Hello, Bought an s550 2007 model today, when I had been driven it for about 5 hours it started to whine, the noise is constant and is following the rpm (can barely hear it on 1k rpm) and when the noise gets louder (you rev it) the steering wheel also vibrates because of the whining. I haven't figured out if the car can selfinspect or get some diagnostic on itself. But I would love to know what could be wrong or atleast some tips in the right direction.
The last minutes of the drive it got MUCH worse and the peepy whining was louder than the engine from where i was sitting Thank you for answers :)

Also when i play my CD'S it will play for abot 15 second then dtop

the wash was o.k. no water went inside the engine and i did not open the hood

Basically the side mirror on the right hit the garage wall and twisted back ward and although damage was minimal, however since then, I does not stay in one position and I have to set it every time I start the engine.

In morning first start fine after driving for bit and shut it off then you have to wait 30 min to start. Dealer said bad ground in ecu

Should I be aware of major flaws, recalls ? What is the ideal mileage I should be looking for?

I think it should be a quieter ride and not sound like a turbo humming

Seems that the AC will freeze up on a road trip after 3 to 4 hours drive time. Shut it off, defrosts itself and good to go again for a while. Local Mercedes dealer's service department has "never had that problem before". Where have you heard that before?

engine is not smooth when cold, exhaust from engine is loud and throaty when cold, once car is fully warm, car runs smooth and quiet.

need some assistance.

I can be driving and all of a sudden air is completely off with no sound at all,then it will go back on every so often.Could it eve the blower?,or a bad circuit,help,lol

Seems like Computer has to reset itself everytime i restart the car. Car drops down all resets are lost, interior light dont stay on etc. and check engine light is on had it check the code had something to do with battery but I bought a new one still does same thing

How do you re set the service light after a 20,000 mile service oil change?

My 2007 S550 has just turned 37,000 miles and is going to
require an oil change. Are all synthetic oils the same?
What company provides the best synthetic oil change offer
in this area?

They said I needed to drive car at least 20 miles a day to keep battery charged Is that true. I can the car one day and the next it will not start.

My Transmission works and run perfectly but, it has a loud noise and I tough it may be the Torque Converter but I after replace it, still hear the noise. I was told that some internal bearing it need to be replace but I tough It will be cheaper and faster if I install a new one but, I was also told that the new transmission will need some very expensive programing in order to operate in my car. please help...!!

where is fuel filter located

How much does it cost to repair airbags

It blinks, sometimes ,but stops when car is in park.

The front an back suspension of the driver side lift a little bit and than fall again , that make the car not level , I try many time to level it but not working . What could be the problem ??? is it related to pressure hose ???

Meany tks for helping

When on a highway drive lasting more than 1 hour, my heat and A/C system seems to shut down. The blowers won't work and adjusting the temp. has no effect. Must turn off car, let it sit for a while and restart it. The systems then work, at least for a while. My dealer has not been able to find the problem. Diagnostic tests come up clean. This happens in both heating and cooling seasons. My car now in shop for last 7 days and dealer is still stumped. I told them to keep car until they can find, and fix, the problem.

where is the full filter ?

I have a 2007 Mercedes-Benz S550 with 57000 miles. Do I need to replace the spark plug.?

Car is ahaking(vibrating) just started about a week ago, it has new tires new brakes new rotors and it has had an alignment. Could it be the recall ball joints the car has about 50,000 miles. We are on vacation about 400 miles from home. should we have it checked?