It occurs ever time I back out of the garage.
I have less than 4,000 miles
The groaning or moaning sound goes away when shifting into

I repaired the Egr valve in January

On extended trips, over 30 miles, approximately every 50 miles it emits a huge cloud of grey smoke (traffic behind me jams on there breaks). Normally it doesn't use oil, but when this happens it will use 1/2 to 1 quart of oil. Sludging doesn't appear to be the issue. There are no fault lights on the dashboard and it seems to run strong. On occasion I do get an oily smell in the cabin and at a stop light the engine will stumble.

where is it located, how do i remeove it from my
2012 ML350 V-6 4-matic (gas)

a 2003 ml350 mercedes

My car is ML350 Model 2009.

Has anyone had mercedes cover a part that is not under warranty? my 2004 ml only has 60k on it and I'm told the braking booster is around 700 dollars.. My charcoal shut off valve is an issue now as well.. is it common for these 2 parts to go bad with only 60k

can i clean out the charcoal canister ? Is there any issues in changing one..? do i need any special tools

the bas/esp light on . found out the brake sensor is in the boster for this 04 ml350. understand these go bad alot, but dont know why they moved the sensor from above the brake paddle to inside the booster.. brakes seem to be working fine.

When driving home today, the above lights came on. I was able to get home, but as soon as I turned the car off, it won't come back on. Earlier today the battery light was on. What should I do?

I have a 2005 ML350 that I have had serviced only at Mercedes Dealerships since I purchased it in 2009. I have done every service/maintenance recommended in addition to an alignment, rear brakes and a water pump. When the water pump went out in Sept 2010, I was informed it destructed the belt and the belt tensioner. I had the dealership do the complete repair. Within a few days I noticed a squeaking noise and took the car to the dealership and reported the squeaking. They said they could not duplicate the noise. I took it in several more times for maintenance, etc. and each time they could not duplicate the noise. Last week it got worse so I drove it to the dealership on a Friday evening so they would have it Monday morn. The automobile broke down on the way and I had it towed in. I was informed yesterday that my power steering pump had torn away from the timing case. They also said they had never seen this happen and did not have any idea how it could have happened. I reminded them of the noise I had been having since the water pump repair, but they informed me there was no connection. After careful thought, I have contacted 3 other dealerships and 2 certified Mercedes Technicians. I was informed by every one of them, the only way this could have happened is that my power steering pump was not properly installed back after the water pump was installed, that the power steering pump had to be either moved away or taken off in order to put on the water pump. I informed the dealership of these answers and was told this morning that they did not have to touch my power steering pump and that they were not responsible. Has anyone else run into this problem? They are giving me an estimate of over $4000.00.

Is it practical to replace one side only?

These gauges are in the lower dash readouts

These are the big lights attached to the ceiling, not the little lights under the mirror.

I try to turn on the Heater but it keep bolwing coled air in all seting the AC/Heater controler is not working.what may be the problem?

quite technically challenged, have tried all found suggestions, still can't find.

What is included in maintenance B.

How often should this maintenance occur?

Error code: 9043, Terminal 30A 0.0volt

The dash on my mercedes say "from start" with mileage next to it. what does this mean?

Happening all the time, Cranks up on its on sometimes

It was in the body shop and it worked before this. They told me to reset it, but I am not sure if I did it right.

I have lost both set of keys, can I go to any mercedes dealer and get a copy? about how much?

Is there another location for the brake light switch? There is no switch or plug for a switch. The hole for the switch is there but no switch.

I have a 2011 and when I went to apply the brake the car kept moving forward. Fortunately a curb stopped the car. I have not been able to replicate the issue. Any one else have the same problem with another year or model?

I blew the head gasket on my 2005 ML350 and have to replace the engine. I found a used low milage engine with warrenty but need to know what the Labor Costs should be to swap engines.

Dear Repair Pal
I Have a 205 Ml(6cyclinder) and installed a hitch and wirng harness...I thought I followed the installation of the harness per instructions,but only the running lights seem to work...is there a relay and fuse required to be installed for the other functions to work..such as turn indicators and break lights?

all door windows stop working occasionaly, I have repaired the window relays in the circuits boxes

since i burought it

I reset it but the SRS light still stays on. I had an accident recently and it involves the driver side front door which has been repaired (none of the airbags deployed during the accident). I checked the wire connection of the airbag on the driver door and it looks fine.