It's not busted because it airs up sometime.. It goes down when I put it in reverse , then whn I put it in drive it comes back up and when I drive it for awhile it comes down again and doesn't come back up until it sits down for awhile can you tell me what's wrong with it thanx

no one tried to break in the vehicle the sound is not that of the alarm and the keyfi wont open the door had to use the spare to get in. now keyfi wont start car or do anything

trans stuck in low and replaced trans valve body

I had notice that the alarm ligths just coming on, a couple prior to this problems, I would he the key lock and unlock on the key ,and it would stop that matter and about a month a go the car did just shut down, while I was driving,I re start Ted the car and had no more problem .

I was driving yesterday and the AC was working in the morning but when I went to go home in the afternoon the AC suddenly stopped blowing air. What can I do to get it working again???

chirping sound

Trunk won't open with remote or button on the door. The air seems to have leaked out the pushes the trunk up. What part do I need to buy?

a mechanic charged me $1600 to fix my AC that was not working my SRS light that was on and now the problem is re occuring. when I start the car many times the AC will not come on,the SRS light is on,the window locks will not work,the windows will not go down and my turn signals will not work. I will have to start the car 5 to 7 or more different times before everything starts working and now the mechanic is telling me it's the control board. What are my options?

High beam work driving lights work but no low beam

car will not rise it there manual shock for this model?

Sound stopped by itself, is there a fuse for the sound?

The car seat we are using has traditional lap belt "feed" and an anchor for the forward-back motion. I cannot locate the anchor to attach to.

When the outside temperature is over 80 or so degrees the drivers side gets warm while driving in sunlight. But it works fine at stops for lights or stop signs. it also works fine after sunset.

When I shut off my car last night, I didn't realize I hadn't turned the igntion all the way off before pulling out the key. The battery was dead this morning. Also, I don't have the key that folds into the remote, I just have the spare so I couldn't get into the car. I had to get a locksmith to open it.

When I got in it, I put the key in the ignition and realized it was only part way turned off, so I turned in all the way off. Now it will not move to the "on" position at all.

So the battery is dead, I'm getting a jump, but if my key won't turn the ignition what do I do? Is there a reset? Or will getting my battery charged allow it to work?

Sus. pump come's on but car will not rise up what could be the problem?

Where is the fuse box located that has the fuses associated with the a/c system?

I have a 2004 Mercedes Benz S430, the battery was dead, I jump started, I went out but the next day I tried to started but it won't start, trying to jump start it nothing happen. I took the battery to the store that I'd bought it from, they charge it, come home, it would not start. It unlock the doors but the folded mirrors will not open when I open the doors, put the key in the ignition it would not turn or start the car. I change the remote battery, I still have the same problem. the car would not crank. Please help!!

We have looked and pulled one out but they still dont cone on

2 things wrong 1st my car will not go into park. the stick shift will engage every other position but stops before park.

2nd problem I'm losing coolant on every drive temperature seems high

need to know what the problem is