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When the car is cold steering is very normal. What type of cost and repair will this require. Has anyone else been through this?
I just bought a used 2008 ML 550 with 109,000 mi. When I drive real slow, ( entering my garage) and try to turn the steering wheel, it takes so much effort that it is almost impossible to turn. What is the problem? ...
The problem has just started for no reason not sure what to do it goes back and then forward with or without a person sitting dwn
Have taken it in twice to dealership and it still occasionally does this. Any ideas?
My rear light would not work even when the bulb was replaced. Dealer says assembly has a grounding problem which the dealer will fix [doing both sides] with a work around but wants around $275 to do so. Is this a desi...
says timing belt and sparkplugs need to be changed for $950