You hear after the car is already warmed.

Fuel is leaking profusely under car at rear passenger door.

The blower module is the thing that controls the blower that sends air into the car. Such as the heater, defroster, A/C, etc... We replaced the blower module and it still does not work. And yes, we do know for a fact that the blower works.

The instrument cluster on my 2002 S430 has stopped lighting up and the dealer is telling me it was replaced in September 27th 2006. The recall notice was mailed out on Sept 29th 2006. I suspect that it was replaced with the same unit that was recalled. So I am wondering can you tell the year of manufacture by the numbers on the sticker attached to the cluster. Or what numbers should appear on the cluster if it was replaced due to the recall. Thanks

It is a 2002 Mercedes S430

In summer at temps above 75 the a/c on drivers side cools at stops and warms after take off. Also in tunnels or under passes it cools until you drive back into sunlight. Passenger side is fine. Temp setting doesn't matter.

im having a problem removing old cover

i changed the cluster, tried 3 differnt clusters it still didnt work, i even fixed the original one and it still dont work any ideas to why

When the outside is cold and the car is warmed up when I push on the gas the car hesitates to go. When the day has warmed up and I get into the car the car goes when the gas pedal is pushed. Someone told me that this might be a transmission problem and then someone told me that it might me a throttle problem. Anyone else had this problem?

Tires Falken FK-452
Wheels Milano M743
Wheel size 20X8.5 and 20X9.5
Bolt Pattern 5X112
Offset +40MM Front and +45MM Rear
Front Tire Size 255/35-20
Rear Tire Size 275/30-20

i wouldlike to flush the radiator coolant ..what kind of coolant should i use for my car

I do not have a manual. I did check oil level and appears OK. Pleae advise. Thanks!

Air condition works sometimes and loud noise from fan possible clogged air dust filter or low on R 134

The module looks to be a plug in replacement, but I do not know where it is located.I


The car has a new automobile battery from MB and it was tested and shows full charge. Lights and electronics come on, but car clicks and will not start. The first time battery was installed the car ran fine. The second time I went to start it will not start.

The outside temperature gauge light on the dashboard cluster is out.If this indicating that a fuse is out? If
so, where would I locate the fuse? I did not see anything
about this in the car manuel.


window wont move electrical seats dont work

Trunk latch will not engage. Trunk remains open.

How much should brakes and rotors on an S430 cost?

rough idle in bumper to bumper traffic with A/C on, will stall occassionally in heavy traffic. New plugs and wires have been installed. No check engine or malfunction code given.

Does it mean I need to replace my battery if I receive this message and if so how do I reset the message board after the battery is replaced?

the navigational/radio quit working and it is definitely the in-dash unit. who repairs these besides MB?

how to remove car battery

My cd changer say there is no cd or cartrege empty

i thought the shaking is due to fuel injector needing to be clean what do you think?

Brake assist BAS visit work shop...ESP visit work shop.

At start up car idles to 3,000. No acceleration / response from gas pedal. No indicator lights / warning lights are on dash.

When I turn on the climate control on low fan I hear a humming/buzzing noise but when I increase the fan speed it disappears. I had it diagnosed from Mercedes and they told me the blower motor needs replacement. It was too expensive to have them do the work so I just put it off. Is there any way I can fix it without having to replace the whole unit? Please help! Thanks

how do i replace the passenger seat module if seat has no power for me to adjust to reach module?