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I had a heater blower motor replaced and now I get cold air on the driver side and the passenger side don't get very warm at all. Could you tell me what might be wrong
remote switch does not unlock door.
I have a hesitation in my accelaration for about 10 to 15 sec. then the car takes off and runs fine until you come to a complete stop again. The funny thing is it only does it when the temp is 40 or below. It starte...
New battery placed in car, after the odometer doesn't work, that is gauges (oil, fuel, RPM, speed). All other function of the instrument cluster works.Is there a fuse or relay that controls all these functions? i than...
Dashboard shows "Too Low Airmatic Do Not Drive"
the check engine light and the SRS light came on, does that indicate 2 unrelated issues or is the check engine light on becouse of the SRS light?
The front end of my S500 dropped down as I was pulling out of my driveway; I was able to drive it back into the garage. What is the cause and what repair will be needed. Approximate cost?
i brought this car in 2008 with 85,000 miles im the only one thatdrives this car, it sits during the winter months n garage. i have 109,000 miles on it now, at about 107,000 i started the car and it started to stumble...
i want to change the spark plugs on my 97 s500 but i never did that before so is it hard are they visibale or they hidden and what kind of tools i need
Hi, suddenly the car seems stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear and does not shift at all regardless of acceleration. What could be the cause
I was wondering how to fix this problem. The A/C works perfectly, but the speed of the blower is too strong. How can I reduce the speed of the blower or fix?
trunk is stuck shut and won't open with key or key fob or trunk opener on door how can i open it?
The shifter becomes stuck in park and i cannot shift it to another gear. Was changed 3 years ago
1 day ago, all my commands stop working, no audio on any of the radio, cd player, navigation,none is function, says sound unavailable
will not start ,engine will not turn over ,all lights comes on,battery is good 12.6 volts, have checks fuses,front lighter will not work
coolant leaks from middle of motor under car and seem to overheat,already replaced thermostat,water pump seemsok could it be a freeze plug?
My air condition blow cold air when it set @ low. If I set @ 70F or 60F it blows hot air. Is the climate control malfunctioning? Please help! E MAIL: Thanks Patel
Driver side sun visor gets stuck half way up. Eventually becomes inoperable and needs complete replacement.
how i ken adjust the headlights?
It has a new battery. But every 2 or so months it has a dead battery. I have driven it every month or so in the winter and every week or so in the summer. No lights or anything even on in the car when its parked in th...
I have a Mercedes S500...I lost the vaccume to the drivers side door and it doesnt suck the door closed. When I turn on the air conditioner the heat comes out the drivers side and passenger side vents and also where ...
My 2002 Mercedes S500 sat all winter! The battery is now dead and will not take a charge after sitting on a battery charger over nite! Do I have to get a new battery? Did it go bad from sitting? Can I add water to bat...
trunk lid motor will not lift the lid up or put it down
engine runs hot while driving
when a/c is on i get heat out of the driver side vent,do you know what it could be?
My name is fernando,have problem with the gas cap that not closed complit and check engine is coming.that is common problem in this car.
The ac is working great The problem is Driver side vent is not letting the cool air out warm air is comming through the went What could be the reason?