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front end comes back up when prompted by pressing the button--car had driver side coil pack and plugs replaced but still does not accelerate as it does
I am trying to get more information on what the cost would be for me when my car reaches 30,000 miles and the routine maintenance for my car. What is the cost?
for the last 2 years, check engine light on 4 times, each time replacement of all 24 mercedes spark plugs, I only drive in city short distance only 3000 miles each time, what is wrong ? can there be another part probl...
Replaced the coil pack with same result. Spark plugs on #6 showed some oil. One plug was carbon fouled. Any suggestions what to check for the oil.
Then this morning my cars rear end was sitting on the ground?
As the vehicle hits normal bumbs on the road there's a squeeky sound that resembles an old squeeky bed spring in motion.
Fault code said left ignition coil was bad so I replaced that along with the spark plugs and the car is the same. When I pull car out of garage in morning it usually runs ok but driving to work it starts acting up an...
2 dr coupe Driver closing assist cyle does not work and rear window closes mm's short. Driver front window stops 3 inches short and only goes up all the way after various clicks.
The outside temperature as shown in car is way too high. Is there a reset button somewhere? Thanks
Took to Mercedes friend. Said possible chain wear. The guide? Only on one side. Used heatmeter, one side warmer by 20 degrees. Will make noise when car is running and will make noise as I speed up.
And used A001 989 21 03 10 ATF... seems the car is in limp mode??? How do I get it out of limp mode??
when i take off the car bounce then level off
put in a new battery. the last two days had to get jumped in the morning. Does anyone else have this problem or know whats causing it? there have been no malfunction codes and car is without power in the morning.
I just need to know some tips, recommendation and or proper techniques on how to set the timing chain during removal and installation of the timing chain as this is the most critical step in changing the head gaskets.
I would like to replace the oil coolers where it require pulling of both heads. I got to the valve cover and I am not sure of how continue. should I take out the chain and how is it by taking of the valves ?? and how...
replaced,throlde bodys bothsides.rewired,new ends,new wires.wont'do it all time?all 12 clys.strong,happens!trun key off
how do i play a cd in the radio
Diagnostic Trouble Codes: P0311 P0312 P0308 P0310 P0300 Local Mercedes dealer's diagnostic included compression test's result was no compression in Cylinders #11 & #12 and they recommended to take heads ...
left rear of vehicle lays down over night,comes up when i start the car and push suspension button,and works fine all day,no visible leaks,no trouble lights on in car,is it the pump,shock,control module,a leaking valv...
My S600 heat up to a certain temp and shuts off, and has to sit for about 3 hours before I can start it again.
I have replaced many brake pads on many vehicles, but not on Mercedes, do I need special tools
the radio is look is working
all the is coming up actve body control (abc)
The car is very slow to get to speed. does not seem to misfire but lost of power. could the converters be stopped up?
As I'm driving the car, the SOS take to workshop message comes on and goes off. It does this randomly, what could be the cause?
Every morning when I trun the car on the ABS warning message comes on. I have turn the car off then turn it back on and the message will go away. What could be the problem?
Dealer diagnosed problem latch vacuum actuator split and leaking. Does anyone have repair solution and how it can be done.