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I tried 2 new batteries and no power to car at all.
It takes a few attempts to start on occasion. The battery and alternator are good. Most times it starts and runs fine. Also, the car once died while waiting for a stop light. Then it started fine right after that. Cou...
I brought it to delray automall to fix and they said that they replaced the resistor blower motor. The same problem is still happening and now won't come on at all. Could you please advise me on how to tell if they ev...
when I use my automatic key to lock the doors fog lights flash, alarms are going off not sure what's happening.
At oil change, what type and viscosity should be used?
lights, music, horn and heat works but it wont start
it wont turn on or crank over but everything works
when i start blower then compressor is on.and ac switch(on off)is off.what reasons.pls help me.
cant shift out from parking. can not drive at all
all my electrical is going haywire and screen flashing display not good. lights,door locks, ignition,
I am trying to retract the calipers to replace front rotors, brake pads and sensor. I wanted to make sure no errors comeup when I do this and I dont want to lose my fingers due to the caliper crushing my hand. Can som...
Recently I reloaded my CD changer which is housed in the trunk and when I turned on the audio device, it did not recognize the CD Changer. What are my options to this dilemma?
it is a4matic s 500 automatic and i see no warrning on the instrument and only tyre pressurer monitor indicats and indicator light is on i need un idea
i dont see any warrnig only i see tyre presser monitor and indicator light i need help
How much for a 52000 mile checkup?
The manual indicates to remove the screw securing the battery and remove the battery support and bracket. Where are these two items located as there is no apparent screw / bracket on the top side of the battery. How...
the car won't start some times, the code showed bad CPS
How often is it necessery to flush/replace the power steering fluid?