Passenger seat has had this problem for several months. Driver side just began two days ago. I also noticed the driver seat has lost its memory and will not return to pre-programmed setting.

My 1999 Mercedes s500 noisy fuel pump was replaced but the new one is making the same loud wining noise when it gets hot, they also replaced the fuel filter as well. It's it the type of manufactor pump being used or is there another part somewhere in there that kills the noise? What helps to clean up maybe carbon build up? My macahic poured some engine cleaner some kind of solvent cleaner and told me to drive it over the weekend, then I went in for a oil change. But still have the ticking noise. It's not as loud and it comes and go now. Meinly at cool start it's fine but as I drive around town it comes. If I take it out on the open highway and open her up it sometimes go away. Ugh frustrated.....

Just noted on 160,000 miles.

Mechanics are getting too expensive.lol

crank positioning sensor

how do you stop the pump from pumping the fluid from back there

I need to test the power to the fuel pump and test the fuel pump to assure it is working. How do I get to it? Do I have to drop the gas tank or can I get to it from the floor board? It's a 2000 mercedes sedan S500.

I have to manually push down and up on all the doors to lock and open, the driver door I have to use the key to open and look. The doors do slowly close with that close assist feature but the trunk has to be slam shut. Fuses are all ok. I can hear the closing assist pump make a little Hiss sound when the doors close the rest of the way in by them selves. Also if I close a door and sit in the car real faint I can hear the motor to the PSE pump come on. The remote just tunes the antitheft system on and off. Can someone please help me out here I would really appreciate it thanks...

Can I get to the fuel pump for a 2000 Mercedes sedan S500 without dropping the gas tank? Can I change it by going thru the floorboard instead?

replaced all electrical relays under backseat and car is NOT getting fuel. How and where do u test the sensor to the fuel pump?

after replacing the relays under backseat again bc there was water in the relay boxes again, (don't know why), now the fuel is not getting to the engine. The fuel pump relay does work and so does the fuel pump. What would I troubleshoot next.

vehicle body is practically sitting on tires

I replaced the fuel system relay and there's still no fuel getting to the engine. What is my next step to troubleshoot this problem?

the noise is coming from the passenger side underneath more so towards the rear tire. Its very loud and it sounds like a annoying jet sound and it stays on all the time. Actually it's a very Embarrasing sound when stop idling.

i changed oil,oil filter and air filters all i did took it for a test drive and it was iddling and wanted to turn off never did it before please help

will not exceed 40 mph and all guages shut down

shows 8 codes of random misfire.new plugs and wires and coils

After I replaced the compressor, the front end maintains it's proper road height, but the compressor cycles on about 5 to 10% of the time.

The vehicle will stay at its normal road height even when left undriven through week ends.

There is no audable indication of an air leak.

i had instrument cluster problem and my non-dealer warranty sent the dealer an after market cluster to install. As soon as i picked up the car from the dealer the right side lights began going out. first the low beam then the turn signal, then the high beam and then the standing light

How to install, specifically?

I want to replace it

The blower stop working.

I currently have a leak on my hose, but I cant replace it yet, I'm sure my shocks are gone too. The car has 300,000 miles , but I just had the motor redone.

Mine does not light up

I am trying to save $$ by doing some of the repairs myself to my 1998 S500 Mercedes.
I have been uable to get the pads out so they can be replaced.

My car ran hot back in October so I replace the thermostat,water pump and radiator. Now the car dose not get hot but I get no heat. My key fob worked and once i replaced the batteries the fob works but my door locks won't. But the heater thing is driving me crazy are there other fuse boxes other then thee truck and under the hood that i may need to check?

when I crank it this whining sound comes from under the hood....everything else seems to be working find. Its not loosing compressing and the trans is changing as it should. Steering is find....just that noise....any idea what it may be? Thanks

No Engine Codes, no vacuum leaks, changed spark plugs twice (first autolite plat, than mercedes genuine plugs). cleaned Maf sensor, verified that MAP sensor working.
OBD reader shows: Short term fuel trim reads 25, long term 0, MAP 9g, no missfires, throttle position sensor shows to be working
I'm at a loss for Ideas, PLEASE HELP..

i need to replace the coolant temperature sensor but don't know how to remove it.

My batter cable was not completely clamped on, could that be the problem?