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Newly purchased only 35K miles. Replaced starting battery with new one. Starter clicks and engages, can see engine move 1/4 inch or so then nothing. Can turn engine with socket. What should I try next. Thanks in a...
This caused the whole front end of the car, especially the driver side to collapse to approx 3" off the deck. What would be the approximate cost be to replace this pump?
Car cooled off then started again was able to get it home before it shut down again
The rear crankshaft seal has been replaced twice in the last 3000 miles or so, could this be sign of serious engine problem and wouldn't the engine and transmission have to be removed to do this?
My car sit for a couple weeks during cold weather and left the drive way and noticed like it was slipping going backwards and then the same forwards. Went about a mile and turned around due to lack of confidence. Coul...
cranks over but no start when its up to operating temp.starts perfect when cold.
This occurs all the time. wondering if someone has a solution
We just bought this car and I don't know if this is normal or is it due to shifting set for transmission?
What should it cost to replace the supercharge and other fan belt?
Valencia Mercedes said it was the fan motor they removed and replaced and the problemis still there .They seen confused on how to fix it
Trunk opens normal closes normal but doesn't completely shut when I put the car in drive it says trunk opened tried everything help
When I put the car in gear it said trunk open tried everything it openes normal and shuts normal but doesn't quite completely shut help
1 chime and the diagram of car with trunk lid up appears
the wire comes from outside of the glove box the plug in is like a head phone jack
Oil leaking right side
the local dealership charged me $150.00 to say that the supply battery in the trunk is bad, so naturally I replaced the battery and to no avail. What else could it be? thanks,ed
Whatis the total amount of fluid the power steering system holds ?
I replaced the steering pump and the fluid smelled burnt so I want to put in all fresh fluid
will be playing I will hear static and then cuts out, have to turn off the stereo and turn back on for sound
I pressed the button and it doesn't open. The one on the other side doesn't open either. Is there some kind of lock that I'm missing.?
Can anyone tell me of a mechanic that is very good in Northern New Jersey?
When I put the car in reverse I hear a short high pitch sqweeling sound in the front passenger side of the car. What is that and how much to fix? OR is it nothing???
i was driving and warning light on the dashboard came on indicating car to low and to park car.
does any body have a belt diagram for a 2003 sl55 thank you ac ps crank ac alt so on
battery in trunk will not hold charge I have installed new battery
Recently got into a car accident and need to reset the comp. but there is a problem coz i am out of gas but the gas cap is locked. How to manually open the gas cap ?