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while starting my s320 2001 Mercedes, while inserting key there is a message chip is not recognized and car doesn't start on 3 attempts. there is also a message EPS display not working. what does this mean?
replacing tourqe converter got to this part of the job cant go any further when I try fluild spills out
I replace the brake and the rotors. It makes the nosie when the speed drops to about 10-5mph,
Passenger door "ALL" buttons don't work and lights not working. Then doors stopped working with the key fob, trunk won't open without using key now the car just dropped too the ground and air ride pump turns on for a ...
the heat doesn't work at all all the passenger windows wont roll down or up and when I turn the car on or off the lights blink as if the alarm is going off but no noise what could it be and how do I fix it im trying t...
Changed the fuse out then started to working again now they stopped again I changed the fuse but they don't work anymore what could it be please help me out its getting power to switches I checked but don't work ?
First off this is my 7th s class w220. So I know a little bit on this era. My kid bought a 2001 s 500 97,000 with only a half of gallon. Left used car dealership and in a 1/4 mi car into limp mode. As she pulled up at...
It started when i noticed i had a leak, i looked under the car and had a puddle of hydraulic fluid. looked under the hood and the fluid was boiling out of the tank where you put the fluid. Just wondering what will ca...
2004 Mercedes, has been parked in my garage for (6) yrs. it has less then 40,000 miles, it says no malfunctions, I changed the battery, and it cranks, but, won't start.
I'm thinking ecm issue I had checked cap rotors ok but not sure if wire to coil is coming from ecm or if it's a cam position issue but one side is running ? Could really use your help. But I got power to coil but volt...
Is it a hard job and what is entailed in replacing them? Should I do both sides while I am at it? Thanks
open now. can I get into the trunk through the back seat and move the stroller ? is their a fuse that could have blown to pop the trunk up ? any help possible
door wont close with assist have to slam..
seem to start up now! will take for ride to recharge system
and check engine light on I just wondering if you can help me the locate this P code 2205 turbine speed sensor and are they replacement part thank you
what could cause the ESP malfunction and ABS malfunction light to come on?
when you leave it over night it run the battery down,can disable it by takin the fuse out?
2001 s500 Just got this car week ago from engineer that told me he has own this car for 10years, i check everything (so i tough) i forgot to check if cd was working. I notice that when I press cd (radio) keeps giving ...
Will not run only has ground at wire to the compressor. All new parts. checked all fuses, A/C button on dash for off/on stays lit. Why does my wire not have power.