after short time try again all OK

after installing sensor car would not start anymore.

after replacing the sensor now the car wont start at all

I had the roof open when it started raining.I immediately pull to the curb to close the roof with in a few minutes.4 days later when i turned on the ac nothing came on.I took it to the shop and they said they ouldn't reprogram the unit. I was told that there was water damage done to the panel.

windshield. All other functions work. What is the problem?

Hydraulic fluid has all leaked out and I want to replace the soft top with hard top for the time being

It will go up but won't lock so the back won't go close

It goes back down and the back closes. Any ideas how to fix this problem?

I heard there was a emergency switch in trunk and I don't know where it is

This has happened 4 or 5 times where I start the car put my foot on the brake and try to put it in drive, it will not move out of park. Is there a emergency release to take it out of park?

but will unlock manually--- then the top works fine to close-- on closing the top will lock in place hydraulically --the cylinders have been replaced and there are no hydraulic leaks

my soft top will not unlatch above the windshield, any ideas?

afer driving about 3 miles. stopped to ck oil on computer which ststed oil level ok and no more malfunction..but reduse fuel level continues to come on and states malfunction what is this about. do i have to go to a mb dealer is their a code for this. thanks ray

Can someone tell me where it is located please?

A/c not working it isn't doing nothing

Top is down and tight. I did let it up a few times in a row

in the front of the top.

Sounds like an exhaust harmonic or when one of those tricked out Hondas with the big tailpipe gets resonant. Happens after warm up through all gears right at 2050 RPMs and only when in gear and accelerating. I can set the car to 2050 with cruise control and it will stay in this state as long as there is strain on the engine as in going uphill. seems to quit when going downhill or not under strain. I can't hear it outside but inside it sounds like it is between the seats. Not loud but noticeable.

I've had a CLK 430 and now own a SL 500. For both cars at the 40,000 mile service B the dealers (2 different ones) reported valve cover and rear seal leaks. The CLK 430 was under warranty and they claim to have replaced it. The SL 500 is not under warranty. When queried, the service advisor stated it was just a few drops but would get worse over time. How common is this problem?

It worked yesterday, and when I turned it on today, put fan on full, and no air of any kind comes out. I have had an issue I thought where sometimes ice cold, others cold, but not ice cold. Someone said Blower Motor Control Resistor? Is this the problem? The car is 15 years old, but only 68,000 miles. I am the 2nd owner. I just bought it in Dec 2013. BTW it is my 1st Benz, and I'm freekin out! Have had BMW's & Saab's before so I am familiar with euro cars.