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Is there safety switch that locks windows in a position.?
It shuts down like the engine is not getting fuel, almost like the security system shuts down the fuel system. I have replaced the crank shaft senor and that did not solve the problem. There seem to be a low resistan...
looking for where is the micro switch/proximity sensor located
How are upper ends accessed?
Dealership wants $140 just to diagnose the problem. Hoping there is a simple fix possibly related to a trunk closure limit switch that is not engaging. Does not appear related to the trunk 'cover' engagement switch....
How much does it cost annually on average to maintain an 05 SL500 ?
I looked up the part cost (about $20) but the shop quoted me $855.00. These seems over the top to me. Thanks in advance.
convertable stop was left down during rain storm and is not able to close. Please advise any suggestions.thank you
If I remove the siren which I believe is under the front drivers wheel well will it affect any other functions?
I called Mercedes Roadside Service and they jump started the car. I ran it awhile and drove about six miles to charge the battery. The next morning it would not start. I tmake a clicking noise but the starter will n...
air conditioner freezes up fan blower slows down after about 75 miles of driving with ac on. Works fine for same period of time after the vehicle sits for about an hour.
Tried to open top and the button just flashes. Cannot open or close except manually. Worked perfect prior to 6 month storage in climate controlled facility. Any ideas?
I have had it charged and checked for leaks by a mercedes shop and they can't find the problem and say it must be electrical. What could cause this?
my top will not go up or down I had the 2 front cyl. relpaced last year,but I would like to get the hard top off. is there a place I can get a drawing where all the cylinders are? thanks , by the way we only drive the...
Full tune up complete. New crank sensor, fan clutch, mass air sensor. Runs great except at idle with air conditioning on. Any help??? Thanks
Other problems/solutions to get the passenger window fixed? Module Mercedes Part # 129 820 24 26 needs diagnosing if it is not a relay? Best least expensive fix for this part? Going to unhook battery to reset modul...
where is the Map sensor located
I believe the leak is at a cylinder on the left side
I have an worthless extended warranty but they say it only covers lubricated parts.I am scared to drive because it may not get out of park. Anyone experience thesame problem
is the power steering pump a two pump one part for abc other for power steering
i already removed the shift lever wood cover.still remaining is the radio wood cover and the whole console assy. as well. is there any hidden bolts?help me pls. thank U.
The car will drow when it set for 30 min or more but when the engine is started and the car put in drive.
hello there i don't know what to say but i have a serious problem and no one can give me the answer problem is that sometime my car start to shake(vibrate) smoothly when it is not moving like when you have probl...