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Have imported it from another country and the comand controls the clock by GPS. So would like to adjust the clock to my time zone. I can't use the Navi.
Will not run only has ground at wire to the compressor. All new parts. checked all fuses, A/C button on dash for off/on stays lit. Why does my wire not have power.
Happens mainly when moving in reverse, slightly going forward. Creeping along. Get's louder on rt turns. No codes.
Sometimes they work and sometimes not. What is the problem?
How do you turn this option on. I was told by dealer that the option to do this is on the dash display. I was told that all 2001 S500 series has this option.
The car has 85k miles and the suspension fluid level is a little low, the fluid looks clean but i wonder if it is good idea to change the filter and fluid. Were is the filter located? Thank you Oscar
My 1995 Mercedes Benz S500 has a problem with the starter engaging at random. After taking starter to shop for repair, found out starter is okay, but problem still exist. Any help will be appreciated.
Ac was woking fine, took to have it wash and notice the ac was working the same. The ac makes noise but there's no air flow or cold air. Wat can be wrong. Help.
what it can be the cause this
The radio and cd are working fine the display just stopped coming on. Could it be a fuse. Thank you for helping me out on this.
whats the going rate the front doesnt raise when i start it up
A few months ago everything worked and I never had any problems with A/C. But after not using the car for a couple of months, A/C stopped working. It blows the room temp air. I tried to see if hot air still blowing, i...
Just bought the S500 (MB) with 88,000 miles. Mechanic told me to replace plugs and cables. Did not notice any issues when driving.$790.00
Whilst taking off from traffic lights.There was a hesitation in the gear change It was recently serviced .New oil new filter .The type of flare up only lasted seconds between 1st and second gears .Can u help
brake pads and rotors
Went through two containers of coolant after seeing white steam come from exhaust. No oil/coolant mix as of yet. Haappened during hard exceleration. Drove home and refilled,two containers leaked out within 15 minutes.
No blown fuses for seats or side mirrors as well as tilt and telescoping steering wheel. Worked once and then not since.
The doors seem permanently stuck close for some reason. Can you give me a clue to what's going on and how much it might cost to fix.
on start up car has no power ran fine before problem started after been parked for couple of weeks
How can I reset the command center to recognize the cd changer and get sound out of the radio
Removing drive belt frees up all pulleys. should any pulleys rotate wouls the timing be affected?
The blower blows cold air; It blows well; but it will not blow hot. I push defrost; its cold, recycle air button, still cold?
Driving for a little bite it seems like its slipping but just reverse does it.what does that mean?
When my car drives the airmatic light continuously comes on
Connection on 2000 phones are different that todays smart phones.Is there a way to adapt it?
Do the back brakes need to be changed if they look fine also?I didnt see any sensors there?
Appling gas, i heard a knocking sound on the bottle of the engine. the engine doesn't use additional oil and the oil use is synthetic...Some people question crankshaft position sensor or oil tubes..