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2006 Mercedes-Benz R350 Question: Parking brake release came off, now I can't release my parking brake I think cable broke
I took my car to MB to do a diagnostic test the code came back as camshaft adjuster ,the dealer saying you have to get a balancer the cost for that is almost $6000.00 , it seem like their should be a recall for this ...
The oil does not appear to be leaking on driveway or pan in bottom of car
This occurs usually after it has been sitting overnight or several hours
The car will go into gear, but will not move because the front wheels are turned inwards. We are towing the car to a european shop. What could have caused this problem? Is it expensive to fix?
just need to know if I have to unbolt the frame and lower it a little
I have a 2008 R350 that I bought in April 2012 and we installed brand new tires at the time of purchase. I was just informed that my tires failed inspection and need to be replaced immediately. This doesn't seem rig...
Radio, iPod link, and blue tooth for phone mot working. Radio comes on - no sound
side not to let up, what can be done to fix the problem?
Everything seems to function properly but, I cant see how to operate the system.
2007, 129,000, regular checkups. Recently coming back from oil change i started hearing knocks in the engine when at a light or stopped. Also leaving the oil change my oil light came on. I thought they forgot to put...
The R350 always goes back up to the correct level, but I have to wait for it.
I'm hearing this noise twice but today was the first time I herd it in awhile.. My rclass has check engine lite on for mass can my car make a rumbling noise with no key in the ignition..
stop car too low on panel
Cades# 0272 0856 0356 0059 0063 0866 1106 can you please let me know what is this codes for
on warm start up only after sitting for about 30 min
Just happened. Nothing was hit or done. Would this be a suspension issue, shock failure issue, or something else? It is safe to drive the vehicle in this condition?
It also is uneven. One side is higher than the other
This is secod time this vehicle has had ABS cautions, only on the occasion there were also severe uncommaded braking actions accompannying the light when it came on. My maintenance guy has told me that the problem is ...
Just got a crazy quote from dealership for front air struts. Did research and found people change to coils and it's a much cheaper replacement. Is this good or bad?
When I stopped and then started again the car would not go faster than 6 mph before the ABS brakes would come on grinding the car to a hault.This happened once before and it was a wheel sensor.At that time I managed t...
We bought this car three month ago with mileage about 64K. About month ago we find out that it needs service 'D'. We tried to find over the internet what is this and how much it cost. At least to know what to be rea...
A dealership just told me I needed a full break job, drums and alll...I am a bit suspicious this is not true, we never have heard any notice indicating this.