vehicle start but I try to give gas vehicle has no power and also rpm goes down when I give gas..

I have a 2006 Mercedes S500 doors nor trunk responding to key or door switch lock and unlock command. Head rest non responsive also. Automatic trunk assist pump in trunk has fluid but makes no sound while pressing button on key or trunks manual open button. How do I find and fix this problem?

also my rear main seal is leaking. upper front ball joint is bad and what does it mean if they say i need hood shocks

Come on people use your Brian's these cars are fantastic. if u want something to last you have to maintain it. Its all about maintenance with any car. There's a lot of people that do it wrong, don't just go down to your local auto parts store and get any type of fluids, come on now its a s500!! Go to a German auto parts n get the best fluids, but know your shee it caz they tend to sell u something that anit good n they gona say its the best.

Same thing with parts, know your stuff do a lil bit of research for crying out loud! That's where people go wrong. Maintenance is key to keeping your cars running right.

Also, no sheit things like the suspension might go out after years of use n abuse, ever car has these abviouse problems. The thing is they aren't as noticeable on others because the suspension system isn't as complex as the benz. Ima dumb it down a lil for some, if every car had the benzs suspension system it would have just as many if not more problems.

Don't get me wrong stuff happens and things might fail sooner than it should, but it happens with every car.

If u do some of the maintenance your selfs, y'all will save a lot.
if not find a good shop that u can trust, not one that will tell u everything is wrong with the car when there really isn't, a lot of shops do that.

Long story short. Don't expect to go eat at a high end restaurant and expect MacDonald prices. don't be dumb and buy a car that hasn't been maintained properly or you'll pay for it.

Awesome car, best ride, even the handling is great for a big body car. I just wasn't too satisfied with the breaks, upgraded to some bigger drilled disk n break pads. Other then that just regular maintenance n i avoided bigger problems.

The remote doesn't start the car.the lights on the side mirrors are flashing on and off.why the remote won't stop it from flashing

i replaced altonator and battery for my 1994 Mercedes s500 replaced altonator with more powerful one. Now my altonator is draining my battery power causing my battery power to drain very slow not sure if im getting a good current between altonator and battery. i was told i needed a new wire harness is that true?

Looking at buying this car that has been sitting fit six years. Owner says that it needed replaced when he lady drive it because it would run rough especially in colder temps. I'd it a big deal to replace one? Expensive? Also ball joints need replacing. What other problems should I look for after it's been sitting fit so long? Thank you.

replacing tourqe converter got to this part of the job cant go any further when I try fluild spills out

I replace the brake and the rotors. It makes the nosie when the speed drops to about 10-5mph,

Air-matic not working. Was fine and all of the sudden nothing. I replaced all the important parts last year. Bags, pump lines. There are no leaking sounds and all 4 bags lost pressure at the same time. Also where would the relay be located?

Passenger door "ALL" buttons don't work and lights not working. Then doors stopped working with the key fob, trunk won't open without using key now the car just dropped too the ground and air ride pump turns on for a couple of secstarts to work when key turned to acc, but doesn't stay on. Jacked up rear end and the pump sounded like maybe it was spitting hydraulic fluid or releasing air. Before the air bags failed I checked for codes about the doors not working correctly and it said body module.

at the carwash water comes pouring down behind the glovecompartment

The car runs superbly right until the moment-usually at a traffic light, that the engine very unceremoniously and without shudder or miss, dies. The car starts right back up as if nothing happened, but it is becoming more and more frequent. Replaced the main engine wiring harness, electronic throttle body, ignition coils, spark plugs, crankshaft position sensor, alternator and voltage regulator,and nothing seems to help. The dealership has no suggestions other than replacing the Engine control module and base module. Any suggestions? The car is FULL of new parts including the entire ride control system and many major engine components and I don't have the heart to scrap it-she and I have been through a lot together. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I own a 2000, Mercedes G-500. When I push the gas there is a clicking noise in the front of the vehicle. This only happens when I am pushing the gas.

the heat doesn't work at all all the passenger windows wont roll down or up and when I turn the car on or off the lights blink as if the alarm is going off but no noise what could it be and how do I fix it im trying to do it myself to put the cost down

Changed the fuse out then started to working again now they stopped again I changed the fuse but they don't work anymore what could it be please help me out its getting power to switches I checked but don't work ?

windows and sunroof would open when ignition off, alarm would go off when i locked doors Now the entire ignition system locked up. Key will not turn when in ignition switch, the automatic shift lever starter will not work no locks will work???

First off this is my 7th s class w220. So I know a little bit on this era. My kid bought a 2001 s 500 97,000 with only a half of gallon. Left used car dealership and in a 1/4 mi car into limp mode. As she pulled up at the station and parked it in front of pump. The tranny indicator and location of shifter went into park. But tranny stayed in reverse. She refueled car and it wont not turn over. They pushed over and parked it. So I took the shifter apart. Got it working again. But its still wont cranking over.It is getting the no run stasis. I can gain access to a MB Star 4 analyzer.But I never used one. Help

It started when i noticed i had a leak, i looked under the car and had a puddle of hydraulic fluid. looked under the hood and the fluid was boiling out of the tank where you put the fluid. Just wondering what will cause it not to rise back up

2004 Mercedes, has been parked in my garage for (6) yrs. it has less then 40,000 miles, it says no malfunctions, I changed the battery, and it cranks, but, won't start.

I'm thinking ecm issue I had checked cap rotors ok but not sure if wire to coil is coming from ecm or if it's a cam position issue but one side is running ? Could really use your help. But I got power to coil but voltage on good coil is 14 on one wire and 8 on the other and the other coil wires I'm getting 13 and 1.35 on the other wire . Thanks for your time
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