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My cousin informed me an O-Ring has failed for power steering on my car. What is cost to repair?
A/C line leaking. Have to fill up every 2 weeks. What is cost to replace hose or pipe?
Vehicle has 176k miles. Car is due for timing belt replacement. What other parts you recommend changing when timing belt is changed out and cost I expect to pay?
My ETS light, BAS light, Break light, break light and check engine lights are on. Dealer 1 says the computer indicates low voltage and changed the battery. I drove the suv for 2 days and all the lights came on. Deale...
It don't always happen but when I does it putters before it accellerate. The Ai Mass Flow filter has been changed 2X's. I'm starting to think its a fuel problem but unsure
I own a 2006 ML500 with 81K miles. From time to time suddenly the transmission stuck to a geer (I don't know which one, sometimes geer 2, sometimes geer 4 and sometimes geer 1) and do not shift at all. I stop and put ...
No sound on FM. Volume is fine on AM, weatherband, and navigation. Also, many FM stations are not coming through. Most FM stations have static.
The radiator light is on, the ac is not blowing cool air, and it's running a bit hot. The fan isn't circulating ( unless I'm on the freeway).
I have to actuate the close button many times
I have a 2003 ML500 and the rear passenger door won't lock manually or with the remote. It makes like three clicking sound when you use the remote to try to lock it. All the other doors works just fine. Please help!
Hello, when i turn on the radio there's no sound; where do i start the trouble shooting?
My AC was working fine on my way to work. After work, I started my car and the AC was just blowing warm air. No warnings or error messages, just loud clicking. Seems like the noise is coming from a pulley by the engin...
why does the power steering make a noise when the car is initially moving? It sounds like having low fluid but the level is normal.
I fill the expantion chamber and next day gone, all the time and only today I find for the first time water running down in drips over the wheel arch cover "FRONT PASSENGER SIDE" on tarmackfloor behind inside wheel, ...
oil is leaking at the crank shaft seal where there is an obvious oval play when the engine is running plus lots of piston rod noise
drivers side door will not with remote
What is the humming sound that i heard specially at the start. Sound like a pump is running and goes away after 3 to 5 minutes. Where is the power steering fluid reservoir exactly located in the compartment. I see a...
I have looked under the hood and the panel on the passenger side.
What type of power steering fluid should i use on a 2002 mercedes benz ml500
When starting the car the engine turns but takes 6-10 seconds before it kicks in. Been advised that it could be the fuel delivery pump?Is this possible and what should I pay to replace it?
The car (ML 55 amg) will cold start without any problem, after 5min driving it then cuts out and will not start before 10m has expired. It started doing this only every now and then, the intervals have become shorter,...
low coolant lights on and the radator fan is not working. if you touch the wires to the fan the coolant lights blings yhen cutt off the cut back on
I have recently noticed a slight movment in the gear shift knob upon acceleration
Each morning when i first start up the car, the overhead panel starts flashing, the car alarm goes off, the instrument panel also is flashing, i took it to the dealership service dept, the service manager told me to r...
Dash board shows high oil blinking after oil change.
I want to know what would be done to my car in Service C? Is it better to have this service done at a dealer or a private mechanic?
when does the timing belt need to be replaced
There is a whole in the pipe which allows the SL500 to rise or lower. Please tell me what I have to do and the name part to be replace.
what is a fan motor module and where is it located
When I am refuellig the ml500 the gas is coming back at me as if there is air in the gas tank pushing the gas back out at me. I tried pumping the gas slowly and the result is the same.