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my speedometer goes up to 30 mph then drops to 0. as of now it has stopped working , but it records the mileage.
Changed the battery in the key but still wont open anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated
I have the bulb but am unsure how to install
I had to replace the airmatic suspensions on both front RT/Lt, IThe blower motor was replaced in 2005, now it is out again. I have had to have the computer repalced, there is a link under the front passager's dash and...
The lights appear to point outward on both sides.
The oil pressure is low at idle but increases when moving at higher speeds.
Problem just occured. Worked fine during a short 20-mile drive. After sitting for three hours, blew hot air. No sign of coolant leak. Sat overnight, blew hot air in morning. Have no technical stuff.
checked the battery - good; checked all fuses and relays - good; used a second/spare key and reprogrammed the key - did not work; other components are working just will not crank nor start. What else should I check o...
It started like 2 months ago and it is constant now it does not go off anymore but during diagnosis is see sensor failure.
The door locks and unlocks but the seat buttons don't work and the mirror wont retract. at first it was sporadic but now it's not working at all.
i bought the new fan assembly and it has 4 bolts and the plug in connectors
shift is not moving from park.its stuck.
has new pump and shocks only open halfway rest have to by hand.It should open all the way by its self but not
This never happen before and it appears the air system loses the air while sitting overnight.????? This has happened twice and I have been able to raise the car body by pushing the button (with the little car on it)b...
The cartridge is full of CD's but they won't load. I get the message magazine is empty.
the computer says im 400 miles past a service what does this entail so i can take care of it
The message on the console says "Oil sensor malfunction visit shop" Thanks Dan
my gas gauge doesn't work properly is there a fuse that could be bad
Airmatic Error message coming on intermittently. What does it mean?
S430 Year 2001 Vibration There is vibration on the steering as well as the passenger seat is shaking and underneath my foot “felt like “when I drive above 60KM till 130 KM. I have this problem for long time about 6 m...
what is typically charged to replace the rear main seal in this car
the s430 is turning side mirrows down while driving forward it should only bring them down while reversing
i use my aircondition and it works for two hours and suddenly it just cuts off the cold air, instead it will be just blowing normally, i checked the radiator fan it was not funstioning properly so i got it changed, th...
how difficult is it to replace trunk moter
after shuttung trunk lid it closes then open slightly
the recline on the drivers side seat does not work but all the other adjustments work. what could be the problem