It started like 2 months ago and it is constant now it does not go off anymore but during diagnosis is see sensor failure.

The door locks and unlocks but the seat buttons don't work and the mirror wont retract. at first it was sporadic but now it's not working at all.

i bought the new fan assembly and it has 4 bolts and the plug in connectors

Both rear door systems are still working

Break light and tail light

shift is not moving from park.its stuck.

has new pump and shocks only open halfway rest have to by hand.It should open all the way by its self but not

This never happen before and it appears the air system loses the air while sitting overnight.????? This has happened twice and I have been able to raise the car body by pushing the button (with the little car on it)both times. I worry that i will be on the road and this happens where I can't get to a shop without expensive towing !!!!! Please advise what part controls the "airmatic system". Thanks

The cartridge is full of CD's but they won't load. I get the message magazine is empty.

the computer says im 400 miles past a service what does this entail so i can take care of it

The message on the console says "Oil sensor malfunction visit shop"

my gas gauge doesn't work properly is there a fuse that could be bad

Airmatic Error message coming on intermittently. What does it mean?

S430 Year 2001 Vibration
There is vibration on the steering as well as the passenger seat is shaking and underneath my foot “felt like “when I drive above 60KM till 130 KM. I have this problem for long time about 6 month:
I have changed the following parts:
- Break shoe 4 Wheels
- Break disk 4 wheels
- All new tires 4 Wheels
- Front / Left hand side bearing
- I have did wheels alignment

I have checked the following and the mechanic confirmed there are ok:-
- Propeller shaft it’s ok no defect or sound of crank on it .
- no sound or noise on the drive shaft and the oil level is ok
- Checked the Ball Joint and all the sides are in good condition and ok .
- The boot inspected are ok
- Control Arm both side are ok

what is typically charged to replace the rear main seal in this car

the s430 is turning side mirrows down while driving forward it should only bring them down while reversing

i use my aircondition and it works for two hours and suddenly it just cuts off the cold air, instead it will be just blowing normally, i checked the radiator fan it was not funstioning properly so i got it changed, thinking it was not working and thus radiator getting hot and condensor also getting hot, thus the ac cut off.but the problem is still there do you think it could be the thermostat? which is hiking the temperture?

how difficult is it to replace trunk moter

after shuttung trunk lid it closes then open slightly

the recline on the drivers side seat does not work but all the other adjustments work. what could be the problem

remove and replace front

so what i have to do

I changed the Air compressor on the Airmatic system,moved the relays around and the car went back down,can you help me tell me what direction I should go.

Can move shift stick, but when driving no shifting in other gears.Dashboard shows some errors,brakes got softer,some clicking next to shift stick when press a brake Take battery of wait and everything get back to normal.Sometimes on dashboard stays in P or R same thing,I can drive no shifting.Sometimes leave a car parked everything restart by its self.

My gas light came on after my car had been running for a while parked. I turn the car off and when I turned it back on the check engine light came on and want go off.

The car performs great otherwise. The noise seemed to start when I put some regular gas in it one time even though I have used ultra premium ever since. Am I in big trouble?

In the last couple of weeks, when I start the car, the airconditioner fan doesn't always come on. It sometimes comes on after driving for 5 or 10 minutes.
Another trouble that started about a month ago is that occasionally the rearview mirror will darken as if there were headlites behind me and this is in broad daylite.
Most of the time if I give the mirror a good tap with my hand it clears up the problem and then it occurs again when I get into the car at a latter time in the day or a day or two later.

It happened before more and more often, it wouldnt let the gears switch, so i would restart the car and it was normal after that, only the first one worked and now for a couple days its always like that, the mechanic checked and said it was a po715 code meaning it was a speed sensor or the abs one

so i bought this s430 2001 benz , so i finally deciede to take it for a drive so i went about 2 hour away from my home on my way back my car sounded like it was making a grinding noise coming from the engine . or upfront from the tires hard to explain. sounds almost as if plastic is scraping agianst the ground . hard to explain. i check oil ,water,majority of the common sence stuff please help if possable!

Radio is showing audio and navegation off