The leak is coming from around the sensor fitting that screws into the valve.. the sensor the the wire clips into..Can I replace only the sensor? Is that just an O ring there? Do I need to relieve the pressure some how?

Autozone tested once when check engine light one and gave us codep6747. New amp put in twice but lasted less than week. Check engine light not on, but a couple of other warning lights flashed for short while before fuse blew second time, did not notice which ones. Now no warning lights but also no dashboard lights.

warning light is coming on. starts out as white warning then switches to a red warning. there has been some fluid on the floor near the right front tire.

passengers in my car can`t use seatbelt anymore. only one freak time has it worked in the last year.

female part of seatbelt is broken and no longer latches

when I attemp to put top down, it is very slow and I have to help it along. it has progressively gotten worse. now it wont even opperate

Gas smell on my sl500 2003 after changing Valve cover gasket any ideas

the front hardtop actuator is leaking hydraulic fluid. nedd to know how much to fix.

can you recommend someone that repairs these cylinders

SRS and SOS lights are on for no reason

Car manual says that car came with two (2) cards with code from Bose. Long since gone, I am not first owner. I don't use this car often enough so I keep a battery maintianer on the battery, but had long power outages. Would not like to pay MB hundreds for this code.


there is two hyd. valves above windshield, one is leaking, bought replacement, but having problem installing. chrome shaft needs to be removed and installed on new valve?

Battery had to be recharged and negative was disconnected.
Not sure if the battery went down due to the mis-function of the window or a bad connection at or near the battery.
Window does not release from compression of weather strip when door is open. Door will not close correct due to defect.

my hard top on my sl500 wont open and i checked the resvoire in the trunk and its empty

Anyone know how difficult that is to fix and how expensive? I'm pretty handy if I have a diagram that shows where to look for the leak and what to look for, Seems it must be a seal or hose?


I am replacing my cross over oiler tubes that feed the valve lifters. In doing so, I need to remove all the cam caps and then re-torque the bolts. I need the torque specs for the bolts and of course the valve cover too.

my soft top doesn't work properly and when I open the doors my windows go all the way down instead of just a little.

also, when I parked my vehicle...you could hear a loud whining noise (similar) to a power steering noise when the wheel is turned

I cant see the mileage disply on the dash board. It dosent come on any longer. Also it seems the lights on the bottom of the dash are not on as well. Help!!

it is released at rear but how to open storage compartment and release at windshield

Electrics are not working ... how do I release the storage compartment in back?

When i turn headlights on they stay in the low position
what should i check to get them to work? All fuses
are good.

my battery was replaced now my soft top dont work.can i reprogram this myself.or what ever has to be done

Wondering if I should buy an extended warranty at this point or look for another car. The steering pump replacement and few other items like ball joint and battery are the only replacement items. The rest were " maintenance jobs".

this happens as many times as i start and stop the car, but after 50 miles of steady driving the light stays off at the next time and until the next morning, Codes were 080 brake switch (canged It) 224 Idke speed switch and 021 A7/S51
car runs fine at all times , no limp mode

I can't turn on the air conditioning it has the compressor power killed at the pressure switch

After having the transmission , differential fluids changed/serivved and a ball joint replaced at 47000 miles, notice the car makes a strange "winding down" noise when lifting off the accelerator. Also notice the car seems to vibrate some and " idle rough". What could be the cause?

After having the work done the car doesn't drive quite as well. It makes a "winding down" noise and also notice a slight vibration at the center of the car in floor. What could have causeed this effect ?

Thanx for reading, the problem basically is that I have the top down, and when I try to close it, it gets stuck in the first phase, which is the trunk lid opening and the top getting out of it! Basically it stops, half way, it did it a couple of times, and I had a friend yank the top and it went passed the resistance point, didn't do it again for several days untill 2 days again! and it's raining now, good thing I still have my other car!... so does anyone know about this problem? solution? suggestions?
thanks in advance :)

Mr car will only run on four cylinders,I have replaced both coils and checked the distributors but It still wont run on all eight cylinders...any advice