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rough idle in bumper to bumper traffic with A/C on, will stall occassionally in heavy traffic. New plugs and wires have been installed. No check engine or malfunction code given.

Does it mean I need to replace my battery if I receive this message and if so how do I reset the message board after the battery is replaced?

the navigational/radio quit working and it is definitely the in-dash unit. who repairs these besides MB?

how to remove car battery

My cd changer say there is no cd or cartrege empty

i thought the shaking is due to fuel injector needing to be clean what do you think?

Brake assist BAS visit work shop...ESP visit work shop.

At start up car idles to 3,000. No acceleration / response from gas pedal. No indicator lights / warning lights are on dash.

When I turn on the climate control on low fan I hear a humming/buzzing noise but when I increase the fan speed it disappears. I had it diagnosed from Mercedes and they told me the blower motor needs replacement. It was too expensive to have them do the work so I just put it off. Is there any way I can fix it without having to replace the whole unit? Please help! Thanks

how do i replace the passenger seat module if seat has no power for me to adjust to reach module?

I was charged 636.00 for an A service. I was not over on the mileage. My car had another 400 miles before service was needed. I'm afraid to go back for the B service. How much should I be paying for the B service regular ? I have not reached 50,000 miles yet.

my car has water damage wont start

For some reason the trunk don't close even Manual, With the Key, the pump is Working and Close it for a Moment and after 2 seconds the trunk will open again ?please someone help me

My 2003 S430 the radio is not working,when I press the power on it tells me "Sound Unavailable" and then shots off by it self.

My 2000 Mercedes S430 transmission want move when I drive it a short distance. When I first get in it ; it drives fine. what may be the problem.

My ABS MAP ESP Check engine light all came on at the same time on my 2001 S430, I usually do repairs myself I bought an OBD2 tester and got a P0700 TCM code. Took it to a shop and he got all ABS sensor codes on at the same time, since he is trans shop he could not figure it out, steering feels like there is no fluid and the trans starts and won't get out of 3rd gear, trans guy says there is nothing wrong with the trans. ANY HELP would be great

I have this sweet antifreeze smell after car has warmed up, I dont have a overheating problem as the temp stays steady.
The ac will blow cool sometimes and dont others what can this be

My car can sat for two days and the rear driver side will lower until I drive it then it will raise up.

When I pour water in the channel outside of the trunk seal, water immediately pours through to the trunk area. All of the plastic parts seem to be in good condition, but I feel like some seal is broken. I'm not a mechanic and I have not tried to disassemble these pieces. Any help would be appreciated!

when i speed up the gear gets out of sync and engages again when i stop or slow down. sometimes it gets stuck in 2nd

mercedes 2000 year s430 keyless remote won't turn to start the car?

Car is in my garage and will not come out of park. All other functions appear normal.

Where can i get a print out of how to specifically rest the drive cycle for emissions passing.... what , when and how to do it step by step

I got an signal of "place 1 quart of oil" 2 times within the last month. Does that mean I have a leakage? Also, I keep on getting a notification of my fuel cap being open, however I close it everytime, could it be loose, and is that a problem?

I recently had my car repaired because the ABS, SRS, ESP BAS lights were on. The shop replaced the conductor plate, coil spring, and steerimg column. However, the warning lights continue to be on. The TCM was cleaned of oil and works fine. The veihcle is back in the MB shop but they dont know whats wrong with it?!

My car sound like a motor cycle when I am driving along at speed of about 40 miles. It don't want to change gear until I stop and trun off the car and start it again. This is just sometime. It only happen three times. Am I having transmission problems?

Using remote the locks work fine until outside temperatures get cold.

i bought a 2000 mercedes bens S430 and the radio was not working, it turns on but there is no sound. so i got a new amplifier, had all the wiring redone, and there is definately light coming thru the fiber optic wires, so i am very confused on what the problem could be because i still have no sound??? i went to the dealer and they told me to just get an off the market radio but when i went to my local A&S installation, he told me that he wouldnt want to charge me 2500.00$ just to have a regular radio and he would rather just fix the original fiber optic system that came with the car because it has a better sound. now i know the car phone completely doesent work and im wondering if that has anything to do with it because it might be whats in the way of the whole fiber optic signal not going thru since the phone and radio are in the same fiber optic loop....does the car phone have to work in order for the radio to work??

the driver door will not closed itself by vacuum. all other doors do.