I would like to know how much is labour on brake job with or with rotors

open now. can I get into the trunk through the back seat and move the stroller ? is their a fuse that could have blown to pop the trunk up ? any help possible

The cylinder on the 2004 Mercedes-benz driver side rear strut came off. Why? after checking the paasenger side they seem to be on very secure.My understanding is that this cylinder is for the leveling.

door wont close with assist have to slam..

its so low its not drivable the back it fine could it be becaue the switch is not grounded ?? or what other problems could there be? air height arm? pump leak ? struts? air compressor? control arm ?

This problem started when my engine fan refused to stop after turning off my ignition. I later discovered that the fan controller module was bad and i replaced it. After then the car has drain 3 new 12volt batteries and the problem still persist.

seem to start up now! will take for ride to recharge system

I need to know what to do to test it

My doors and my trunk doesn't close all the way

i dont have the phone and was hoping to just be able to pull a relay...can anyone help

They list several type that will fix, but need to know the correct ones for my car.



and check engine light on I just wondering if you can help me the locate this P code 2205 turbine speed sensor and are they replacement part
thank you

And sometime it want now it just trying to catch but want crank can you give me a few pointers that could be the issue?

2002 500s, 141k, purchased a week ago. suspension drops on one side when parked, ABC Visit Workshop comes on and off. Where do I check fluid level, and the procedure to drain and fill with new fluid.
And just so I get it, could you explain how to do this as if you were telling a 10 year old.
And thank you in advance.

what is the part number for the starter motor in a mercedes benz s500 1997

I have a 2002 S500, [132K miles]the Air Matic has been acting up for months. Particularly when it is cold [below 30] the car would lower all the way around. As soon as the car turned on it would elevate to proper level. Next observation was that I would hear hissing every time I turned car off. Finally the air compressor would not click in and the Red, Stop Car,Air Matic light comes on...and of course the car is lowered all the way around, the rear lower than front....I think it is the compressor pump but reading the other posts and viewing You Tube videos a variety of fixes appear....such as
1.) Replace Air Pump Air-Matic pump (p/n 2113200304)
2.) Check for leak in connection hose/replace hose with new style hydraulic hose...says don't use old hose,it leaks.
3.) Check 40 amp fuse/relay (fuse 32) if replace relay (p/n 2542131)
4.) It may be the S500 AIR MATIC SUSPENSION RIDE CONTROL MODULE, if so replace it.
5.) Also all of the struts appear to be fine.I don't think any of them need o be replaced. [How do I verify this assumption?]
6.) I replaced the Air Matic two and half years ago at an approximate cost of $1,750 at MB dealer.
7.) My desire is to get it fixed for a lot less then the $1,750...example: last month, the local Firestone shop repaired the crank shift sensor for about $100 total...the dealer wanted $600...
8.) If I know what to tell the Firestone repair shop what to look for they can fix it for about 75% less. They have done multiple repairs on my S500 that the dealer would have charge 3 to 5 times more.
SUMMATION: In what order should I check for problems with the Air-Matic; can you give me a probability from first to last what I should check, i.e. most likely cause of issue, problem first, then second most likely problem, and so on.

Who ever answers this, I sincerely appreciate your advice, response and the time you took to help me out.

Russ Mullin
Fayetteville, Arkansas

when Iturn on the ignition the fault light and the left signal light comes on and wont go off Ichecked all the bulbs and they are ok

the faulty light warning light and left signal light come on when ignition is switched on and wont go off I checked all lights and all ok any ideas

I checked all the lights and are ok what could be wrong

at times it shows perfectly but most times it all scrambled

Brakes are sqeaking and ESP malfunction and ABS malfunction lights are on.what could cause this problem?

what could cause the ESP malfunction and ABS malfunction light to come on?

My car is lower to the ground and it sometimes scrapes the ground.

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I start the car, no problem, when I stop at a light or in traffic and then I step on the gas it stalls or hesitates. Then the check engine light comes on, I go to mechanic and computer show a #104, we change the air flow sensor, two days later same thing happens, go back to mechanic computer shows #104, again... HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't know what to do.

I was doing a google search to look for a problem with the auxiliary fan motor and came across your website, it had highlighted the search I was looking for but couldn't find it. Just wanted to see if this was a problem Mercedes would fix or if I have to do it on my own