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Trip mileage shown...all details ..only the whole mileage is not seen there...hope can help me with that ...thnx
I can't lock my vehicle because the anti-theft alarm activates all by itself. I've read the owner's manual to try and correct the problem..nothing works. Using the smart-key, I'll lock the vehicle, less than a minute ...
There are two warning lights on the instrument panel. One side has an F and other side has an R. They started flashing and chirping intermittently. Can 't find answer anywhere...please help.
bose was not working and now is long gone. When code is cleared it comes back instantly and will not allow the car to run. What can i do to allow ecu to allow star up and run. need help any suggestions would be much a...
some time the driver side window works and some time it won't
cam position sensor,no change.Has good spark but fuel is not continuous.Spray fuel from a bottle into the throttle body it keeps running (i know unsafe).Three days before the problem i replaced stock stereo with an af...
all bolts have been remove from water pump but appears harmonic balancer will not allow 1 bolt to b removed
as i go faster the air goes away until i stop than comes ack
i have this ABC malfunction in dashboard, the car been sitting for awhile ( 2months)
but after waiting ten minutes it will start, you can here the starter trying it just wont turn over any sugesstions?
Have checked fuse in main box and auxilary box. Sterring wheel seems like a sound unit (cover where switch is pressed) Had trouble locating horn under hood.
Transmission probkem won't shift into final gear on freeway. Also only goes 80mph max RPM is high.
No matter what buttons I push, nothing works. No red lts will come on on any other button. Any ideas?
usualy when i drive in town the noise get laughter but in highway the noise stop. thnx
my mechanic told me that year has a internal system that even with the key the car will not start if it thinks its being stolen?
How to reset parking brake?
for a few days. Angle switch replaced (twice). Any idea what the problem is?
the other instrument functions were available. I also noticed a knocking noise coming from under the engine, it sounds almost like a woodpecker
Not long ago I discovered that I had a dead battery. After recharging @ reprogramming my 98 SL500 everything seemed fine. Then when I killed the car I sat listening and hear a small, very quiet fan blowing up thru the...
How do I remove the BOSE system so I can get to the hydraulic cylinder?
When I hit a light bump the car will start slightly pulling to one side or the other or does it just need alignment?
Passenger side quit first. Now driver side.
design to enable the engine? The front end is 4" off the ground and fluid is leaking from the right/front end. Red Warning: Stop car is too low (indicator is on).
I bought a used SL500 ans it came without an owner's manual. I am having a hard time with my ABC system. I had a new pump installed and I'm still having problems with it.
The vacuum noise is quiet and last for maybe 2min, but I'm concerned, please help? Thanks