Gear changes was very even and smooth and recently deteriorated to very jerky and uneven. Also experience a very prominent hum in the area of the back axel, when I take my foot of the accelerator the sound subsisted but becomes very evident when accelerating

Changing of gears up or down very rough and jerky. Transmission was smooth till recent. Also have a very prominent humming noise in the area of the back axle when driving between 100 - 130 km/h

I have located the camshaft sensor but not the crankshaft sensor.

I can get them turn back on if I'm lucky wiggling the switch, inwhich is actually not loose. I do have a side rear taillight out it's a reach but with that cause it to do anything like that, seems to me to be a loose wire I don't know?

after replacing the crankcase sensor do you need to reset or check the timing?

The one that goes through the driverside fender?

Two months ago slow leak of fluid began to drip on the passenger side above the passenger window.

crank sensor, 95 SL500. Price or difficulty doing it myself.

my sister was dianosised with a bad crank sensor. Is it difficult to replace?

I have a new genuine Mercedes switch, but I don't know how to take out the old one and put in the new one.

Windows are supposed to lower a bit when door is opened and then raise back in place when closed. Just stopped working suddenly. No fuses blown but radio required code at same time. Windows still work, just not that auto function that keeps windows properly seated in frame.

at the same time the window quit dropping that 1/4" till the door is shut. Anybody have a clue what to look for?

converting to coils

i'm removing my abc system and want to know if the computer can be programmed not to read it?

I got car couple months ago cheap from a friend. Mechanically it is sound and runs great but has other issues..I intend to fix all bugs/problems myself so I can put my limited money into needed parts/accessories. What would cause all 3 items: ie seats, mirrors, steering wheel position to not work at all when their buttons are pushed? Thanks for the help.

Display reads like 66 degrees. no buttons work and blowing heat out of defrost. Very Lost. What else could it be?

What could the problem be? Car started before replacement of the gear lever.

after short time try again all OK

after installing sensor car would not start anymore.