dept found that the brackets were bad. The mechanic stated they have replaced them on several other cars.