2003 2 dr roadster 5.0 sl class
Vin WDBSK75F010200
In great condition (looking)
car facts No accidents

how to syny top to open

Is there a video that will show how to tune it up myself?

The car is sitting a little low and should I drive it I have it towed to the in the local MB

Among the many problems I have had with the top operation is one of the worst. I've had numerous problems with it and the most current is the car top will not line up properly with the windshield top so it will not close.
Can the top be rebuilt somehow to make it work

I turned car on and then turned the knob to turn on lights but nothing came on.

This is for a 97 sl500.

Top goes down slowly and needs manual help occaisonally when putting it up

cannot open centre console box to get my manual..also code message on radio because battery died...have new one but no code...help!!!

Have opportunity to trade a Chrysler 300 for a 1995 sl500 with 151k miles good records kept is it worth the trade or keep the chrysler

Pulled down carpeting on right floor side near firewall. Transmission fluid leaking thru? transmission plate? seeps along exposed hoses, stain on backside of carpet. Transmission shifts normal for now, not sure about codes. I"m not a mechanic ,love my 99 SL500 with 49,000 miles. Not listed as common problem.
Cant find any info on MB forums. Was just discovered. Any ideas please! making me crazy....

I need to crank it two or three times before it starts, engine hot or cold same problem.. when it starts for a fraction of a second all cylinders are not synchronized. Battery is new, compression and fuel system are ok, the accumulator has been changed without any improvement.
When started... car runs normally.
Thanks for helping.

it just happen yesterday....

I want to replace the valve cover gasket

what to pull the cover off

Just had my brakes done due to a recall. Today I heard an explosion in the front passenger side with smoke and oil leak. Then ABC workshop light came on.

Hello i thinking of buy a SL500, i never had this type of car, but its ben my favorite car many years so now its the right time for me. I need some help from you guys, tip and checkpoints. What should i look for extra? Ask the seller? It is any i can do when im looking at the car to se if it is any serious or "hiding" problem? Please give me some answers. Thanks :)

We have taken it to 3 different mercedes mechanics and none of them have figured out why it is making the noise. If we open the hood it does not sound like it is coming from that area, but it is still inside the car. It seems to only happen after the car warms up.

I have a 1997 SL500 with 57000 miles on it and it was working great one day when I had the top open as soon as pressed the red botton to close the top the engine turn off and I couldn't start the car any more, I had it towed away to a mechanic when the car got there the engine started but the top never closed, mechanic said car needs a soft top panel control which cost ove $1000, I can not trust the mechanic word, is that possible?

they say its the gas tank needs to be replace.help ????

I have check engine Ligth Idiognotic I get code 410 it's air pump the old code