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my ml500 has been shaken the fuel pump coil packs and wires has been changed ran for a couple days now its stil shaken and when in drive drives slugish
The rearview auto dimming mirror (and driver side mirror) dims randomly. The sun is shinning and the mirrors dim.
Have just replaced the electric motor in the fuelpump of my ML500. When I removed the pump from the fuel tank, I found that the electrical contacts are sort of sitting out in the open inside the fueltank. ( "Standard"...
Sometimes my car will not register gas in the tank and also the control panel says to check the gas cap. This happens when I put gas in the car...Not always but sometimes....Thanks
also sometimes say tele com muted and the sos button stays lit although i have no telecom subscription
It happen almost regularly. Tapping pedal usually stops it, but, also pushing gas pedal stops it or makes it start leaking air in floor board of drivers side.
When driving it well start to revup BC its not shifting right, so I'll have to pull over and turn off the car and restart and it has a steering fluid leak as well could this cause it to act up??? Or could it be someth...
Sometimes it works fine and then it starts to act up and sometimes stalls for a second
pic of car with arrow pointing up came on stating go to workshop then air support went out of the rear dropping rear to ground with no support. Is there a regulatory in back? What would cause it to drop.
the rear left..driver side turn signal will not work...what can the problem possibly be?
Ive changed the transmission conductor plate, filter, gasket, seals and fluid. It runs fine until it warms up then starts acting up again. I read it could be the control module but which one? Can some please clarify? ...
Is changing oil cooler seal solve the problem thank you. Email-
use to work then everything quit?
When I am driving about 2 miles
instrument cluster doesnot work. started with the brake lights and then IC stop.
leaking power steering rack, technician ask to change the rack & pinion. what is the cost on that.
Why when I put the car on Drive, it stays not only in Neutraul for about 10 seconds then switch to drive. what is the cause?
I have a 2004 ML500 and when I try to lock the doors the right rear door lock activates 3 - 4 times but doesn't lock.
It started after a collision that damaged my rear bumper, I'm wondering if this could have something to do with it. I'm auto-illiterate so any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
96000 miles with no other major problems. The size of the oil spod is about 2 inches on smooth concrete. Where do I add fluid or sealer? Can it be a hose or a seal causing the problem?
Problem started Dec. 20, 2012. already replaced power steering pump.
just started to come on last night
checked module/fuses - over head console lights and back passenger lights stopped working - cleared all fault codes on computer - lights light from computer - but not from open doors unlock/lock