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what does it mean. It seems that it was at -58d last week
Big cloud of grey smoke on startup and smell of burning oil, after some driving mostly at higher speeds car blows huge cloud of grey smoke from exhaust and repeats this process every 15 miles or so, burning roughly 2 ...
My car wont go up or down. technician says its a pnuematic pump that regulates air to each of the 4 (suspension air bags). could he be correct. and how much does a second hand and a brand new one cost?
still wont start but it tells me srs flashing
when warms up goes away but comes back when stoped at light
its very sporadic and eventually starts up but its very frustrating. any help would be appreciated.
Sometimes the left side of the speedometer is on and sometimes its off. Same for the external temperture light.
sometime it takes about 5 to 15 minutes.what could be the have only 18,800 miles.It a US car.
My car stopped me on the high way without any sign before this time. When I called my benz mechanic to check it up, we discovered that the oil has turned into slogs, I do service my car with mobil 1 as recommended, I ...
My Ml350 would start, when it was diagnosed it brought out the following codes 1204, 0753, 0757, 0761, 0766,0521,0771, 1916, 2092, 2096
could this be because of Mercedes o oil is to thick I heard it is better to run liquid moly 5w40 synthetic
Messages are: No Satellite, No CD. Thank you so much...
the light is on every time car is stared
What is the problem and which part should be replaced and the cost.
Also used an Actron Diagnostics and got the Error code P0722. Further more when I drive the car it doesn't change to a higher gear given the engine an unusual loud engine rev noise. What do i do?
5420, 5116, 5113, 5399, 7266, 5112, 1991, 1961. This all seemed to happen right after the following was done, left front wheel bearing and abs sensor, new rear struts brakes and rotors, new back tires. After I got the...
The AC system in our 2006 ML350 fails to blow cold air. I see that this is a common problem for 2003-2005 models with the usual cause being a leak or a faulty evaporator temperature sensor, but our model is a 2006 and...
why is my car jumping out of drive and into neutral without shifting.?
Rpm goes up & down ,does it have to do whith a sensor?
When you releac gas bed all you can here back fire from exhaust
the steering wheel adjustment mechanism was hit by my knee when it was not locked and something went wrong. it was repaired and it works well now but warning lamp is on.
MB service cannot repair parking control system. Occasionally it works and then it stops.
The dashboard says oil level light be low. what oil should i use?
From last week all of a sudden radio stays on (I think ignition also stays on)after shutting engine. I am using keyless on/off button to turn on or off car. If I use key then it shuts off.
Where is the cabin air filter located and how to change it? Thanks
I got a few codes, not sure what they are. The EBV,ABS,ESP Lights are on. Codes are 1425,5132,5122,5112.
I have 158,000 miles and this message comes-up on my screen.