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drive car without changing gear to work shop sign , after couple of times the car started but after a mile it started to jump. first time
The evaporator temperature was measured at 13.5c front and 16.5c rear, Refrigerant pressure at 11 bar, with coolent temp at 87c. The MB service told me initially everything is fine but on taking a second and third tim...
I replaced the exhaust temp sensor, but the error code keeps coming back. Please help?
N0. 2 glow plug and module How much cost?
I'm trying to flip the middle seats forward to get to the battery
the battery is'ant under the hood or in the rear storage compartment were is it located
Simple right? Need to change the GL320 engine oil and filter and then reset the dashboard service warning for a future time. I am certain it is all a simple process, but I would appreciate it detailed explained so I...