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The air stopped cooling but still blowed cool air. I was told that the expansion valve was defective. What does the expansin valve have to do the the evaporator? Is the expansion valve a part of the evaporator?
this problem just occurred on last night after coming back from wendys
I have a 2000 s430 that i drove yesterday for about a mile when it began jerking and died. I was able to get it running for a while to pull it over, it ran teribble. It died again and wouldnt start , the engine turns ...
what needes to be done on a b service
after getting new tires and rotate/balance,how do you know when your vehicle needs a front wheel alignment only
while driving i hear a constant humming sound when i press the gas,once released the noise stops.
The heater and or Air Conditioner will work off and on and when they are not working you can get no air to come through any vent. There does not seem to be any ryhme or reason to when the air will blow and when it won...
this is the first time i noticed this signe & want to know how long i can ignore this.
No error code yet. The car sometimes does not shift into higher gears. The w/s switch near the shifter will not work at that time and the manual shift "side to side" movement of the shifter will not change it into a h...
on the righr door,the module that control all the functions for the seat adjustment.window,and heat on the chair stop working
Gages and dash board lights will not come on. When I replace bus fuse. it blows with-in a few minutes. Want to know if I can fix it myself. Is my cluster bad? how do I replace it if this is the problem.
a/c blows hot air....just started
Need oil maintenance schedule on 2000 S430,Mercedes Benz
I am hearing a clucking sound when I back up only. could this be the drive shaft?
mercedes dealer near 92831
Where is the Fuel Filter located and is there any special consideration if I replace it myself?
Sometimes my interior lighting on the driver side goes out and then i cant let down any windows with the drivers controls or adjust my driver seat< whats my problem?
plugged in something in the rear cigarette lighter and now trunk wont open. the lock system from the inside wont light up and the trunk release wont light up either.
sound system comes on, have no sound or any noise from radio cd or anything
How do I fix the lcd command screen in my 2003 s430 mercedes? It has gone completely blank. I can't see radio station settings or anything else. All I see are grey fuzzy lines. Music sounds works fine.
my dashboard display blacked out and now the transmission is locked in can i solve this problem
Air bags right side above front and back doors deployed as a result of hitting a street curb.
I'm having a problem setting the alarm on the car. At one time the car would make a sound but it doesn't do that at all. The only thing i see is the lights will blink but i no longer hear a horn sound.
My s430 battery would not stay charged. One year i had it replaced, the next year-the repair shop found that the phone(that I dont use) was draining my battery. They fixed it with at $15 part and all was fine for abou...
When I try to use the Navigation it say Navigation not activated.
what do they do for an "A" Service on a MB 2000 S430? The one that shows up as a single wrench on the display
I've had repeated rust problems, especially on the bottom of the doors (front/back/both sides) and the quarter panels. Mercedes says the warranty ran out after 10 years (car is now 11 years old). Manhattan Mercedes ...
my rear turning lihts just stop working so did my rev lights i check the light they was good if someone no the problem you can email me at thank you
The left rear turn signal initially stop working and started back without taking any action. Now It will work at all. Right side works fine. changed bulbs still dose not work.