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Please let me know the cost of new battery brand name Mercedes or other brand. Thanks
I was letting the top down and the cover went up but did not go down. i pushed it down by hand and the roll bar would not go down.
my convertible top wont go up and down it is out of hydraulic oil where is it located to put the oil in
I get a grinding noise above 30 mph
on my 1997 mercedes with the hardtop on has it's operation switch on in red and the roll bar is also red and won't go out even when i diconnect the battery so I can't switch my tops. It's there a re...
when i try to lower the top i get slow movement to roll bar and fluid leaking from drivers side sun visor? so im not able to get the top off this car,any solutions?
Where is the fill location for the hydrolic fluid for the power top system on a 95 500 sl convertible? will powers steering sealer stop the leak in the visor locking area?
why does the fuse blow on the instrument panel when i press the brakes
ASR light comes on often and car powers down as it should after being in storage building for weeks but after driving for a few days the problem stops
I replaced the wiper blade. When I lifted the wiper arm, it locked in the up position. How do i unlock it?
i believe i might have broke the baffle in the gas tank... might have to change the fuel tank. how much would that cost?
I purchased my "dream car" about 3 weeks ago from a private owner. A few days ago...after quick braking (coincidence?) the a/c starting a squeeking sound, like something was stuck in the vents. I got home and manually...
No room on passenger side due to wiper fluid tank. What's the secret?
Can you jump start a dead battery? If so, how?
I'm changed the spark plugs, and the car still misfires in the morning when I first start the car. I have to turn it off and on about 5 to 10 times before the car starts up running normal. If I drive the car over 10 m...
battery is dead and the trunk will not open. how do you open the trunk it is unlocked.
when I start my car in the morning it misfires. I have to cut it off and on about 5 to 10 time before it stop misfiring. What do you think is the problem.
Where is the reset button for hardtop,it will not lower. Is there a reset button, I just purchased the car, and had to take it back to the dealer because this problem occurred, I was told by the dealer that the mechan...
I need to install the spark plug wires on the distributor cap but I don't know the order to place them.
My top opens and closes fine. The roll bar seems to operate fine, but warning light never turns off. When I lower the roll bar all the way, the roll bar button blinks with " flashing red arrows pointing upwards", unti...
I have the dealer code, but there is no LED display or code prompt. The stereo puts out a tiny bit of sound, just enougfh to barely hear it. The amp seem s to come on, but is it a code issue or is the deck just wore o...
car's gas petal is hard to push since ars light been on
just tonight i was driving my 1997sl 500 mercedes then suddenly my batery light flashed on for a few seconds the car didnt show any signs of its battery not holding a charge then after turning the engine off then afte...
heat will not blow air out on the lower heat vents just on the deforest
how do you replace the crank shaft censor?
error message on dash says "Convenience Features temporarily Unavailable"