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The car seat we are using has traditional lap belt "feed" and an anchor for the forward-back motion. I cannot locate the anchor to attach to.
When the outside temperature is over 80 or so degrees the drivers side gets warm while driving in sunlight. But it works fine at stops for lights or stop signs. it also works fine after sunset.
When I shut off my car last night, I didn't realize I hadn't turned the igntion all the way off before pulling out the key. The battery was dead this morning. Also, I don't have the key that folds into the remote, I j...
Sus. pump come's on but car will not rise up what could be the problem?
Where is the fuse box located that has the fuses associated with the a/c system?
I have a 2004 Mercedes Benz S430, the battery was dead, I jump started, I went out but the next day I tried to started but it won't start, trying to jump start it nothing happen. I took the battery to the store that I...
We have looked and pulled one out but they still dont cone on
2 things wrong 1st my car will not go into park. the stick shift will engage every other position but stops before park. 2nd problem I'm losing coolant on every drive temperature seems high
I can't get my navigation to come on when I select navi from the panel. Everything works but I can't see nothing on the screen.
I found the panel near passenger foot but which number is for cd changer
everytime i start my car up the entrance light comes on. And when i turn it off the driver side drops down.
my Mercedes has been setting in the garage for a few months and the battery is dead how do I jump it off?
Where is the access to the left turn signal lamp and do I need a special tool to replace lamp???
Thank your for reading my concern, and question. This is what I know so far: I purchased this card about (3) months ago and the car would lose air pressure in the front if i did not drive the car every day. I would...
are there 3 fuse boxes?. two under the hood-inside the engine compartment, where is the third one if the car has three fuse boxes.
trunk sounds like it is going to open, but will not open remotely from inside the car or with the remote. Trunk only opens with the mechanical key. Also have to push or force down to close the trunk; trunk lid leaves ...
stereo and gps works, but no sound out of speakers. Checked the fuses inside the two fuse boxes under the hood and they are all ok.
What is this? I know the seat belt maybe part of the problem I need more info.
i had it towed to the deaier and they said bad pump brought it home got new pump and relay still nothing.fuses under hood are good any ideas
Hapens when driving and my foot isnot on the brake pedal.
Is the TCU located under the car in transmission area?
Battery was flatten by lights left on
sometimes my speedometer works and sometimes it doesn't,could the problem be a fuse? if so where is it located? thanks