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I toke the battery off for about 5 months and when put it back and the key won't turn
I had the rear left turn light replaced but it still does not work. Now the low beams are not working. Bulbs are good. I was told there not enough power getting the bulbs, what can I do to have repaired?
No computer code when brought to shop. Happens while driving and then starts right up again. Its scary and a bit like playing Russian roulette. Does anyone have experience with this? The mechanic drove it for a few d...
When I turn on the car the air pump making a noise and when i stop the car it keep running and making a noise until I unplug the fuse.
When driving the car and the warning light came on"re safe unavailable" car switched to lower gear. Another light came on :reduce oil:. Prior to that there was water leaking from the front of the car. Please advice. T...
When I start up a hill it is worse than otherwise but it is there when I take off
The alerts sensors are coming on and off frequently.
It sounds like a fan hitting a radiator
When I start it up it is louder than it is after running it for a while
When I drive fast (up around 80) for any length it seems to tell me to reduce oil level
While driving my car the engine stopped; Instrument panel lit up; Headlight shut off. I was able to coast to the shoulder while still in drive. Once in park, I waited 15 minutes before trying to start the car. the st...
before car died battery light was on car died then started after 10 min then died again now cranks no spark have fuel and injection pulse
The AC Off indicator on the Climate Control panel will not turn off when I push the button and the AC compressor will not come on.
Clean MAF sensor light still on, whill a aftermarket filter will throw the light?
Have a S430 engine with only 4,000 on it and want to know if it will fix my car that has a bad s430 4matic engine. I know that the bottom or the oil pan and the Harnest will have to come off the s430 4matic. But...
side or the othr. Possible a CV joint in the front driveline?
I found water build up in intake at firewall...unplugged leaves detrius from the drain...hose vent at and ac worked fine for one day...stopped howling... worked 24 hrs after my cleaning out the drain...wa...
Is There Something I can Do To Quieter The Noise Its Coming From The Bottom Plz Help
Hi Need Help Have A 2004 MB S430 4matic Sounds Like A Diesel Is That Common
have A 2004 S430 4matic It has Noisy Engine Like Knock Sound Is That Common For This Car?
I am thinking of buying a used 04 s430 for my wife. I usually perform my own vehicle maintenance. Am I going to be able to do this with a MB. I do not want a vehicle maintenance nightmare here. I was hoping for a litt...
is the MSG service in 700 miles means change oil in 700 miles or a complete service
I can"t turn the car left or right no power steering