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I bought a 2002 Mercedes s430 off of a guy on Craigslist a couple months ago. I know nothing about cars and there mechanics under the hood and little else wear but I was impressed by the cars smooth drive and everything seemed to be great. A week after having it and letting my boyfriend drive it all week long, the car somehow won't gear shift anymore. It stays in w mode which I think means winter. Which I usually just say that it's stick in second gear when I explain the problem to people, I'm not sure if it's actually the 'second' gear. Anyhow, when this happened the check engine light came on and it's been about two months, I haven't gotten it fixed yet and so obviously the check engine light has never left. When I drive it I try to drive it only on streets, not freeway. Cause I can hear it making noise as if it's over exerting itself when I get to a higher mph and it nears the red zone of my rpms quickly around 50mph our higher. Then a couple of weeks ago I got a malfunction message on my dash telling me to check my coolant. So I bought coolant and before I knew it the dash was telling me to stop the car. So I pulled over had two guys help me. When they put the coolant in they informed me that one of the little hoses that goes into the container that holds all the coolant is broken. It was barely attached on one side and showed me the sprays that you could see inside my hood from that coolant hose. So I still haven't gotten it fixed because for one I know it's gonna be a lotof money since it's Mercedes and because I can't find a proper time to take it in cause I need to make a day that I can actually go without it. Its important ib fix it though. But anyhow last night the coolant message came on my dash again and so when looking under the hood, I noticed that the hose completely broke off. My boyfriend super glued it. Can anyone tell me if all these issues are from one problem or is the gear stuck and engine light and coolant sperate issues. How do I identify what the repair/problem is so that I can do an estimate on this website for the cost of the repair. I don't even know how the problem is identified.

when I go to drive the car the warning light is on telling me too low to drive but then the car begins to raise and its ok but when it sits for a while its back down on right side front.

lights,horn ,turn signal all work. turn the key and nothing

Can I drive it to my mechanic = approx 10 miles away. kept pressing aromatic button, works for a minute then light comes back on

I was driving my 2000 mercedes s 430 when I got home I notice the rear fell complete down then I saw a bracket under the car found out thet It broke off rear end level sensor could this be the problem I hope it is can someone ever happen to them the sensor at the dealer is 225.00 can I get help anyone out there that knows about mercedes s430

My fan motor is not working and I'm trying to locate the fuse for it

Both front tires buried themselves in the wheel wells. I changed the pump and the relay. I bench tested the old pump and it worked fine. The car will not air up. I jumped the compressor and set the dash button to lift and aired up the car no is holding the air with no leaks. I jacked it up again to put the plastics back on and it dumped the air again. Had to jump the compressor again to air it back up. Can anyone please help me??

The hood are good please help

The outside temperature, clock, and gear shift went blank in the instrument cluster.

It's not busted because it airs up sometime.. It goes down when I put it in reverse , then whn I put it in drive it comes back up and when I drive it for awhile it comes down again and doesn't come back up until it sits down for awhile can you tell me what's wrong with it thanx

no one tried to break in the vehicle the sound is not that of the alarm and the keyfi wont open the door had to use the spare to get in. now keyfi wont start car or do anything

trans stuck in low and replaced trans valve body

I had notice that the alarm ligths just coming on, a couple prior to this problems, I would he the key lock and unlock on the key ,and it would stop that matter and about a month a go the car did just shut down, while I was driving,I re start Ted the car and had no more problem .

I was driving yesterday and the AC was working in the morning but when I went to go home in the afternoon the AC suddenly stopped blowing air. What can I do to get it working again???

chirping sound

Trunk won't open with remote or button on the door. The air seems to have leaked out the pushes the trunk up. What part do I need to buy?

a mechanic charged me $1600 to fix my AC that was not working my SRS light that was on and now the problem is re occuring. when I start the car many times the AC will not come on,the SRS light is on,the window locks will not work,the windows will not go down and my turn signals will not work. I will have to start the car 5 to 7 or more different times before everything starts working and now the mechanic is telling me it's the control board. What are my options?

High beam work driving lights work but no low beam

car will not rise it there manual shock for this model?