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Under hard acceleration one of my 2006 S-430 sensors shuts off two fuel injectors. Engine runs smoothly until we goose the accelerator; check engine light illuminates. Thanks, Larry
I can find no reference to these bolts that are obviously there. Or in my case missing and needed.
The engine starts ok but is very hard to steer.
I can here pressure release when car if cut off...also hear a rumbling sound
I I noticed all the recalls that were on my car in the year 2006. I am having the same problems can I take my car to the dealer to get fixed? Or is it too late?
when I go to drive the car the warning light is on telling me too low to drive but then the car begins to raise and its ok but when it sits for a while its back down on right side front.
Can I drive it to my mechanic = approx 10 miles away. kept pressing aromatic button, works for a minute then light comes back on
Trunk won't open with remote or button on the door. The air seems to have leaked out the pushes the trunk up. What part do I need to buy?
High beam work driving lights work but no low beam
car will not rise it there manual shock for this model?
Sound stopped by itself, is there a fuse for the sound?
When the outside temperature is over 80 or so degrees the drivers side gets warm while driving in sunlight. But it works fine at stops for lights or stop signs. it also works fine after sunset.
Sus. pump come's on but car will not rise up what could be the problem?
I have a 2004 Mercedes Benz S430, the battery was dead, I jump started, I went out but the next day I tried to started but it won't start, trying to jump start it nothing happen. I took the battery to the store that I...
2 things wrong 1st my car will not go into park. the stick shift will engage every other position but stops before park. 2nd problem I'm losing coolant on every drive temperature seems high
I can't get my navigation to come on when I select navi from the panel. Everything works but I can't see nothing on the screen.
everytime i start my car up the entrance light comes on. And when i turn it off the driver side drops down.