at times it shows perfectly but most times it all scrambled

Brakes are sqeaking and ESP malfunction and ABS malfunction lights are on.what could cause this problem?

what could cause the ESP malfunction and ABS malfunction light to come on?

My car is lower to the ground and it sometimes scrapes the ground.

An error message came on, something about needing to format something.


I start the car, no problem, when I stop at a light or in traffic and then I step on the gas it stalls or hesitates. Then the check engine light comes on, I go to mechanic and computer show a #104, we change the air flow sensor, two days later same thing happens, go back to mechanic computer shows #104, again... HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't know what to do.

I was doing a google search to look for a problem with the auxiliary fan motor and came across your website, it had highlighted the search I was looking for but couldn't find it. Just wanted to see if this was a problem Mercedes would fix or if I have to do it on my own

Please note that your model listings do not contain S350 so I have had to list as an S500 to submit. Mercedes have looked at the car and could find nothing. They suggested it might be engine mounts. The noise and vibration goes once the car warms up. It's a W220 chassis, last Australian delivery of the pre 2005 model and has done 40000 kilometres.

Engine light just went on ? Engine runs a little rough - but once warmed up - she runs fine ?? Engine light is on when car is running ????

Serpentine belt is on OK
I see no broken belts -- any more belts other than serpentine?
Any idea where to look, or should I just tow to the shop

when you leave it over night it run the battery down,can disable it by takin the fuse out?

System acts like it's muted but the muted button is not depressed. Music was playing fine while parked, key was rapidly turned off then back on and the SOS phone button depressed (no phone conencted, nothing in dock) for radio, then no sound. Tried disconnecting batter (never doing that again) still no audio w. Check fuses all look good, even f61 & f66. Please advise on how to fix. I think maybe the keyfob buttons were pushed in some combnation to mute system: IDK Thanks, Kathy

If so would love to hear about the issue and the resolve. My keyless-go has a problem with “Keycard not recognized”? it sometimes starts the engine but cuts out within a second.
Doors lock and unlock all ok.

Whenever I start the engine and allow the vehicle to idle it leak fuel from the charcoal canister.

Problem began after a leaky transmission seal was replaced.. Tech admitted that a vacuum line was
Detached but replaced without apparent damage

2001 s500 Just got this car week ago from engineer that told me he has own this car for 10years, i check everything (so i tough) i forgot to check if cd was working. I notice that when I press cd (radio) keeps giving me no cartridge? I check and was in, I tried to eject and will not. How do I fix this? I read some info in web, allot of comment about cd cartridge worn out, its known trouble, one suggested removing battery and system should re-boot and will recognize cd? This I am hesitant to do. Any suggestion. OR SHOULD I JUST GO FOR AFTER MARKET BLUETOOTH AND CONNECT TO RADIO?

I have 188,000 miles on the vehicle.

Put a new relay and the rear airbag will not raise up.

Mixing valve for heater &air?

Have imported it from another country and the comand controls the clock by GPS. So would like to adjust the clock to my time zone. I can't use the Navi.

Will not run only has ground at wire to the compressor. All new parts. checked all fuses, A/C button on dash for off/on stays lit. Why does my wire not have power.

Happens mainly when moving in reverse, slightly going forward. Creeping along. Get's louder on rt turns. No codes.

Sometimes they work and sometimes not. What is the problem?

How do you turn this option on. I was told by dealer that the option to do this is on the dash display. I was told that all 2001 S500 series has this option.

smelt like oil, what could be the problem

The car has 85k miles and the suspension fluid level is a little low, the fluid looks clean but i wonder if it is good idea to change the filter and fluid. Were is the filter located?
Thank you


My 1995 Mercedes Benz S500 has a problem with the starter engaging at random. After taking starter to shop for repair, found out starter is okay, but problem still exist. Any help will be appreciated.

Ac was woking fine, took to have it wash and notice the ac was working the same. The ac makes noise but there's no air flow or cold air. Wat can be wrong. Help.